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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Likes Another Girls Pics - Ask Mark #29

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What To Do When Your Boyfriends Likes Another Girls Pics – Ask Mark #29 These 12 Texts will Make Him Yours: www.bit.ly/MHYText This is dating and relationship advice delivered differently! Tonight is What to do when your boyfriend likes another girls pics and what to do when he likes another girls Instagram photos. This is Ask Mark, where I (Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from MakeHimYours) answer questions directly from you, my subscribers! The first dating advice question I'm answering today is in regards to what to do when your boyfriend likes another girls pics and what to do when he likes another girls Instagram photo. In the hardest Ask Mark question yet, I’m tackling a difficult relationship problem – what to do when your boyfriends likes another girls photos on Instagram or social media in general. What do you do when he likes her pics and what to do when he likes another girls Instagram photo? What if he tells you that you have to handle your own insecurities, but you still feel terrible about it? Where is the line between you handling your own insecurities versus him being disrespectful in the relationship? I delve into the issues around what to do when your boyfriend likes another girls Instagram photos, the factors you need to consider and how to ensure he respects you in your relationship. Watch the video now so you know what to do when your boyfriend likes another girls photo(s). The other dating advice question is related to what to do when a guy with a girlfriend kisses you. What should you do when you’re hit on by a guy with a girlfriend, especially if you really like him and he kisses you? Ask Mark is my brand new, weekly extra content video when I answer some of the best question of the week directly from YOU - my wonderful subscribers. Click the video to watch and don't forget to leave your own comment so you might get featured next week! Enjoy! This is Mark Rosenfeld, dating and relationships coach from Make Him Yours :) **Click below to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj43cUFiX39jaukd6UReQrQ?sub_confirmation=1 Join the conversation on Facebook: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howtomakehimyours/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makehimyours/ Snapchat: MarkRosenfeld Mark rosenfeld is the Australian dating and relationship coach for women and the founder of Make Him Yours, a dating advice and relationship advice service empowering women to find the love they desire. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Have WAY More Fun On Dates & Stop Wasting Time On Dating" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAQNK7oMz0k -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (152)
Chica Explorer (4 days ago)
Do you do private Skype sessions?
Mark Rosenfeld (1 day ago)
If you would like to book in to chat, you can email [email protected] and organise a time for a skype (Just FYI there is a cost to doing this). Or you can book in directly via www.makehimyours.com.au/booking xx
Pat V (16 days ago)
This is a good discussion to have with your partner. But we need to stop accepting this behavior from men. It is not ok. The bigger question is why do we as women tolerate this? It's unacceptable.
Claire Foxall (18 days ago)
Hi Mark my fella got loads of girls in bikinis/just undies on Facebook. He sends messages like your so sexy, omg how gorgeous are you etc. Why does he have to send messages. I've mentioned it to him. He lied and said he not sent them that fellas at work must of got hold of his mob. So now I feel I'm not sure if I can trust him???? He said it wouldn't bother him if I was talking to someone else the other side of the world ?? He said sorry for any pain etc caused but they are all still on his page. I'm 49 his 51 so not young either.
Sylvie (1 month ago)
I dont really mind him liking instagram models pictures, cuz i know he doesnt expect me to look like that. What irks me is when he likes pics of pretty girls at our school, because it feels like im in a competition with them now, or hes wishing he had her instead of me.
Sam Jane (1 month ago)
I think I'd rather be celebate. 😐
Zodiac Wars (2 months ago)
Just like follow and obnoxiously comment on other guys photos - the ladies they like are usually wayyyyy out of their league and the person he constantly likes on social media doesn’t know he exist except as a fan.
Kelly Beechler (2 months ago)
What about if he goes out of his way to visit a girl’s profile and like a picture she posted a week ago?
Camille Santiago (3 months ago)
My boyfriend for 7 years is liking this one girl photos consistently ? What should i do ? I asked him why did he do that he said she finds her sexy :(
Mark Rosenfeld (3 months ago)
He's telling you the truth Camille, if he said that. But it doesn't mean anything for him, just a nice view, that's it. Thanks for watching xx
Elaina Lyn (4 months ago)
Yes men will look at women in the street its normal. BUT facebook and instagram are sites meant for social interaction. A guy in a relationship should not want to friend, comment, or like a photo of another woman unless it is a friend, or a family member. If he is commenting on a strange woman's photo he is leaving a door open for social interaction with this person. What would be the point of that? unlike him giving a glance at another woman on the street social media comments and likes that he leaves on a photo will remain there forever. If he is not respecting his significant others feelings then he should get the boot. Men who do this are immature, a real man thats in a relationship with a woman does not need to hide behind a screen to give another woman attention through social media.
