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Beijing Knockoff Market Bonanza!

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Today, we dive into the Pearl Market of Beijing to bargain and haggle with the best of them. We seek out brands such as G-SHOCK, Diesel, Under Armour, Adidas NMD and much more! So come along for the ride! ______________________________________________________________ ♥Support the Hustle! ✔PATREON: Collin Abroadcast (Love you guys, thanks!) https://www.patreon.com/CollinAbroadcast ✔INSTAGRAM: collinabroadcast https://instagram.com/collinabroadcast/ ✔SNAPCHAT: rockafur https://snapchat.com/add/rockafur ✔TWITTER: @CollinSphere https://twitter.com/CollinSphere ✔FACEBOOK: Collin Abroadcast https://www.facebook.com/CollinAbroadcast/ ___________________________________ ► Previous video: Beijing Fake Market Spree! https://youtu.be/rgvfKvl7zWA Vietnam Fake Market Bonanza! https://youtu.be/8wVdqAyQU1I Shanghai Bargain Market JACKPOT! https://youtu.be/x5R2xj0c_1o Shanghai Underground Market Haul! https://youtu.be/0ZvIWbTpeKc Shenzhen Knockoff Market Spree! https://youtu.be/4pqLP43mWZg Fake Yeezy Store in China! https://youtu.be/KK8pvptAA6Q Shenzhen Imitation Market Haul! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlDZR... Shenzhen Black Market Gold Mine! (Part 1) https://youtu.be/Qrc0kN7OCRE This Apartment is Only $500 in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szGyy... Counterfeit Market Bargaining Challenge | US vs UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA0Nl... China Fake Night Market Adventure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRCdO... Shanghai Imitation Market Bonanza! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk8Hz... -Shanghai Fake Replica Market Spree! https://youtu.be/9EvoW4QjCzI -Why are Hostel World's Directions Such S***?|https://youtu.be/2eoUHlDYAxw -BREAKING INTO a London Ghost Town in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WcPr... -China's Futuristic Malls Placed in Dystopian Looking Cities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWbKs... - $250 vs $500 Chinese Apartments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjqMR... - The TIME of our LIVES in Thailand's Hidden Backpacking Paradise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmjF5... - I Have a Score to Settle with Hong Kong https://youtu.be/FJpYnVyAFDo - Exploring Shanghai's TOP 4 Tourist Attractions https://youtu.be/-4jTxOdfMhQ -INSIDE China's Italian Ghost Town https://youtu.be/E8TbOPzpeKc - Shanghai Knockoff Market Adventure! https://youtu.be/I1FhSCKOfhg -Crazy Bargaining in Shanghai's Fake Markets https://youtu.be/XlLIPD6Ujdc - It's More Fun in the Philippines! | Manila's Daranak Falls https://youtu.be/hO2dyAGHxF4 - A DAY IN SHANGHAI https://youtu.be/lDuLjC6uT6o -LOST ON YELLOW MOUNTAIN- https://youtu.be/UJ0eqoZis9s -SHANGHAI'S COUNTERFEIT MARKET https://youtu.be/b85qNMhZz6Y -WHAT CHINESE STUDENTS THINK OF AMERICANS https://youtu.be/j3cwaad6-6s -TEACHER AND STUDENT RELATIONS https://youtu.be/QNbyodv4jls -EXPERIENCE MY CLASS! I take you through a typical day teaching English! https://youtu.be/oHArk6UTMhc
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Text Comments (15495)
Pollo 6 YT (1 month ago)
Chinese Women : LOOK IF NOT 400$ WE WILL GO BANKRUPT Collin : *shows wechat* Chinese women : *anger fades* ohhh!! So you live here too!
ejay grey (10 days ago)
Simarvir Minhas (12 days ago)
So true dude they take you in as there own after you say weChat
Aika (12 days ago)
Pollo 6 YT when?
o「marcio wo」o (17 days ago)
Jovan (9 hours ago)
wechat is just sooooooo fucking easy to use in Asia thats why i wish i could get mine set up for when i go back
Mhmdl TV (15 hours ago)
You are an orospu. Do u know that?
Jay sean (18 hours ago)
thier speakings are absolutely nuts
jaden shea (1 day ago)
_"My friend"_
jerome meds (1 day ago)
11:19 hahahahahaha LMAO
jerome meds (1 day ago)
Hahahahahahaha funny girl
Kaleeswaran .B (1 day ago)
19:30 the lady speaks in Tamil at the background : who's that?? Man: after seeing his channel only I learned to bargain!!
Yoshi0 (2 days ago)
Actually in China, virtually any form of card payment is NOT accepted for the most part unless you’re in the bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but even then you may run into places where it is not accepted. Always best to have Alipay or WeChat pay. Other alternative is cash, but if you really want to pay like the Chinese do, then download those apps.
