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Marco Marco Men's Underwear Swimwear Fashion Show SS 2019 New York Fashion Week 2018 Style Fashion W

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Yaers Fashion TV https://www.yaers.com New York Fashion Week Fashion Shows https://www.yaers.com/new-york-fashion-week/ Marco Marco Underwear Fashion Show SS 2019 New York Fashion Week NYFW 2018 HD 1080P Style Fashion Week at Manhattan Center. #nyfw #newyorkfashionweek #nyfw2018 #stylefw Video shot by Jason Chen for Yaers Fashion TV http://www.jasonchen.com Music by Artegon - Back in Time https://soundcloud.com/artegon/artegon-back-in-time-1 Music licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License New York Fashion Week is here! Watch New York Fashion Week 2018 SS 2019 NYFW fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands and designers such as Cinq à Sept, Novis, rag & bone, Sachin & Babi, Daniel Cloke, Ji Won Choi, Jamall Osterholm, Noon by Noor, Vivienne Westwood, Collina Strada, Mara Hoffman, PH5, Pamella Roland, Tadashi Shoji, John Elliott, Christopher John Rogers, Ulla Johnson, Kim Shui, Nicole Miller, Matthew Adams Dolan, Jeremy Scott, KITH, Novis, Sachin & Babi, Tory Burch, Chloe Gosselin, Hellessy, Snow Xue Gao, Jason Wu, Linder, Milly, Paul Andrew, Cushnie, LRS, Monse, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Hu, The Blonds, Jonathan Cohen, Self-Portrait, Marina Moscone, Dion Lee, Taoray Wang, R13, Yuna Yang, Eckhaus Latta, Son Jung Wan, ADEAM, Christian Cowan, Longchamp, Christian Siriano, Jonathan Simkhai, Brandon Maxwell, Pyer Moss, Badgley Mischka, Area, Diane von Furstenberg, Rosetta Getty, The Row, Brock Collection, Claudia Li, Escada, Mansur Gavriel, Romeo Hunte, Tibi, Sies Marjan, BOSS, Telfar, Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, Opening Ceremony, LaQuan Smith, J. Mendel, The Row, Carolina Herrera, Moon Choi, Zimmermann, Lela Rose, Studio One Eighty Nine, Dennis Basso, Yeohlee, Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Libertine, Veronica Beard, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Gauntlett Cheng, Kozaburo, Anna Sui, Oscar de la Renta, Sally Lapointe, Gabriela Hearst, Tome, Coach 1941, Naeem Khan, alice + olivia by , Stacey Bendet, Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, Vaquera, Cynthia Rowley, Lou Dallas, Calvin Klein, Marchesa, Michael Kors, Calvin Luo, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, LUAR, Batsheva, Marc Jacobs, kate spade new york, Nanushka, Hunting Season, Domingo Zapata, Amal Azhari, Burning Guitars, Mister Triple X, Janay Deann Designs, Femata Couture, Marla Elena Couture, Rebecca Justh, House of Byfield, Sarene Fu, Inifd & London School of Trends, Madeline Stuart 21 Reasons Why, Argyle Grant, Lila Nikole, EFFABB, Snooty Booty, Alycesaundral, Alexandra Bujan, Rutu Bhonsle, Alexandra Popescu-York, R.C. Caylan, Topping