Kat Adams (5 months ago)
Me and my boyfriend both have crushes on celebrities, but we understand that we’ll probably never meet them 😂
Mark Rosenfeld (5 months ago)
Don't we all 😂😂
Csaba Levente Csere (5 months ago)
Hundreds of girls...they're taking over!
Crystal Ann (6 months ago)
I noticed the guy im talking to hasn't liked any of my stuff but before we talked he liked all these girls pictures around the same time. I haven't seen him liking anyone pics since he been talking to. I do know he actually saves my pics. He has a crazy soon to be ex wife. I feel like those girls he liked pics before he met me maybe he is actually interested in me. What do yall think or do you think he ks going to bounce on me as well
Essang sang (6 months ago)
I hate when my fiance put like or comments pictures of other girls than mine! WTF!
Constanza Esposito (7 months ago)
What if u tell him about ur insecurities and he comes at you like: " it is your issue it is ur insecueities" He don't take Social Media serious because it's Not. But y cant he stop doing that?
Rachel Lee (7 months ago)
I have no man and don't plan on any relationship except with God
naa s (8 months ago)
i specifically dont like that girl because shes been there in most of my relationships
naa s (8 months ago)
Yes ikr! i bet you understand how insecure i am with this😂 its so frustrating because i hv to restrain myself from bringing up this topic to him cause i might lose him (knowing how its so ridiculous to him for me to be so jealous of that mere thing)
Mark Rosenfeld (8 months ago)
Can understand Naa - not easy to deal with
naa s (8 months ago)
almost all posts and he doesnt even like mineee
Mark Rosenfeld (8 months ago)
That's annoying/rude
jaime bertola (9 months ago)
What about adding somewhat sexual and over flattering comments on these models photos. Why is it me who is being controlling when I say I don’t like it.
Elaina Lyn (4 months ago)
You are not wrong, it is not controlling. Those are your standards and believe me there are MATURE men out there that will NOT do this.
Mark Rosenfeld (9 months ago)
Jaime it's a complex topic. Have a look at my video on 'what to do when he likes her insta pics'.
Romina Constenla (10 months ago)
Your partner liking only booty pics is very disrespectful, shitty and incentive. Of course he is attracted to other people but there is no need to rub it in your face. He wouldn't like it the other way around.
Mi Linda Tolson (10 months ago)
Thank you for this post. I recently found out he follows a friend from years ago. Which is fine, only she's hardly clothed in most all her photos. What bothers me is that he knows her personally and again, half naked and posing. We've discussed this and I had to break it down why I feel uneasy. Now I feel like I can't trust him as I had to talk about why it made me uncomfortable ( he should know, without explaining). He's only stopped communicating to her because I said it bothered me, so not really his choice or idea. Also, I'm starting to create an eating disorder. I felt cheated.
Red Velvet (10 months ago)
Will men like us women liking other men's pics all the time? 😡😏
Tia (10 months ago)
This really helps, thank you. As emotional as I am about my boyfriend liking other girls’ pics (lately the same girl), I want to approach the conversation with a leveled head. What we have is too good to be ruined over something like this, but it’s something I can’t dent is bothering me and needs to be addressed just for my own peace of mind.
Tia (10 months ago)
LPS Gacha Girl (1 year ago)
This is so real my bf keeps liking my gf picture every time she wears sexy clothes , I told him am uncomfortable with it. He said I am just supporting her and help her build her confidence . is this real answer or he's flirting ?
mars (1 year ago)
ughh my boyfriend likes other women’s pics when they’re wearing revealing clothes and show a lot. i’m over it. 😒😒 he never ever likes my pics and decides to avoid them but he instead goes for the bikini models that are stunning. he goes to an all boys school yet has so many females on his social media over the amount of men he has on these apps. sometimes on his snapchat stories he asks for rates, tbh’s, and other stuff like that. he just tells me to not worry about it and ignores the fact that i don’t want those to be posted on his story. he tells everyone to hit him up on snap and when i do he totally ignores me. i want to find someone who is more loyal then he is.
lola brini (3 months ago)
u dont need him, ur so pretty and u deserve someone that is more considerate of your feelings. Or fight fire with fire: go like pics of his buddies haha😎
Casey Hempel (5 months ago)
Daaang. Honor your truth
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Uhh that sucks Mara. Have you watched this one? https://youtu.be/Xe0MrDwhpic
Azraela The Hagatha (1 year ago)
My boyfriend doesn't like my photos on any of the sites he follows me on but likes his female friends photos and they're usually single and taking sexy photos. He claims he is busy, phone died, bad service, etc as to why he cannot call or video chat OR text me. Sometimes he replies to my text 1-2 days and it's usually short. We are in a long distance relationship and I feel like he lost interest or is taking me for granted.
