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Bangkok Fake Market Spree!

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I went to one of the biggest fake markets in Asia today located in Bangkok. Come along as we check out this crazy market of fake electronics, fake yeezy store, fake supreme clothes and more! insta: @iamlivingbobby twitter: @LivingBobby Brett (The epic drone shots): YouTube.com/brettconti Music: https://soundcloud.com/jakehallendorff
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Text Comments (3989)
Seldom Nelson (6 hours ago)
annoying to watch...
Look at 6:51 i think he just stole those T shirts😹😹
zaki moulen (1 day ago)
I think she is looking for something else you know hhhhh
Furty Lux1rYT (1 day ago)
Where in bangkok is this cuz im going there with my mom
CompCorpCBD CBD (2 days ago)
what camera are you using?
kim boo (2 days ago)
He was just bargaining because he is not rich
Heru- deshet (2 days ago)
All made in local sweat shops.
Too young to be old (2 days ago)
Learn some Thai and the prices will tumble.
Too young to be old (2 days ago)
He is haggling over 50p for the T shirt what a waster.
Too young to be old (2 days ago)
I've bought loads of stuff here.
Abshoecollection (3 days ago)
The yeezys looked soooo fake
Abshoecollection (3 days ago)
The airpods weren’t 1st quality they were 5th quality they were the most obvious fakes ever
Sarit z. (4 days ago)
Mark Hamill (5 days ago)
You are a POS.
m Mill (6 days ago)
You really look like a cheap ass
Tanduay Rham (10 days ago)
Stupid cheap ass white boy
Jared Savage III (10 days ago)
this guy just keeps shamelessly copying other YouTubers content. Man get some original shit, this is pathetic
Jared Savage III (2 days ago)
+mrbobbilly Yea? Others have been doing it long before this video was uploaded, retard
mrbobbilly (8 days ago)
No he didnt, look at the date when this was uploaded stupid
Makady Moaz (11 days ago)
How did i know they are scammers after i saw phone second hand 5900 baht and i found online with warranty 12 months new 5800 baht i feel WTF .... Tshirts online starts from 80 B ... Tesco .. Big C many many good shirts 80 to 150 baht ..... Stop going to this bloody shopping malls if u paid there 10000 baht products u can get from outside 5000 totally
Bhiel Pakingan (11 days ago)
Hi bobby nice explorin there in thailand, i was about to do that also during my stay in thailand but i werent able.. I will try it again soon, lets see if we have same impression there. Thank you.
Comic Mania (11 days ago)
Cheapskates go there
uluckout1 (12 days ago)
Cheap ass!
delon a (12 days ago)
Try the same approach at the Apple store dickwaad!
Black Liz (12 days ago)
ฝรั่งเหี้ยกวนตีน เอาสนุก สันดาลหมาคนเค้า ทำมาหากินไอ้สัสา
Glynn Hamer (12 days ago)
No cannot
John Oswald Palines (12 days ago)
And those sh*ts are just came from Guangzhou, China
Roxy Haze (13 days ago)
$6 jee that a bargin
Namita Mahato (13 days ago)
Market name
Brandi Varian (13 days ago)
What's the song during the 43sec mark?
Lo Wallace (13 days ago)
fake tee is look fake, cannot compare the authentic....
Talitoshi Jamir (14 days ago)
ColdRedReaper (14 days ago)
This guy is awful, I hope you don't come back to Bangkok, these people are trying to make a living and you try to bargain for 2-4 dollars wtf?
Supawat Smiley (15 days ago)
City of god !! 😎😎
Up4LaughGamer (15 days ago)
You can see they are fake
Cliff Ledge (15 days ago)
Geez, you seem not to value your time and energy. You're talking pennies and the price is already cheap. Pay it next time without all the rig-a-ma-roll. Painful to watch
littlegoobie (16 days ago)
ah shit man. all the comments fall in line with what i've been thinking for so long. I can't stand all these bullshit people who lie and spend disproportionate amounts of time to cut somone's price by pennies...literally pennies. Or they'll spend all friggin day to sort out all their grocery deals so they can do their shopping at 9 different stores, travel 50+ miles all over townthroughout the day, and the big prize is to "save" a grand total $15 which took them many hours and 4 gallons of gas to do instead of 1 hour if they went to just 1 store.
Likom Cms (16 days ago)
Wht brand beg sale in thailand💁💓
Mike Anthony (16 days ago)
You’re annoying.
Guc8Ci9 (17 days ago)
Regret watching this bro u want to explore go catch Pokémon
Marielle golosino (18 days ago)
I really wish you didn't have to be that way to the vendors. :(
FaTe Crshook (18 days ago)
I liked this video with the bottom of my juul part
Alone Dargon (18 days ago)
Pria Romantis (19 days ago)
your face more low quality bobby. what a typical human u
Jeffery Kinnie (19 days ago)
I can welcome you to the culture with a Muay Thai kick to the face
elizabethdavenport96 (19 days ago)
Collin Abroadcast and Bobby should bargain together
Lucas Wen (20 days ago)
thoes were the most obvious fake yeezy
Help For You (20 days ago)
lol we have 1 dollar pricie yearphone
Shammy Noch (21 days ago)
You lucky they didn’t feel disrespected by you low balling like your Hella cheap . Smh . You need to know they need to make their money too and that your in there country
DJ AK (21 days ago)
The host a fuking goofy I cant do this.