Darrell Febrian (2 days ago)
18:27 This guy is rude af
Summer Zhang (2 days ago)
This is the first time I heard of Joke Price.
chaima otaku (2 days ago)
That’s why chinese dress up good!
Eithnaan Khan (3 days ago)
That Chinese girl was so fucking stupid the orginal polo shirts cist around £120 and she wanted £250 crazy dumb bitch
Juan Cisneros (3 days ago)
He’s petty
Dereck Frost (3 days ago)
Damn you cheap
Gen C (3 days ago)
U dumbass , all fake products, they charged u more than double even u got ur best deal
KARSHI (4 days ago)
Try to bargain here in the Philippines 😁 same thing
Eli Kaplan (4 days ago)
man this guys kinda cheap
尾 無 後 今 地 あ の し 絵描いて みぃ セーフ
sony : ps vita 3g/wifi $299.99 collin : i can do $50
Rangers Rule (4 days ago)
15:08 mask y
Mya4G Kelate (5 days ago)
"I give u a good price my friend"...
EquiNyaa (5 days ago)
0:57 that guy showed a V sign HAHA
LilyFtSuga qtpie (5 days ago)
It's funny when Collin ask them : How much? And they said : I have best price for you 😂😂LMAOOO
Naphi Baltazar (6 days ago)
who dislikes this video is the chinese
Kareline 00 (6 days ago)
Kareline 00 (6 days ago)
OKAY ,COME haha😂😂
Kareline 00 (6 days ago)
Hellooo handsome man
key razak (6 days ago)
collin : dormamu...I come to bargain! dormamu : *put out the calculator*
Justin Cababan (6 days ago)
That white dude at 20:40 is hot stuff.
lil raidrr (7 days ago)
Who else saw the guy flip him off at 0:57
dnaez ! (7 days ago)
Chinese girl : thIs vEry nIce mY fRiend Collin : I don't even know who you are
Isabella Mendoza (7 days ago)
Just pay 20 more
Alpha Maverick (7 days ago)
I think girls really like you.I wanna pay this girl for one night
Ezz Eldin (7 days ago)
4:52 shhhhhhhh local people will hear you !!!🤣🤣 Why do you think we use calculators?
ElvinGEpic (7 days ago)
And Me over here buying my NMD’s for $105 USD😂😂😂
Melanie Nuñez (7 days ago)
I can see him being able to get a GoPro for $5
Blackhawktigger YT (7 days ago)
0:55 *you guys telling me you didn't see him say fuck u with the middle finger
kyrlove (8 days ago)
Actually this is so sastisfying to watch, because i can't bargain LOL
Duck319 Ooof (8 days ago)
Ur paying them less than their cost its rly sad
jade gomez (8 days ago)
"I give you good price my friend"
Max Rv (8 days ago)
I can't understand why every Chinese seller is so fucking annoying. Why would you buy a t shirt fo $50 or more when the real cost is $15 or less. ._.
MrOnFeed (8 days ago)
I went china for an entire month with my gf and met my possibly future in laws, I completely understand what you meant by a bargaining culture I went to the Shanghai markets and even after Iv already said I’m not interested and start walking away the prices were going down without me having any input 😂 I feel China is very misunderstood country my time there was pleasant
David S (8 days ago)
At 0:54, that man with the little girl: Hey honey, look, that is the man that makes crazy deals with people in our town! Little girl: whaaaaaaaa?
Kayleigh Griffiths (8 days ago)
Why are they trying to charge so much for fakes 🤣🤣
Ruben Mejia (8 days ago)
Awesome videos bro!
Lily Rose (8 days ago)
Chinese people communicate well with calculators
Shashi Kanth (9 days ago)
How do you do that you are so great at bargain.😎
C P (9 days ago)
Im scared seeing how the price can change so much 1200 to 150 like wtf
TR (9 days ago)
That’s crazy how much profit margins are. The Lacoste polos, the asking price was $300+ and then Collins got them got $20. Wow...
Nice video bro i'm from Philippines and Chinese people here are same there they always bring out calculator and give you GOOD PRICE!! hahaha
Camo Ninja (9 days ago)
Wait is that a Lamborghini??(£300,000) Collin:Can I do £3 Stranger:no Collin:walks away Stranger:ok. £3
Umm how exactly is China Communist
Ally Duran (9 days ago)
Lmao!! I swear I love them pulling out that damn calculator
Nathan Carter (9 days ago)
Why do they do calculators
Oranggeee e (9 days ago)
Seller: Final Price ok? 100 yuan. Colin: I can do 3 yuan Seller: Am I a Joke to you???