Brooklyn Bernard (3 months ago)
Ella H (6 months ago)
Dump him now
B.C. HarrisArt (9 months ago)
I'm sure there is a good guy near you, i like girls on Instagram but I like all my girls shit too I don't hide our relationship because I love her
B.C. HarrisArt (9 months ago)
long distance relationships are a waist of time for women.... and what you already mentioned sounds like he's hiding you
Purple Bell Unicorn (1 year ago)
Azraela The Hagatha your long distance i say just dont bother texting him at all try move on and see how long it takes him to speak to you .
Haven Oppelt (1 year ago)
The ex thing can b a real challenge 4 me. It's tured a few guys off but 4 a worthy cause i think. Life is always a challenge tho. :) I'm going thro a divorce but it's mutual. We have made it a point 2 b on good terms 4 our sons sake. As odd as it sounds, he's step dad. However, he's the male my son emulates (unfortunately bio dad was a bit unstable during his younger yrs.) 2 rip him out of his life would cause damage 2 both my son and my ex. I'd rather get over myself. I actually still have a lot of respect 4 him and don't c him as a bad person. We just aren't good 4 each other anymore. We were best friends b4 our marriage and we try 2 focus on that aspect of our relationship now. Basic friendship is how i started off w his bio dad after we split and the results have been amazing. His bio dad is a major part of his life now. He (unfortunately 4 me but great 4 them) has custody of him 4 the moment (very hard 4 me. 1st time in 11 yrs he has ever lived somewhere aside from w me). He's a great dad and a great friend. He's married w 2 adorable kids now. The woman he married is amazing and we get along very well. Couldn't ask 4 a better co-mom than her. They have both been there 4 me during my recent separation. They check up on me and help me out when they can. It's awesome! :) It makes 4 a strange situation. Especially when we r all 2gether (school related things and what nots. We only do 1 meeting w the teachers, so we stay on the same page). We also keep an open door policy. A true friendship w support, advice... ect. It's still very new (8 months) since getting seperated and that can b challenging 2 navigate but it's so important 4 my sons well being. I try 2 b up front from the get go and let any potential mate know this and the ys. However, i know it's a lot 2 take and handle, so i exercise a lot of patience. It seem 2 have 1 of 2 results when i tell a potential partner. Either they become insecure and flaky. Which can b extreamly hard 2 counter and is most common. Or they gain a new respect 4 me and the lengths i go to as a parent. As his step mom says, "We're team Mathew!" I just want the best 4 my son. He needs 2 know life can get messy but we can clean it up. That we make our own happiness, even if it doesn't make sense 2 others...
Haven Oppelt (1 year ago)
It most certainly has been. Lol... I find it very rewardin tho. Thanx :)
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Wow Haven. Thankyou for sharing your story here. It can definitely be a challenge but sounds like you've learned heaps from it :)
rahma mohammed (1 year ago)
Um feeling the same way as this girl!!! I swear um very sad , u guys dont know how um feeling right now And i decided to talk to him tonight!
rahma mohammed (1 year ago)
I cant wait🙁 thank you so much!
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
I've got a video coming out on this topic again soon too :)
_ Desii_ (1 year ago)
I feel guilty giving Guys attention or conversation let alone eye contact when I'm in a relationship. I don't even look at the damn waiter in the damn eye. But when I'm singlleee !!!!! Every male and there babies are going to get my attention. Hearts. Flirts n all. I'm bold asf. But when I'm in a relationship I'm extremely loyal honest and faithful n i take it extremely seriously. I can put it on my soul I don't scroll and get tempted to look . Turned on. Or even say oh his cute. I literally scroll n luaph at funny shit n keep it moving. I understand what this guy is saying but no. I guess my problem is I have a firm definition of love/faithfulness/loyalty and honesty. And expect the same as I put out. That's my problem
clara.hav (1 year ago)
I get that he finds others attractive, but why does he have to like the insta models sexy underwear pictures for me to see??!! Not that it is intended for that but it turns out that way and I'm the only one that would care about what he likes. I try to not make a bog dwal out of this but I can't help that I'm tearing up right now because he's busy this weekend, didn't really have time to talk but still can find the time to like such pictures. This makes me feeld sad, lonely, angry, rekected and is really hard on my confidence (my hair isn't as orange, I don't have as much freckles, I'm not that skinny, I don't have the money to buy the clothes I want, my hair isn't curly)
Aleksia Kainovic (1 year ago)
clara.hav I'm sorry girl :( that guy you're with doesn't deserve you. He sounds like an immature deuche bag and karmas a bitch! Focus on you:)
youtubingbabs (1 year ago)
Wonen are attracted to others too. We just aren't dicks about it.
