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Get girls to send you dirty pics - Ask The Dating Coach

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Junior Palomera-Garcia (28 days ago)
How do you reply when a girl sends you a picture in underwear? I just opened it on snap and didn’t reply, i text her here and there but I don’t wanna seem like a creep, the picture was nice tho
Miss Toon MSP (5 months ago)
Fuck all the boys watching this. If she says no its no.
dale (3 years ago)
I'm weeping
Shanmu Chen (3 years ago)
Such a shame you only know brainless bitches. You are despicable and conniving and there's no way I would send you shit. Your wife is better off without you.
Rosanna dots (3 years ago)
This is just nasty! If you want a dirty pic go watch some porn or get a girlfriend. Thanks for creating more thirsty fuckboys and more girls who are going to hate themselves because of the mistakes they made because of those thirsty motherfuckers.
Chronicfunsyndrome (3 years ago)
great video, i think if you added some tags and added to the description it would help get you so many more views
Danny Dixon (4 years ago)
Great video Mr.Lyons! You just got another subscriber :)
Yotes4Life (4 years ago)
What utter bullshit hahaha. They're good at making stories up on the spot, nothing more. Guarantee these guys are not as successful as they'd like you all to believe.
Lars (4 years ago)
+Yotes4Life Exactly my thought
Vale Sauce (4 years ago)
Your second method is for retarded women who don't respect you enough to do so they're told.
Andrew Gilmartin (4 years ago)
if that guy on the right can get girls with that ugly haircut, theres hope for anyone
Richard Nyak (5 years ago)
Damn i know it's non of my business but that shows marriage are hard to keep even if your game is Solid i guess there are two side to every story her story and his story
Mobster235 (5 years ago)
Great vid Adam! what i'd like to know is: how can a build lots of social value/ a good reputation with your classmates during university introductionweek?
Alex Aionesei (3 months ago)
Easy mate, talk to everyone be confident af on the first week, will give you mad social proof - every one is scared to talk but you are here taking action putting yourself out there - and everyone will gravitate towards you
Ricma 97 (5 years ago)
Make video on how to make out pleaseeeeeeee!!!!
Cody Ha (5 years ago)
Hey adam What do you do if a girl tells you that she still has feelings for her exboyfriend and doesnt want to start a new relationship because of that reason?
Ricma 97 (5 years ago)
Aww they are in love with each other haha Keep jason in your videos
SkilledScorpion (5 years ago)
Question for Video: How to tell if physical progression needs to be more or less? Ed, UK
RZR (5 years ago)
how can i make a shy girl to trust me and make her want to talk more to me? :P
mandark2000 (5 years ago)
Jason is the best at giving advice
BasicallyAlive (5 years ago)
Dear, Adam if I open a set woth two or more girls and they're all pretty hot. How do I get all of their #'s without looking like a total player.
Marcus Lewis (5 years ago)
@Somnambulose androids can take pictures and send them by text... Since like 2009...
Somnambulose (5 years ago)
There's only one obstacle... I have an Android.
Elliot Scott (5 years ago)
Golden! very simple but clever.  How to pick up women at the gym 
Forrest Man (5 years ago)
Dont click on the link below it makes u watch an entire video. I hate pages like that
Tushar Mishra (3 years ago)
+Tristan Patterson Nope doesn't work. Women want looks, power and money.
CertifiedCoonass (4 years ago)
+Rito floky How about an honest relationship? Treat women with respect, have some balls, upkeep your self. That's all you need.
Rito floky (4 years ago)
+Forrest Man abused...or trying to help you get what you want...exept if you dont like girls in wich case i dont judge
Forrest Man (5 years ago)
If u dont want to sit through all the bullshit it costs 69.99. Anyone else tired of being abused by these assholes?
TKB + (5 years ago)
why did ur marriage end?
Brece Luu (5 years ago)
Quote: "Heya guys, Actually I've answered this a few times. I separated from Amanda last year due to the fact that I wanted children (Like now) and she wants to wait. Its something that only became apparent as we got older and the sensible thing to do was to go our separate ways. We're still good friends, just want different things. I'm actually dating 2 people at the moment Brooke and Jane and enjoying a wonderfully diverse relationship with them both. (While exploring options to have children) Hope this helps clarify, and I guess I'll be writing this a lot more often as more people ask."
David Rosales (5 years ago)
more Jason!
Half Mask Man (5 years ago)
Best not expensive dates ideas?
Usman Mahmood (5 years ago)
Hi Adam! What would you advise a highschool student to do to get more girls into his social circle? The guy who doesn`t have a big social circle, and no girls in his social circle. The guy who never gets invited to partys or any other social events!
MrMarks101 (5 years ago)
So funny :D i LMAO You guys are awesome
Meelo the Great (5 years ago)
Adam the question that i have is how can you pick up girls at the bus stop or on any public transport?
KCJ260 (5 years ago)
How to pick up a girl at her work???
Gogo (5 years ago)
Did Adam just say he's not married anymore??? O_o
TheBigmoneyrich (5 years ago)
Awesome advice guys
NAVtheKID (5 years ago)
I work at a grocery store where I can converse with people freely, how can you pick up girl in that type of environment?
Tommy Ta (5 years ago)
How many of theist black shirts does Jason have?
Drew B (5 years ago)
Jason is hands down the greatest guest you have
TheMajorLane (5 years ago)
Fucking genius! Thank you Jason and Adam for your killer content
JWelk92 (5 years ago)
what if you don't have a phone that can take pictures? what would you do then?
David Powell (5 years ago)
With a contract, cell phone providers will give you a free phone.  Another option...earn more money.
JWelk92 (5 years ago)
+David Powell I so wish I had the money to... lol
David Powell (5 years ago)
get a phone that takes pictures
JWelk92 (5 years ago)
I was wondering if you have heard of Jordan H. and The Art of Charm?
William Chou (5 years ago)
My submitted question: If you have high standards for girls physically (and personality-wise but mainly physically), and you dont really like going out to nightclubs, where do you go/do? 
sarabwt (5 years ago)
street a.k.a daytime approach

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