Marsmolow (9 days ago)
i bet the calculator is fake too
Popot topot:3 (9 days ago)
live in CHINA?.... MUST BARGAIN....😂😂
Manny Leal (10 days ago)
I wonder if u flirt with them, if that will lower the bargain price even more 😂
Mavrikcod (10 days ago)
Wait is everything real? I thought it was all fake so you offered really low...
Ezekiel Lois (10 days ago)
Lol i bought the same lacoste at greenhills for 3 like 20$ ahhahahahahah
Ruelan Agagen (10 days ago)
This one i give you "'pulls out calculator'"
Seulgi’s ear (10 days ago)
Jesus christ. Usually when I watch these videos, or if i experience it myself (I’m Mexican, go to mexico sometimes but look a bit whiter than most so i also get hassled a bit) i don’t mind paying extra because i know some people need that money to live. But these people are straight up robbing foreigners by a disgustingly huge amount.. i wouldn’t bother buying from them at all in most cases. Like going from $200 to $19? Seriously?
Detective Noir (10 days ago)
You are cheap
Matt Ayy (10 days ago)
This guy is a savage. Period.
Atom (10 days ago)
do u come back to the us everymonth to upload cause i thought there was no youtube in china
Mike Dizzle (10 days ago)
15:00 I never seen a dentist be a salesperson lol
Decocidio Odd (10 days ago)
I just love to see how he’s go from 1000 to 50 haha
Joshua Ramos (10 days ago)
Those shirt were more then in americas
Jurassic Gaming 267 (10 days ago)
Handsome man the way they try to lure you in is hilarious
Gamer Elite 2 (10 days ago)
Do a video in Bangladesh
XYDROCZISZ (10 days ago)
Judge:you are going to prison for 10 years Collins:noi can do like 10 weeks Kudge:3 years...enhabitable. Collins:nooo,i think 1 day is good,take it or leave it Judge:FINE.
M. Abbas (10 days ago)
Nerves of steel
Parth Rao (10 days ago)
Every Indian housewife uses the trick.
Dude you got lot of patience...
Mahfuzur Rahman Ovick (10 days ago)
Joke price Serious price Real price Real real price Maximum price Good price Discount price Finish price Best price Wtf 😑
ANUBHAW CLASHER (10 days ago)
19:28 Indians owo nice
Stonebreakers (10 days ago)
Its funny when they agree on a price and then at the last second try to jack the price back up as if he forgets what they just offered.
Deo Alrego (10 days ago)
0:55 that guy tho😂
Ly 'Ne (11 days ago)
Typical convo Colin : How much? Seller : I give you good price . *shows calculator*
Miguel Bautista (11 days ago)
Just go here in the phillipines and mostly of the things here are cheaper and a orginal brand
Calvin Vi Brittania (11 days ago)
This guy turned an item that was 200 to 20 dollars wtf man
Jaya Kaur Labana (11 days ago)
Awesome I would like to take you for my shopping
Miles Tan (11 days ago)
Hey collin, I'm half chinese and half filipino. I lived in china and the G-shock, Lacoste 2 polo shirts, and the lady's bag onlu cost $2 to $5 once you give them a $19 price they still going to get a high profit. Try this advice "hey I can buy that for $4 and if you try to give me high price because I look like a dweller here, I might record this and pull off your store immediately." Collin you can do that because it's a customer's rights so try doing that and they will agree and beg to not getting reported for it. Trust me
Ibrahim Afridi (11 days ago)
Ufff no way that's really hard to buy something
Panda gamer23 (11 days ago)
If I watch enough of these I’ll for sure know what the prices are
I almost died with the joke price guy😂
Christian Liska (11 days ago)
Are the brands fake? Or are they real
David Carrillo (11 days ago)
0:56 look at the back ground
Lucas Petersen-Brown (11 days ago)
You wear fake clothes that you buy. At least wear REAL clothes
inked12100 (11 days ago)
They have their calculators at the ready
FlameSniper (11 days ago)
0:56 that dude walking by him did this ✌🏾
Average_whiteman (11 days ago)
Real price or joke price
SumBuzz80 (11 days ago)
Am I correct in assuming that the items you are purchasing are fake?
Brenda DeLuna (11 days ago)
I am not assertive AT ALL I could not do this
db60615 (11 days ago)
No shade, but this is normal behavior at every flea market anywhere!
Young Raz (11 days ago)
Bless the man and child at 00:56
db60615 (11 days ago)
They see a white man coming and assume he doesn't know this place is knock off central. China seems the home of hustling! There's no set price for anything.
Alisha Huang (11 days ago)
omg the taxi driver in the end awh so cute HAHAGGA
yourdearest bigboi (11 days ago)
Congrats to the man at 0.57 seconds

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