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Ofcourse, normal biology for both genders.
Dish Laydie (1 year ago)
For the girl who is kissed by the guy with the GF: One of my guy friends mentioned that he did once cheat on his wife by kissing another woman. At the time he says he remembered mentioning several times that he was married, but the girl didn't back off and kept flirting with him. One night when the team went out for drinks he ended up kissing her. I'm not defending my friend's actions -- obviously, if you can't handle your beverages you shouldn't have them AND if you're married some part of you should be on autopilot to back off from women who don't have the common sense to back off -- but it's also important to note that some women take "I'm married" or "I have a girlfriend" as some kind of challenge and actually flirt more. Bottom line is that if a guy tells you he has a girlfriend (or wife) he's putting the ball in your court. You must be a lady. Make a bit of small talk for a few moments and find an excuse to back off.
aki ross (1 year ago)
why does the guy im dating, still choose to stay friends with his ex? :( and why he likes her pics still? . ...
Glow Wherever You Go (1 year ago)
Great advice, but what do you do if he actually comments on a celebrity's pic and says, "Are you still single? Just asking?" That is so damn disrespectful to me!
Pealing the onion (1 year ago)
or he is a narc looking for primary supply, as you are only secondary validation,
Cristine B. (1 year ago)
i have this guy and he have a lot of female friends, now im worried cause you know temptation are all around the corner. 😩 what should i do?
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Reassure yourself Christine! Keep kicking butt in your own life. Remind yourself - he CAN leave me for them... he'd just be an idiot to do so. If you don't believe that within yourself, work on yourself each day so you feel that way :)
Alicia Ledezma (1 year ago)
Hey Mark, this is really great video as always; they are so helpful. I do have a question for you. I moved out of my parents house two months ago and I need help talking to my mom about spending the night at my bf's house from time to time. Because I am an only child, when I moved out, the agreement was to let my mom know where I am at all times and that was it. And I told her that for certain occasions I might spend a night at a friend's house or my bf's house if it gets too late and I am too tired; she told me she was okay with that. One night my bf and I were playing video games, got way to in to the game and before we knew it it was 11:30pm so I text my mom and told her that I was going to sleep there because it was really late and I was very tired. She went ballistic and need less to say she said some pretty hurtful things; I felt like she saw me as a slut or a whore. I am 27 years old planning to wait til marriage (if you know what i mean) which is something he agreed upon and she knows this but the way she talked to me made me feel otherwise. As an adult, I don't feel like it was okay for her to act that way towards me for spending the night at his house. But I am having a hard time figuring out a way to talk to her about this without her seeing me as a slut for doing so. I am an adult, I shouldn't have a mother yelling at me for such things.. or should I have expected it? Did I do something wrong? Please, I need your help!
jo mclean (1 year ago)
Love love your videos thanks for the amazing content…I have a male friend who has a girlfriend, me and my male friend have never ever been inappropriate, he lives os but I see him approx 3 times a year when I travel, he always catches up with me, takes me to lunch and shows me around, we also communicate via messenger when I am there. His girlfriend however cannot stand me and acts beyond rude whenever she sees me, its embarrassing and awkward for him and quite frankly is upsetting to me. Ive decided to cut him of from my social media as it was starting to feel a bit strange. He got angry when I did this as I think he feels that I don't want to be his friend anymore (which isn't the case) It has been about 3 months with little contact although I did notice that he has started liking some of my insta pics from like 4 months ago…..we also have a prior history of having fights if I don't respond to a message the way he wants e.g. one word (when I'm busy) I seem to be able to upset him quite easily and I guess vice versa hence why I cut him of from social media…is something going on ? Im confused Jo x
meur urme (1 year ago)
It is so easy for me to do that, but if they don't stop...do you start random likes and All that as well?