Design, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Nathalia Gaviria, Eman Idil, Charles and Ron, Wanda Beauchamp, Monnalisa, Lulu Et Gigi, Carmen Steffens, Bad Sisters, A Modo Mio, Anthony Rubio, Candice Cuoco, Black Tape Project, Cotton Inc, Le Piacentini, Cristina Ferrari Diamond Space Brand, Antonio D'Errico Haute Couture, David Tupaz, Bahmardi, Ron Tomson, Richard Hallmarq, Brian Wood, Romeo + Juliet Couture, Shay Kawaii, Adrian Alicea, Matte Brand, Sweet Talk Swim, Adriana Sahar, Raul Penaranda, Hirun Bangkok, Elie Madi, Rocky Gathercole, Fynnton Gray, Funari New York, BBTC / Love Baby J, Chick, Ydamys Simo, Emma Altman, Father Akki, Smock Me, Marco Marco, Acid NYC, Amensia, Aranyani, KavenLiu Dimor, All Black, CoFi, Naldo Montanez, Rocky Boston, Christian Colorado, Emmanuel Acosta, Stitched by Radically Classy, Kyra by Kimberly Allen, Arkansas Fashion School, Abby Alba, Ghussoun Kassem, Ramon Linares, Meenakshi Budhraja, Jazmine Barnes-Gates, Freddie Lee Reynold, Crystal Hamilton, Holley Patton, Amberly Holiman, Anna Garland, Donna Brown, Alexandra Pizzigoni, Keren Espina, Amaya's Couture, Kizzed, Royal Eminence, Luna Godai, Irina Shabayeva, Elier Aubret, Gates x 800West, Tiena, Lainy Gold Designs, Naldo Montanez, Street Lux by Charda Simons, Tyleah Miller, CG Atelier, Joan Madison, Madame Adassa, Mariah Lynn Designs, Delia Alleyne, BA3, Rochelle Nicole by Rochelle Minors, Videmus Omnia, Charistopher Palu, Kimberly Goldson, Edward Newton, Korto Momolu, Mychael Knight Collection, Studio 189 by Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, Kittenish by Jessie James Decker, Mery Playa by Sofia Resing, Tumbler and Tipsy by Michael Kuluva, DFBK - Defend Brooklyn, Bonnie Bouche by Angela Simmons, #Unfiltered by Jessica Abo
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Text Comments (368)
Oussama Bl haji (12 hours ago)
شيطين على الأرض
Harold Andrés Araujo (18 hours ago)
This is a nightmare
Oziel D.H. (3 days ago)
A bad runway, i hate it, they walk so disgusting.
CekeCeke BamBam (3 days ago)
The dudes....seriously ? Did the real male models quit right before the show ? Your replacements are...are...never mind.
Amelia Susanto (3 days ago)
What is happening like the walk omg no
guruuvy (5 days ago)
I can’t for the designer to grow out of this club kid phase, but the models were fantastic!
secrat super star 2 (9 days ago)
ye fakir kahan sw agay
Andrew Murasso (12 days ago)
3:32 his name is Laith Ashley
Sophia Yates (16 days ago)
@ 1:48 OMG lol
abdullatif bin (18 days ago)
What the F is this!!!!!!!!!! Ugliest thing I've ever seen. This is bullsh_t
mesa45 (23 days ago)
@ 3:17....male "plus" size model
Morris Thomas Jr (24 days ago)
I didn't know they served cake at fashion shows
Klissia Araujo (24 days ago)
2:48 a melhor ❤ close certo 😍 *BRAZIL* 🇧🇷
Yongsheng Liu (25 days ago)
3:40 anyone? He is fxxking hot. Omg. Who is he?
Yongsheng Liu (25 days ago)
And that smile? I’m dead....
