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What to do when he likes another girls pics | He likes other girls pictures #askRenee

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What should you do if he likes another girls pics on Instagram ? Is he liking inappropriate pictures on social media? The Man Magnet : https://go.reneeslansky.com/the-man-magnet LIKING SEXY PICS ON IG || Firstly no you aren't overreacting , it's not cool, loving or respectful. And whilst he may just brush it off, if you aren't comfortable with it , then you need to say something . What is his need behind needing to look at sexualised images of other women? Ask him if he would like it if the situation was reversed. You don't have to pretend it doesn't affect you , so let's learn how to address it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get our free guide: The 5 Keys To Building A Successful Relationship https://go.reneeslansky.com/successful-relationships-guide Become a Man Magnet and Discover How To Get Him To Commit in 3 Steps! https://go.reneeslansky.com/the-man-magnet ======================================================== About Renee Slansky || About This Channel Renee Slansky TV is a spin-off of The Dating Directory- the number one dating and relationship blog in Australia. This channel is here to educate, inspire and uncomplicate love! Renee Slansky is a professional dating and relationship coach, speaker and TV presenter who is on a mission to bring more love education to the world. OUR SITES || http://reneeslansky.com http://thedatingdirectory.co WE POST|| Tuesday’ s and Thursday’s GOT A QUESTION FOR #askRenee || email us at [email protected] EMAIL SUBSCRIBE || get weekly coaching advice by subscribing here : https://go.reneeslansky.com/squeeze-page17306805 OUR PROGRAMMES || Become a Man Magnet and Discover How To Get Him To Commit in 3 Steps! https://go.reneeslansky.com/the-man-magnet DOWNLOAD OUR FREE GUIDES|| The 5 Keys To Creating Successful Relationships https://go.reneeslansky.com/successful-relationships-guide The Number 1 Thing That Every Relationship Needs To be Healthy E-Book: https://go.reneeslansky.com/squeeze-page17307350 FOLLOW US || Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/reneeslanskyfanpage/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/ReneeSlansky Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/reneeslansky/ Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com.au/askReneeSlansky/
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Text Comments (79)
anna ramcaritar (5 hours ago)
Thank you for educating me about this I'm going through this situation and I spoke to him about and he continues some are women he actually knows
Sedona Nicole (6 days ago)
I don’t really care when he likes his female friends Instagram posts and he doesn’t even like Instagram models posts (he follows them but doesn’t like their stuff, thank god). But it’s our friends friends who he doesn’t even know but they’re hot and he’ll like those. And the worst thing is I know I shouldn’t be mad but I just can’t help but compare myself to that girl and think that that’s what he wants and I’ll never add up to it. So when he likes stuff like that it just adds to my own insecurity. But my bf is always telling me how beautiful I am and is the sweetest guy ever and hates when I talk down about myself. I just wish I could think of myself the way he thinks of me.
Renee Slansky (6 days ago)
Have you spoken to him about how it makes you feel?
Lokai (14 days ago)
Want/need him to be the man you want him to be...! Privileged much?
Dean M (16 days ago)
Gals, we won't automatically stop being attracted to other women because we have a girlfriend. This should only really matter to you ladies, if your relationship is one based purely off of physical attraction. If your relationship is based off mutual affection, similar interests, trust, accountability, and respect, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you are feeling jealous and insecure, its probably because you are unconsciously aware that one of those key elements in the relationship is missing, so you must do what you can to fix or establish those components of the relationship so that you feel secure. Alternatively leave, because its likely that one or both of you are too immature for a serious relationship to exist if something as petty as this is a problem.
Maheen (16 days ago)
I once asked my guy friend why he followed such accounts and his response was “because I’m a man” Needless to say I’m not friends with him anymore.