DJ AK (21 days ago)
At the beginning she said "she cant and shell bite him"
Rambo Bambo (21 days ago)
Bro you speak little bit kinda gay. No hate i enjoyed the video but how you say: ohhhh noooo coooomee onn . Dont talk so makes males look like gays.
Marena sanchez (22 days ago)
Who da fk will buy some shoes for 18000 . Yall bugging
Marena sanchez (22 days ago)
Hes a smart hustle
Farooq Farooq (22 days ago)
U r fool
Romario Seaton (23 days ago)
Fucking cheap skate!! U want a good quality Supreme shirt for less than 7 fucking dollars????
haneen Ba-aziz (24 days ago)
Dude the pairs that he showed them to u is 4 bucks
Break Bot (24 days ago)
Stop copy someone video Without Credit.
IP Enrile (24 days ago)
A fucking twat that's what you are
Finbarrs Bernard (24 days ago)
I hate these
Vinnie Bhagat (24 days ago)
that headphones 400 rs. t shirt 250 rs. that shoes 700 rs (rupees) in India in my city Jalandhar)
Vinnie Bhagat (24 days ago)
thease all things are more cheaper in India. Jalandhar
Payton patman (25 days ago)
What a pathetic person!!
Daniel Saleh (25 days ago)
Mate u are a terrible buyer !! U want a better price buy more product . 1 lousy shirt and u beg like a homeless person . I would buy it for u so I could put it where the sun don’t shine
jakob spooner (25 days ago)
You're an obnoxious, cringey piece of shit. Made for YouTube basically. Won't be watching again 🖕🏻
wldmike223 (25 days ago)
ฝรั่งขี้นก. Thai lesson for you,
Pozy (26 days ago)
The airpods cost like 5£ on wish
Jordan Cama (27 days ago)
Poor woman and that was not fair from you. I do bargain a lot in the Philippines and I know when it's cheap enough. Bargaining because of $2 just crazy!
joe kelly (27 days ago)
mate, you bring shame to all of us.
Hunter Smith (27 days ago)
Those air pods were so fake 😂😂😆😆🤣🤣🤣
x x (26 days ago)
No shit sherlock
Iurii Tychenok (28 days ago)
why didnt u call the police i thought u will die cause u skinny af
Matthieu Zimmer (28 days ago)
how a fake guy you need to be in order to promote fake products, fucking loser, you are destroying the real brands
Sentilong Jamir (28 days ago)
Actually the t-shirt cost 150 baht, shoes cost 550 and even the i9s tws coat 600 baht they cheated u🤣🤣🤣
Mr gamer troll (29 days ago)
People who think bargaining is rude clearly don’t have a degree in any business related field.
DasherPlayz (1 month ago)
She said she is gonna cut ur penis off 😂I’m Thaï
she said she was going to smash your balls lmao
marnie an capili (1 month ago)
marnie an capili (1 month ago)
if you want a good quality dont ask for a cheaper price dude :) GO HOME and buy the original one .
marnie an capili (1 month ago)
Mate go home !!!!0
HenG Never Care (1 month ago)
I hate Thailand
Jaffrey H (1 month ago)
How safe is it for a 18 year old white male from the US?
Pro gamerz vlogs (1 month ago)
Fake yeezys in bankok are normally 950baht
Ali Zaabi (1 month ago)
I know this place it's mbk mall
Coolstool Games (1 month ago)
2:15 elijah woods looking ass
Professor Farnsworth (1 month ago)
maybe bargain if you're gonna buy more than 10 items, but 1 item is just unreasonable
Nooah23 (1 month ago)
0:32 Song please :D
Armin Vargu (1 month ago)
Those yeezys look more fake than my grannys tits
wenobi568 (1 month ago)
munkhbat ganaa (1 month ago)
Do not buy shoes there very low quality I bought for 500 but it was teriible one
munkhbat ganaa (1 month ago)
She is a little boxer never seen like that one
munkhbat ganaa (1 month ago)
Bargain is not like in china I bought for 200 good quality t shirt
ロサケン (1 month ago)
Fck him. I was sad for them promise. Im very sad.
ロサケン (1 month ago)
Fck this youtuber! Dislike its videos
Walter Diaz (1 month ago)
I rather give my money to them for their product then these billion dollar corporations
Matt d (1 month ago)
cheap ass, your buying fakes and hes trying to get original quality lol. $6 for a tshirt aint nothing and still haggling
Shiv Dion (1 month ago)
What a dick
Anthony Williams (1 month ago)
Hahaha she said she will cut your cock off
IIInfernous ! (1 month ago)
The lady was ugly
Shaikh Avesh (1 month ago)
Hate to say this but you are fucking shitbag. Bargaining for 2 Euro lol cheapass nigga
Darthdog15 (1 month ago)
Intro music ?
REALISTIC CRITIC (1 month ago)
Gosh the gorl at 6.20 has some nice buns

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