Sam Na (26 days ago)
Yuk lol wtf did I just watch
Kri MD (28 days ago)
Dudes look like they’re holding In a gangsta fart or just shat themselves .. looks like they’re a bunch of dirty strippers after a long night of grinding it. Everything looks so dated and like a big trip gone bad .. what up with the dudes with the shoulder straps ? Concealed carry ? Or some backpack lost it’s bag ? The dudes have oddly weird bruises in the center of their thighs ( some of them ). Kept waiting for nasty skank Miley Cyrus to walk out lol. I love being able to express artistically , the wild and out there but these look like dirty s&m left over club rats from the late 90’s. Even the fit of things is disturbing. Don’t wanna see those models in 15-20 years lol 😂 with their big ol beer guts cuz I have a feeling .. there’s one dress I really liked though. Was very well made and had interesting patterns. Was before dude with his booty cheeks hanging out in those undie chaps lol. I don’t know but a lot of his designs look like he was fitting for then the old club x’d out candy kids 20 yrs later. There’s this dude that looks like he’s 4ft tall in that black mesh banana hammock lol but I love the dress after him. That girl looked fierce in that and the jacket was cool too. We got a few man boob situations going on lol. There’s a few decent things going on. Let’s be real though , the underwear with the cutouts ? Not going to be flattering on most lol. Some of the dudes junk hang so low hahaha. He had one model right before the big ol drag queen looking plus sized Tyra banks cousin 😂that had fat rolls on both sides. Detracts from the design for sure. Idk what’s up with that rupaul looking vampire cape and dress and why that walked twice but ok .. is that something I’m missing or what ? Don’t get me wrong , I love sparkly things and all that shines and glitters but there’s only a few , maybe 3 designs that stood out that Weren’t just tacky and scary lol. Can’t say I hate the collection , clearly that designer has some very good abilities and I’d love to see more from them , honestly .. I just am not big on those male models and their doodoo walks .. very uncomfortable to watch them lol 😂
Anthony Browne (1 month ago)
What is the song in the video?
я задумывался одинешенек ржу тут) Безвкусные модели с нехорошо проработанным юзерэкспириенс. Парни и девицы - там умышленно лишь уродливых выбирали наверняка.
very bad. У меня дудки слов, это этак нехорошо.
Nico Fede (1 month ago)
Min. 0:45 no entendi cuales son sus tetillas....o es un hombre trans??
Christian Nima (24 days ago)
Mijail Cioran (1 month ago)
What the model 0:47?
London London UK (1 month ago)
I am so sorry it’s a no 🤔no for me there is no chemistry in the people. ☹️👎🏼👎🏼
Kri MD (28 days ago)
London London UK oh my gosh you said it !! There’s not ! It’s very drone like and disconnected
Eric Gervais (1 month ago)
ewww I'm gonna act like I didn't see this big booty as man boy go head
akajamaya payne (1 month ago)
He is not good at all
angelstouch92 (1 month ago)
Why are so many of these dudes walking like they fell off a horse?
Caleb Nichols (1 month ago)
I don't know what brought me here, but these models are the ugliest models I have seen.
Rick McCauley (1 month ago)
I don't understand fashion, thank goodness. I thought most of those "outfists" were ridiculous. Somebody likes short stocky guys. I have never seen anybody in the mall or in the grocery store walking like that or dressed like that. And, let's not talk about the beach... What a waste of fabric and common sense. I hope that the models were paid.
Kri MD (28 days ago)
Rick McCauley it’s bc it’s not ready to wear fashion and runway looks are always going to be over the top / not typical for everyday wear but omg you’re so right about the weirdness and unappealing looks and walks lol. High fashion isn’t always relatable for the everyday person lol but this doesn’t even translate as high fashion. Looks like old dusty strip club / drag show / 1990’s club with some s&m shit. Not very appealing. But the thing about runway fashion is that the designers are able to use their voice as a designer to convey their art and vision of their inspiration and what they’re tryin to translate is like a story line , rather than presenting some off the rack clothing. Everything in fashion that begins with runway collections ends up trickling down the line and being reduced to more of like a hint of something that was initially on the runway , where the trends catch on and people start seeing elements inspired by looks in high fashion designs and giving a nod to the original design. I’m not a fan at all of this designers work , with exception of about 3 concepts going on , with the female ? Can’t be sure who’s actually females or not ... but even the designs I’ve bn ok with , I’ve seen before so many times. Sometimes I just look at the many runway designs and can’t help but roll my eyes a little , like really ? Ya chose THAT to walk and represent your work ? And the way some people in the industry can praise some tired looks that have been done so many times or some androgynous looks are always getting shoved down everyone’s throat , where the “ fashion “ isn’t very innovative or remarkable but depending on who designs it , all those people that have to be sooooo trendy and pc and make big deals about things that are clearly just being forced on folks , then half that crap starts showing up in stores and it’s just annoying ! I get that runway looks are usually way more amped up than anything ready to wear and commercial but I just don’t like seeing some elements regurgitated constantly in fashion, as well as the way some designers get cut down bc maybe their vision and looks are similar to that of another well known designer ... when really , people have similar taste sometimes even if they’ve never seen one piece or collection from anyone that’s so highly praised or not. Doesn’t mean they’re not coming up with their own work , without stealing inspiration or copying other designers. Like , no one designer owns the rights to certain looks lol. And so many times , designers are chastised bc oh no. Their work can be compared to some other designer .. so what lol. As an artist , i create what i feel and want. I see inside my mind as something I wanna translate in my work. I don’t ever copy or take inspiration from anyone to rip them off lol. And I can only just vouch for the many designers and writers out there that are cokstjefly being paired up against other well known people. It’s not quite fair ! But anyway. Yeah , fashion has gotten labored and tired and seems like for the most part I’ve seen it all lol. Not a fan of these designs at all. The men in underwear just all looked like they were holding in a gangsta fart and yeah , that’s pretty much it lol.