meur urme (1 year ago)
Basically everyday living with the fact that your boyfriend let other ladies know that he likes them
meur urme (1 year ago)
Exactly it's an act. What's so simple about not liking a photo. Not dming? We are all attracted but I feel females know we don't have to LIKE, that makes a notification for the person I'm liking. And easy to start a conversation
Cindy c (1 year ago)
thanks mark you're just what the doctor ordered keep up the great work
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Robby - glad you enjoy it :)
Maxie B (1 year ago)
Keep up Mark
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Maxie :)
Deea Andreea (1 year ago)
I feel more calm right now! I will confront him with your advice. I am very curious of his answer! Thank you! 💜
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Deea - let me know how it goes. I'd like to do a more succinct video on the topic soon :)
Danny Alvarez (1 year ago)
Hi Mark, finding your channel feels like fate right now. I've been going out with this guy and since the start I've been my real self. I didn't know he had a gf from 2 years ago the day we met and had a close encounter (we had been texting for a while). He broke up with her shortly after us meeting and I really tried to be just his friend and give him a time to recover but he kept hitting on me and I was already attracted. A week ago he told me he was just seeing me at the moment so I though everything was ok. I'm not the best at showing my emotions and often make people insecure without intention, I'm inexperienced so I tried to let him know what I was thinking: I really wanted to see him, and also kiss him (It still feels weird to express D:) . I don't know what went wrong from that point on...He's been kinda distant...did I sound desperate? Was it wrong to want to tell him what I wanted? Was it trying too hard?
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Nah, I think you were fine and very authentic. It sounds like his head is totally all over the place
kinda awkward (1 year ago)
Those were good questions!! I'm curious to know if being a love counselor has made your personal love life a little trickier now that you can read women so easily? How do you keep yourself from raising your standards too high? Love your long hair x :)
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks kidna - though I'm far from perfect myself. I remember like everyone that we're all human, and with all my rants about not being picky, it's hardly appropriate if I'm picky myself! Coaching helps me see the human side of people every day and you realise no one is perfect :)
Lidia Ferlina (1 year ago)
Hi Mark! I love your videos so much. The way you talk so easy to understand. thank you for wonderful advices. When i need some certains advice, i'll def go check one of your videos that related to my problems. haha. And yeah he liked and commented on some girl pictures, like "wowww so beautiful" and i was like what???? I know he is so friendly to others but it makes me feel so insecure. i agree with you, i feel like he wants the attention to that girl, but i keep telling myself, try to be positive, nah, he still cares to me, he always text me, so i dont need to worry. Have a good day Mark
Lidia Ferlina (1 year ago)
I always respect him. Even when I was mad, i never text or call him when my emotion runs high. I let myself cool down then I text him. I had communicate with him, I asked him and he pretended don't know. He didn't even answer. He changed the topics. :(
Lidia Ferlina (1 year ago)
Mark Rosenfeld Hi Mark. It's me again :) . Well now everything has changed. He didn't even bother to reply mine but instead commented on the girl's picture. I don't mind at all when he liking other girls picture, but why he liked that kinda girl pictures, I mean she show her legs, boobs a lot. I don't know what the girl intention, she always reply back so fast to every comments and when she didn't get replied from the guy, she will def mentions the guy again until the guy replied her back on her Instagram. Something like the guy commented : "alright nice talking to you. have a good day" She not stop there she commented back and said " yeah! What are you doing? I wanna know you more. Tell me please. It's ok to DM " what in the world! Normally, I'm not that type to go you know out my way looking on social media to find things, but I found it on discover button on Instagram. Lol. And I never like crazy to text my bf. When he doesn't reply, I reassuring myself oh he was busy I guess. I just never rushed him to reply me faster. I understand him. But why he did this to me? I just don't get it. We never had like big arguments, until this girl following him. Alright thanks a lot Mark. Hope you have wonderful day :)
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
That's awesome Lidia - reassuring yourself. That's great :)
Kate F (1 year ago)
How does a girl initate? Especially without being awkward? LOL
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Hey Kate - initiate what exactly? Mark
kim scicluna (1 year ago)
What about if we are watching t.v. together and he's checking out women and verbally says she's hot and he'd sleep with her? How do I take that one as I look on with surprise and not say anything as I'm think is he looking for a bite!!
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Nice question Kim! I'll put in on Ask Mark next week :)
yolanda brooks (1 year ago)
hi Mark it's Yolanda how are you I couldn't find a subject page for this particular subject but I want to ask you what does it mean when a guy talks to everybody else but you and they know you like them does that mean that they don't like you or does that mean that they're shy I have a new friend that I was talking to and he slowed down the talking with me we've only talked on the phone once and texted a couple of times now he won't say anything back if I text but when I see him in person you know he'll speak to me and stuff sometimes and now he's doing the thing where he wanted to look at me he talks to other people but not me I'm so tired of it Mark what am I going to do I'm sick of this thank you
tjpm (1 year ago)
Mark you are the best.
