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Bangkok Fake Market Spree!

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I went to one of the biggest fake markets in Asia today located in Bangkok. Come along as we check out this crazy market of fake electronics, fake yeezy store, fake supreme clothes and more! insta: @iamlivingbobby twitter: @LivingBobby Brett (The epic drone shots): YouTube.com/brettconti Music: https://soundcloud.com/jakehallendorff
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Text Comments (3523)
dannnjakp (7 hours ago)
She is really bad in english
Angie Bulavong (1 day ago)
Mattias T (1 day ago)
77$ for the. AirPods lololololololol
Skeeter Skeeter (1 day ago)
Id fuck the supreme lady😋😋😋🤑
cromeaxe (1 day ago)
Don't you ever make such cheap videos..you f***
Two Faced (1 day ago)
2:58 Cop
Gohanburner (2 days ago)
Rip off of Collin Abroadcast, like you didn't even try to mask it. You're gates.
3xotics Games (2 days ago)
Dirt cheap!!!buyer lol
CS:GO SO FUN (3 days ago)
Lol thailand why you shop in market? Why you not go to siam paragon?
Lewis (3 days ago)
I live in Thailand and no offence but I find it disrespectful that you say there quality isn’t good, I know it’s fake but it’s how they do business and it’s fake because they don’t have a lot of money to buy the actual ones.
Roksana Kakoly (3 days ago)
Poor people .
perfect yuhong (4 days ago)
where is here
Natanael Garcia (4 days ago)
This dude is the most stingy, pinch penny human I've ever seen! These people are doing this for living and he's insulting them like that? Cmon now!
Karma 2x2 (4 days ago)
ur a dick for hassling them like that. you over did it. you also kind of made fun of them and kept using this condescending tone... Do better asshole.
Armaan mallhi vlogs (4 days ago)
To every like I’ll add a $ $
Siratee Maychonklang (5 days ago)
You know what that’s mean “I boxing your homok” It mean boxing your dic**😂
Iamben (5 days ago)
I was looking through the links that Bobby put. Ebay and DHgate?
George Partridge (5 days ago)
you're an ugly cunt stop being such a cheap fuck
Geno Bobino (5 days ago)
you cheap man!! them people trying to make a living!!! 200baht is a steal!
buffalo youfat (5 days ago)
I see retarded Thai Woman sex crazy hiv
Joel Luna (6 days ago)
Mamie’s World (7 days ago)
You should go to santee alley LA
pugsforever (7 days ago)
Video is so cringy 😳
Simon Curtis (7 days ago)
She seems the type to cut your dick off if she found out you done her wrong no joke
berryrl (7 days ago)
You are kinda attractive but the fact that you are such a cheap skate makes your scale go wayy down
Racin' Nation (7 days ago)
Could you pay them in American dollars? INTELLIGENCE 100
inhk (7 days ago)
this guy is shit - embarrassing, cant even get a bargin in BKK!
Drew Boden (8 days ago)
Went here in summer and met the woman in the start of the video after I saw this Hahahaha
Tony D (8 days ago)
It’s good that you bargain for stuff. Imo, I think you shouldn’t low ball someone half the price they are asking, pretty disrespectful when people gotta eat and pay overhead for their business.
Neville David Thomas (8 days ago)
It’s rude to film without first asking permission. Also, there is no need to bargain so much over 200 baht.
Yogi Agus (8 days ago)
Wtf price 25000 bath in indonesia only Rp.150.000= $12 hahahaha dont buy in bangkok bro
Adam & Daniel (9 days ago)
Young Soulja (10 days ago)
these videos are just robbing other peoples living to make ur own living smh 😵😤
Young Soulja (10 days ago)
no one does it better than collin 👀🙌
Dale Gribble (10 days ago)
Supreme , or Yeezys real or fake , at any price, low or high you got ripped off. All that shit real and fake belongs in a landfill.
Axel Arana (10 days ago)
Your face is low quality.
Kekee 98 (10 days ago)
5:38 😂😂😂 That sound though
Selina Garcia (11 days ago)
You know he low key bought the "yeezys"
Russ Ramos (12 days ago)
You are an annoying little fuck...
Bilal Warsi (12 days ago)
Bobby y do u complain
Henry (13 days ago)
0:16 Hahaha she said "No! I will cut off your balls you balls sack."
Zrap Trap boss (13 days ago)
omarito 04 (13 days ago)
how the heck did you get your drone up there
læzy lozer 2600 (13 days ago)
I though akigahara was a haven, but this is a haven for not good quality Japanese electronics, but the lasts 2 months type chinese electronics, still good I guess, though fake supreme, is easy in Malaysia, hoodies (Almost always) 35 ringgit, fake shirts (rare) 15 ringgit ( round like 3-5 dollars USD)
ไอ้กาก กระจอกจริงๆมึง
Peter Massage (13 days ago)
you are ding dong mak
Faouzi Nahdi (13 days ago)
You made cheap dude!!!
Wallbash Jones (14 days ago)
Cheap Fuck can’t swing 7.50 for a bomb ass Supreme fake? C’mon, support the kids in Bangkok.
Mike Hayes (14 days ago)
All that time for 20 baht ???? I dunno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rony ahmed (14 days ago)
Cheap quality, really.hong Kong have much better quality
Oshi Ornbnk48 (15 days ago)
Akshay Govind (15 days ago)
Dude you are kinda flirting with her not bargaining 😂
Robert Hebert (16 days ago)
There is a point where being cheap stops being funny. Can you just for a second understand having tourists just haggling over .50 cents, sad.