Antonio Moro (1 month ago)
Offensive to fashion
Caleb Nichols (1 month ago)
11:50 I didn't know Dracula's wife was a model.
mrbroccholi (1 month ago)
I have to throw up 🤣😅🤣🤣
Haus of Gemini (1 month ago)
Why ?
kukalkan (1 month ago)
El modelo 1:50. Su nombre
kukalkan (1 month ago)
Como se llama el sexto modelo. Al final del. Dela presentación. Cuando todos están desfilando
Fernando M.M. (1 month ago)
Congrats! :D
aru Ni (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but i can’t take that serious....that’s just horrible
Strong man (1 month ago)
Who is the model of part 6:24? Please!!! 🙏🏽
rene horto (1 month ago)
Andrew Hess (1 month ago)
Aoife Furlong (1 month ago)
Why are so many of the male models walking like they pooped their pants????? They are a few really good walks but most of the guys just walk like they are having the nuts sawed off them...
CoffeeLover (1 month ago)
Wendy williams @ 11:11
Riggo Terranova (1 month ago)
I think everybody was getting hot at that catwalk show looking at those ...women wearing too much clothing!
Cesar T (1 month ago)
Wow what a catwalk 2:50 love her
batın berk çevik (1 month ago)
4:03 GIGI!!! (the gorgeus one)
Dove Soap (1 month ago)
I am not as empathetic to transfolk as others, and my views would not be "open minded" enough to gain the approval of the left, but I felt something positive when the model at 2:30-ish came out. He's not as far along in all of the body modding as others, and in an industry like fashion that demands perfection it was a really nice thing to have him out there and glowing with confidence. I'm not even trans and I can sometimes see how representation like that is important in retaining a "human" element amongst all of the political drama surrounding LGBTQ+.
fuldk (1 month ago)
It did not work many of the modles bodies did not fill out the outfits right. It like they had too big of hips and no penis or balls so the cloths did not fit right.
anil Kumar.k.p (2 months ago)
They included trans men and trans woman so beautiful
Keanu Fox (17 days ago)
They were ALL trans models.
Zulaikha Sahrul Taha (2 months ago)
3:29 he so hot.
CXNNXR (2 months ago)
It’s Underwear runway but there’s dresses ??????????
Bethany Taylor (2 months ago)
Isn't it a shame, what mental illness has done to fashion.
я гость (2 months ago)
Парад уродцев )))))) Кобылка на 0:05 , остальное - пидорасня )))
John Phillips (2 months ago)
#14:47 oh my. He's huge.
John Phillips (2 months ago)
Not your typical runway models. Difference is a good thing. Some need to learn how to correctly walk. I'll give the show a B- ha ha
Eddie Ramos (2 months ago)
11:19 Is that Spinderella?
Misteryosong Hokage (2 months ago)
My dream is to walk there haha too high dream 😂😂
Mauro Barbosa (2 months ago)
Who is that guy at 5:50 ????
Regina Kniprode (2 months ago)
and where ist mens underwear?