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
<3 <3 <3
Big Sexy Hair (1 year ago)
lol... that first question, my thoughts on that is aslong as the dude ain't cheating, who gives a shit! god gave us eyes to see and I've always said, "I dont Care where you get your appetite from, aslong as you eat at home!" be secure with yourself, after all if you have the dude, there ya go! like Mark said men are visual creatures, blame evolution lol... nothing wrong with looking aslong he's not disrespecting or hurting the relationship, no harm no foul😊😊😊 great answer Mark!!!😉😉😉👍👍👍👍
Big Sexy Hair (1 year ago)
Mark Rosenfeld oh really??? Lol😂😂😂 NICE!! I can see you doing that for sure!!!😜😜 but actually here in New Mexico, its where i live, they come out here frequently at the Santa Ana Casino! my bffs wife (whose taking me lol) is an ex stripper lol..so alot of her guy friends are all strippers lol 😂😂😂 woohoo!! Lol.... but Vegas would be the bomb to go see that show! alot of great events go on over here too! But wow Mark, from stripper to dating coach! 😂😂😂 no wonder you know all the secrets hahaha!!😂😂😂😜😜
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
In Vegas?!?! I almost worked for them once! Long story ;) That'll be so much fun!!
Big Sexy Hair (1 year ago)
Mark Rosenfeld lol.. Exactly! I've been in these situations before in the past with guys and i actually will join in haha😂😂😂😂...i appreciate gorgeous men and women! that's why I'm going to see the men from Thunder the Under soon with my daughter and friend!! Ha!! I'm very visual as well.. maybe that's why it doesn't bother me! Either way, Great Vids Mark.😉😉😉. Love your channel!!😙
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
I love it! I actually somehow missed that last part of your comment - lol my bad. Agree, as long as he's not disrespecting the relationship.
Big Sexy Hair (1 year ago)
Mark Rosenfeld LMFAO!! 😂😂😂😂😂well that's why i said it depends if its hurting or disrespecting the relationship and the level of the situation. I guess I'm in a realm of my own,😂😂😂 I've never been an insecure person when it comes to this kinda stuff i guess. I've never been the jealous type, its a wasted emotion. If a guys gonna do what a guys gonna do, then NO amount of jealousy or insecurities is gonna stop it😊😊😊 boys will be boys😎
Dani Adams (1 year ago)
I swear you need a psychology degree to be in a relationship these days
Zen Dissonance (8 days ago)
Anyone can self educate and, you're right, we need to learn.
JadeyFadeyMCR (1 year ago)
Psychology degree doesn't necessarily keep you from getting into relationship problems. You can still be blind to certain things even if you know all about them :P (talking from experience here)
Chichi Chiugo (1 year ago)
Dani Rain lmaooo facts
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Ahaha don't worry Dani I'll do another video on this. You make a good point though, with so many new ways to mess things up, we definitely all need more relationship skills than ever before.
Kassandra Warner (1 year ago)
Mark, was wondering what your thoughts or advice were on a "swinging relationship". Thanks
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
This topic is so big it almost needs it's own channel, but there are certainly couples it works for when both parties are on board.
promprom (1 year ago)
Hate this camera lens lol, Love the video. What do you do when a guy you like keeps talking about how charismatic another girl is?
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Hahaha. Thanks. Appreciate the comment. Another girls charisma? He can't possibly doing it to get attention from her (he's talking to you, not her) so this one is on you. If you're finding yourself a little jealous of her charisma, use her as an inspiration. I remember one relationship where my partner would always talk about Chris Hemsworth a lot, and I reframed after a little initial jealousy as a reminder to always work on myself to be the best man I can be. After all, CH is pretty awesome.
naiils (1 year ago)
I admire beauty in both men & women alike and can appreciate any man I'm with doing the same. There is however a massive difference between admiration & eye-f***ing a beautiful woman in front of me as that FEEDS my insecurities & undoes all the hard work I've done to control my demons. Typically my reaction has been met with "but I'm with you' as though I should feel privileged that he's with me and not the stunner that he just eye-f***ed in front of me.. I'm no longer with that emotionally immature bloke but many of my girlfriends are still enduring relationships where their men are feeding their insecurities in this way. I look forward to your more in depth video on the topic
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comment Naiils. I dunno. Your comment here "HE undoes all the hard work I've done" seems to me like you're giving an enormous amount of your personal power over to him. I feel like if you were really in your confidence here, you'd chuckle, roll your eyes and go have a laugh with your girlfriends. Or would your argument be you're being disrespected here? This is where we again encroach on that fine line.