Sadegh Mirzaei (16 days ago)
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Dushyant anil (17 days ago)
I went to MBK yesterday that exact women forced me into buying a counterfeit Louis Vuitton
GTOP. Colabb (17 days ago)
She said in thai she will bite ur dick
Bugsy (17 days ago)
wow those yeezy reps were terrible
Rizky Adigaha (18 days ago)
fuck milf
B C (18 days ago)
this idiot has serious problems to haggle over 60 cents. cannot take the hint that 200b was the bottom price. i bet this guy took a ladyboy instead of a real girl to save some money. hahaha begpackers like this is why locals hate on tourists
Shorty13 (18 days ago)
Ny min is 50% thai so i lived om Thailand for 3 years and if you learn a little Thai then you get it a lot cheaper they live on all the white people that come so if you want it cheap learn a little Thai 👌
Shorty13 (18 days ago)
My mom*
Enamul Hasan (18 days ago)
Including fake males 😉😂 ifykwim
rachelll (18 days ago)
what the hell this isn't Colin!
Godly Intros (18 days ago)
She met Collins a broadcast and did the same lmao
Christopher Dosin (19 days ago)
omg ... because of 20 Baht ... loool
An L (19 days ago)
https://www.kindsneaker.com/shoes/adidas-yeezy-boost-350-v2-zebra-cp9654.html CHECK OUT ME FOR YEEZY
junior alejandro (19 days ago)
Why are u so cheap
Pisut Kumprik (20 days ago)
razzorbladz (20 days ago)
$6US not cheap considering the price of clothing in Kmart here in Australia
oh and MBK is the biggest fake market in the whole of thailand so
at the beginning, she was like NO? wtf in thai
Love You (20 days ago)
Your annoying
I live in Bkk. Hope to meet you & beat the shit out of you. #FckngJw
JoeyG2013 (22 days ago)
i came there yesterday lol i came to thailand to see my grandma
Sabrinna Abraham (22 days ago)
Liam Bojoh (22 days ago)
Hahaha i was in MBA 2
jose medina (22 days ago)
You're the reason why thai people hate tourists you crook, as crooked as your face. POS
Playfulcook (23 days ago)
I think bargaining is a great skill to have in any situation. Be it fake or not. I myself like a hard bargain, but when you're dealing with $$8.50 - $20, have some dignity for crying out loud, these people do need to put food on their table, just like you and me. When you go back to your own country, you'll be paying much more than what you pay to these vendors. It would be a different story if you were paying $200 - $1000.
Izac T (23 days ago)
1000thb for that pair of earpods
Jade Alexis (23 days ago)
What's the song in the intro?0:19-0:28
vBleu (23 days ago)
If fuck the shit outta the asian lady... She is so valid😭.
mind story (23 days ago)
another cheapo white trash lands in asia. what a moron.
Gekyume (24 days ago)
Mate The zebra is not even 'good quality'...the fundamental pattern is already incorrect and can be seen very easily
陈龙 (24 days ago)
I find it really effrontery that you have the nerve to point out a market spree, when you are actually killing the country with all your mentally ill tourists. To me I understand visiting a place as some sort of friendship. But you make it look like some psycho therapy. It's like when you get robbed, your conclusion is to find somebody you can rob too, instead of actually catching the robber. It's like if you had the choice to save your money deposit or to save people's life, you would be the one scared of losing money. You shouldn't even be human, you should be an animal messed up somewhere. Because what you do is abuse.
Kizza English (24 days ago)
He is irkin AF!!!!!!!!! 😠 If I had the money and time to go over there I would tear Thailand TF down!!!!! And I'd bargain well without being a total jerk.
Ahmed H (24 days ago)
He probably got the discount cus he is not a uggo
TGTV (24 days ago)
Bro you’re mad cheap man lol you tried to get way too much of a deal
Theboy psychosick (24 days ago)
I hate what he’s doing here , it’s not funny at all. They working here and u act like fucking around , do it in the US, do it in NY or Chi . U fucked face
Thisis Doomsday (25 days ago)
It was $7.50 and he still wanted it cheaper
JAY ONE (26 days ago)
Try to ripp u off dont they tell u more than they drop da price
apiwatbob (26 days ago)
Great bargain !! LOL ...don't buy too easily for the sake of other toursists .... cheers
DANNY danny (27 days ago)
Fucking cheap.
CENTRA STUDIOS (27 days ago)
More government control, higher taxes, less choice, fewer jobs, more poverty, less freedom - vote Bobby!
Shoe Beast (27 days ago)
Are those yeezys real
Gary Strachan (27 days ago)
One thing for certain the bloke can't haggle he hasn't got a clue
Xyzr Racing99 (27 days ago)
Why are there indians in thailand? Lol
oGodOf SPY (28 days ago)
Ur always positive even if u don’t get the deal :).!!!
Eyebedam (29 days ago)
What a little Bitch..
GabKoost (29 days ago)
Lol. Don0t be happy for bargaining a fake. You didn't play anyone but yourself in wasting money on trash. But hey, if it's for the sake of the video and helping the locals, good enough.
Antonio Gates (29 days ago)
I always buy fake stuff at the thrift store..I will be in Bangkok in days..I hope my wife is not fake..she is thai

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