Donovan Campbell (2 months ago)
You watch a Thierry Mugler show, and your in awe of everything. Then you watch this.
Lana Larue (2 months ago)
Loved the show. Loved the colors. Yessssss.
Lorena Kruger (2 months ago)
Wonderful!!! CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!
Has anyone tried to listen to this on anything other than an iphone? Has nobody ever heard of compression at YouTube?. Disgusting surround sound disaster. Fix the sound please.
Lorena Kruger (2 months ago)
GREAT BODIES!!!!!! the boy at minute 01:50 made me fall in love!! what a man!!!!!!
Jordan Calderon (25 days ago)
Lorena Kruger I know huh
Aeon (2 months ago)
Damn who's that at 1:46
Hunlover123601 (15 days ago)
he got that dig bick energy
uno dos (2 months ago)
all the clothes looks cheap and ugly,I prefer these clothes that designed by the drag queens in the challenge
Jeff T (2 months ago)
Damn! 1:44
Caroline Fleury (2 months ago)
Je me suis perdue sur YouTube, c'est quoi ses horreurs ??
Cosmin Flo (2 months ago)
3:20 😍😍😍
Jey Guzman (2 months ago)
boy w (2 months ago)
Who is he ? 1:51
Nic Chauvin (2 months ago)
Liam Cutler
robert hardy (2 months ago)
Thomas Callahan (3 months ago)
I dont want to live in this world anymore.
paolo24019 (3 months ago)
Men models are really horrible as well as the entire collection
Massimo Giordano (3 months ago)
Julian forero giraldo (3 months ago)
Al menos Marco Marco no utiliza modelos hombres anoréxicos
Tony Dadá (1 month ago)
Kris P (3 months ago)
I feel sick after watching this video.
saulo paolo (3 months ago)
0 (3 months ago)
Another great show, very lively and not boring at all unlike most of those conventional ones where you only see hypnotized zombies walking around, thanks guys, loved it.
David Ramos (3 months ago)
This is more like a parade....of some sort...its not exactly a fashion show...
Kamila Merzhakylova (3 months ago)
To keep well, the girls have long Graccian legs, very tense, but everything is well done, all movements are very beautiful, I would like to add points to movement, to rub my hair, and smoothly go to the thigh, men should not have much makeup. the girls look too secretive I advise you not to be much sexier
Zuna Lee (3 months ago)
So, are all the guys transgender or just some?
jason Shores (3 months ago)
Dany Loup (3 months ago)
@01:48 name ?
Liam Cutler
Dany Loup (3 months ago)
@01:48 name ?
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (2 months ago)
Liam Cutler IG:leeummmm
Isaac Soria (3 months ago)
11:47 Dominique Jackson, AMAZING!!!
Christian Morin (3 months ago)
quel mauvais gout !!! navrant !!!!!!!
Patrycjusz Lisoowski (4 months ago)
Model name 5.50?
Sat Oom (4 months ago)
Fue una explosión de emociones porque mi mente trata de comprender que sucede en esta pasarela pero mi ser es feliz! Mi mente trata de ver quienes son mujeres y quienes hombres pero mi ser entiende que todos somos humanos y que podemos usar lo que queramos en la vida. Fue una sensación genial!
janos szecsi (4 months ago)
Sorry but where is sexy guys and where is Detox,Raja,Alaska .... Jason Wimberley ????? Where????This is not Good show 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😔😔😔
h vh (4 months ago)
Bunların hepsinin de memeleri büyümüş
h vh (4 months ago)
Niye hep cüceleri işe almışlar
jose sotillo (4 months ago)
Rck82 (4 months ago)
I miss the hot models bunch of freaks
纪杰 (4 months ago)
very special,
Nice to meet you
Model from Malaysia
Ron Migatz (4 months ago)
If it weren't for the beautiful male models, I wouldn't even think those "Things" that those guys had on would even be sold.~!!!! absolutely horrendous!
Wellington De Godoy (4 months ago)
0:56. 😍😍😍😍😍
pong pong (4 months ago)
Who is he? 1:35

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