FashionFairy21 (1 year ago)
Hi Mark, I just found out your video's! I found it very handy and sweet of you to make these videos! Your are giving the best advice!! Even better then my own bestfriends.. thank u I have a very hard question and I dont know if you can help me about it. I really really like a guy, he plays football in my town and he lives near by my house but ofcourse i wouldnt see him bu tomoroww or so... or ever 😂😒only if gods wants.. He had a facebookpage but he didnt receivw or read message, yes i text him a message via fb. Also he did not reply my friendshiprequest too.. What to doo? Do i need to stop of can a try something more to make contact with him... it is soo hard, especially when he got kind of lots of followers but not that much.... And what can i say when i see him at the grocery or anywhere?!?! Thats the most important, im definetly gonna say hi, but how can i make him interesting in me??? Sorry for my bad english, i hope you can advice me, espacially the last question X
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Fashion Fairy - so great to have you on my channel. Do you know the guy personally? Or is he just some football player you watch? I mean, if he's just some football player, you really need a way to be able to introduce yourself, especially if he's not checking his Facebook page or messages. If you're really ballsy you could walk up at some point and start flirting, otherwise you'll need to be at a party he is at or know a mutual friend, etc...
MsMercy8a (1 year ago)
what do you do if he wants to keep a friendship with his long-term ex? seeing eachother, talking on the phone and of course texting with her? even if he says he's strictly only wanting to be friends with her and is not willing to give up the relationship?
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Saving this question MsMercy - I'll get it on Ask Mark at some point soon. Thankyou!!
MsBrock819 (1 year ago)
Yep been there. Not a good feeling. I've never been calm enough to talk on the spot. I would just storm off in a rage (lots of swearing) and go hide to cry (feel sorry for myself, put myself down). That reaction would make me angry again, feeling like Im being used, which is just unacceptable. Totally insecure. Made me feel like I was in competition with every girl out there, or that I was not enough. Like there was something wrong with me. Then I'd eventually calm down, wonder why the hell he was with me if he wants someone else's attention. Made me think, ok he's bored with me? He doesn't feel like he has to work to keep me around anymore? Fine, he can jerk off to all the pics he wants I'm outta here...probably too busy to notice I walked out anyway. Fucker!! If he thinks I'm going to sit around here waiting on him while I feel cheated, think again. I'll be alone but I won't be played and made a fool of. Loll yeah putting it out there even if it's embarrassing.
Carolyn McDowell (2 months ago)
Smh i do too..
MsBrock819 (1 year ago)
oh I've come a long way from there! haha That was in my early twenties...completely understand attraction to others is normal. I'm attracted to other people too. Like you said it's all about the intention. Thanks for the great advice, never get enough of that :)
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Awesome honesty miss Brock. Really watch your reactions here - it's interesting how we can take something that can be quite normal - him being attracted (at times) to someone else (as I said in the video, social media is going to make this all the more obvious at times, an insecurity we all need to learn to handle) - and make it very personal. Imagine if you could roll your eyes, chuckle, or just sit down and have a calm conversation about respect, as per the video. I'd encourage you to catch those beliefs before you act on them and seriously question them!
pixsie doll (1 year ago)
Mark if a guy doesn't make an effort to impress you does it mean he doesn't like you that much?
Carol Patrick's (1 year ago)
Mmmh great as always thumbs up for your effort
Sandra Solorio (1 year ago)
love it Mark great topic do you think the girls that are constantly posting nude or bikini photos of themselves are insecure themselves I believe so
Ngosa Namwawa (1 year ago)
What do you do if he keeps pictures of random girls in his phone, takes pictures with girls that like him and to top it off they seat on his lap when taking them, plz help
Romina Constenla (10 months ago)
Ngosa Namwawa that's shitty af. Kick him to the curb!
bella bow (1 year ago)
another great video Mark looking forward to the next one i enjoy every single one 😊
Dayna Bethel (1 year ago)
Lolzzz a video for the ages mark :) . I can relate to reconcilia. This guy randomly did that to me once. Lol i just kindly said he looked handsome in which he did and i guess he took it as a invitation and gave me a huge kiss while i was talking. Completely took me off guard😬. Not sure if he had a girlfriend but i was currently separated from one of my ex boyfriends at the time. But i set boundaries and it never happened again. 👍👍
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Nice work Dayna! Thanks for sharing :)
magda stachurka (1 year ago)
Thank you Mark ! I can always count on you :) :*
magda stachurka (1 year ago)
It definitely did :) In my question I meant following instagram accounts that post random pics of random girls from all over the world, boobs and butts in your face type of pics and liking these posts. I understand that nothing is going to come out of this, but to me its just ...weird. Like why do you feel the need of doing that ? To acknowledge a beautiful woman on the street is one thing, often it is involuntary.
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Hope it helped Magda!!
Yer Mama (1 year ago)
great advice, as always!
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Shauna
nicole FAN (1 year ago)
I def understand this girl's feeling. I've been there. When I told my bf that I don't feel comfortable with that, he told me "I am in a relationship, but I am not blind. I can't stop admiring." At first I felt hurt, but later I have to agree: I have men I like too like actors and soccer players haha. So yeah girl, just be confident. I know this is going to be very hard... I am learning it now too.
nicole FAN (1 year ago)
Well although I agree with my bf that "it's unhealthy to suppress something which is natural", I think liking Ins models too actively, spending too much time on those things, and making it take up too much of time that should belong to you two are stepping over the line. And it's important that your bf gives you send of security in other ways.
clara.hav (1 year ago)
But why does he have to actively like the picture? Liking Instagram models doesn't give them any support especially when it's the less skin the better.
nicole FAN (1 year ago)
Yeah I think liking other girls' pics is not a deal breaker really. Try think it this way: I will (and I believe you will too if you are honest) still love to see handsome guys on the street even when I am in a relationship. So this is just normal. But lying is another thing. Glad now you are free from that one who doesn't deserve you. Hope now you find the right one!
Rose K (1 year ago)
nicole FAN I was dating a guy and he did this. I confronted him saying why are you liking all these gi Ka pics with low cleavage ? His answer was 'we are just friends' I don't date him anymore. Not of that reason but that he was a lying scum.
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Awesome Nicole - glad you're finding your confidence while still communicating respect. Thanks for watching and commenting.
K LOVE (1 year ago)
Yes I think liking other women's sexy pics is disrespectful. Maybe this is just me having unrealistic standards but it comes down to the good old fashion golden rule. Most men don't want to see their girlfriends frequently liking or commenting on other attractive men's social media. There's a little more leeway with celebrities but still, if your boyfriend was a skinny, non athletic type and you were obsessed with David Beckham that might make him feel a little insecure. At the end of the day it's all just very childish. Good Lord, I hope to find a man that has better things to do.
Samantha Paredes (1 year ago)
K LOVE that's why it's way better to find a man who doesn't have social media honestly...
Lisa S. (1 year ago)
My answer to that pic liking thing: - notice and live with the fact, that there are other (goodlooking) woman in this world - remember that he chose me for who I am (and outer beauty is only one reason) - live happily ever after. *rainbow appears*
Please Work (1 year ago)
will answer and say that it means nothing, it's just a fantasy, a women they would never meet but let's say the girlfreind takes similar provactic pictures all of sudden it becomes a problem. Though the men liking the gf pic are men who meant nothing, men she would never see or meet etc. I guarrateed most guys would get pissed off lol
Lisa S. (1 year ago)
I don't even know why anybody likes bikini/nude pics of strangers on social media... It's almost like using that share button on porn sites :D You are right, It's not respectful if he does like (almost) nude pics all the time... But there are woman who freak out, if he likes any pic some female person posted (like of their dog or something). That's not respectful either.
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
I find it such a fascinating question Lisa, because it enters that territory of 'what is normal' versus 'what is disrespecting the relationship' - something every couple has to communicate on!
Lauren Aldred (1 year ago)
😍 amazing again!
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Lauren :)
Kelly Stone (1 year ago)
It means he has a healthy appreciation of others. I don't see it as a threat. Leave him be. Anything else is unhealthy control.
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
In some cirsumtances, certainly! But I would also say Kelly it can be his insecurities can be coming through. There's no question that there ARE men who do this to feel more secure, get attention, etc... that's why I love the idea of helping your man know his own intent and recognise his insecurities.
Hi Mark!!! I love this video hope to see you again soon <3
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Harseeta - see you very soon!
Lee Jag (1 year ago)
Hi mark thankyou for this. 😘 but i need to sleep now :( tom.then i continue watching this. Have a good day. 😍
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Hahahah Lee get some sleep!
Mariah AmRADical (1 year ago)
Loving your videos Mark! Thanks for all your effort xx
Mark Rosenfeld (1 year ago)
Thanks Mariah - appreciate you saying that :)

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