Lunar Siren (23 days ago)
I wish I saw this a few days ago. I got into such a bad argument. There are things we have discussed and I'm ok with because we have come to an agreement. But for some reason the Instagram pictures really bothered me. The ones that were borderline porn. And I could not understand why it bothered me so much. Of course he started to call me over dramatic, crazy, and that I was just jealous. When I have never been a jealous partner to anyone. I told him that this was about respect of our relationship. I really wish I saw this earlier because I didn't handle that issue too gracefully.
Renee Slansky (18 days ago)
Don't beat yourself up, it's hard to stay rational when we are hurting x
Allison Toms (1 month ago)
So here’s my situation. I’m completely confident that my boyfriend wouldn’t cheat on me because he was cheated on in a previous relationship and it really hurts him and has caused him to have trust issues, and he often makes comments about how awful cheating is, etc. BUT, he met this girl at his school (we go to different schools not that far apart) and she told his friend that if he didn’t have a girlfriend, AKA me, she would try to hook up with him. He knows this info because he told me that the girl said this. I checked out her Instagram one day and saw that my boyfriend had liked a couple of her photos. They weren’t revealing or anything, just normal selfies. I’m trying not to let it upset me, but I don’t understand why he would like them knowing she’s clearly interested in him AND he’s in a relationship. He’s also the type of guy who is super nice to everyone so I’m trying to tell myself he’s just being nice. 😂 what does this mean though? Please help!
Anne Link (1 month ago)
Omg, my ex was on ig for one year before i found out! I did not even know about ig. It sucks because there these girls in my town and he is hiting likes. Then ended hucking up with one. Social media! Omg. I am broken. But i felt so in the dark I created my ig, and still feel terrible to have not known this.
Zlati Dramalieva (1 month ago)
My boyfriend not only likes sexy pics, I have no problem with that, but he also likes many other regular girls whom he barely knows, he keeps adding girls and liking their photos. I talked with him and he said I was crazy and overreacting, am I wrong? I feel bad, I would never do that to him
Renee Slansky (1 month ago)
I don't think you are over reacting , ask him why he feels the need to do it and would he like it if you did the same thing?
damaris clark (1 month ago)
That's nothing my dude likes the pics from his co workers
? (1 month ago)
I've talked to him already, but he started doing it again, I don't know what to do, he says I'm insecure haha
Renee Slansky (1 month ago)
Try explaining rather than expressing ...men respond more to logic rather than emotion. If he can't see anything wrong with it ( and if he is doing something wrong ) then you have to ask yourself how much are you willing to compromise your standards and peace...
Kalpana Rai (1 month ago)
My man if he gets free time he only looks after the girls pictures and likening girls page site please reply from Nepal
Genelyn Loriaga (1 month ago)
same here
Renee Slansky (1 month ago)
Have you told him that you find this upsetting and disrespectful ?
Cynthia Rodriguez (1 month ago)
It bugs me sooooo much when my bf likes other girls pictures because in the beginning we BOTH agree we're NOT going to like, comment, & msg other people ! so when I catch them doing any of those they call Me Crazy & say I'm Overreacting!? so like she is worth that much to Disrespect your own Woman? you liking her picture to get her attention isn't doing anything wrong? Everytime one of my Exs cheated on me it all started with just ONE LIKE so don't sit there and tell me It's Nothing 🤦🏻‍♀️ when it'll start to be Everything! just had to let that out 😒
Renee Slansky (1 month ago)
I hear ya honey! The best thing to do is explain rather than express to him why it hurts you so much, and ask him if he would like it if you did the same
Msft Vapor (1 month ago)
Please help, I can help but feel horrible.
Msft Vapor (1 month ago)
He liked the girls pic infront of me and i was like “really” he’s like “come on , have you ever seen a pic of someone and was like gah damn and it hurt me so much” I was like when I’m interested in one person I don’t focus on other people. He just like a bunch of girls on insta that aren’t real pics like their bikini or cute pics of them that are edited and just a bunch of makeup and I felt very insecure. No shade but he has no idea how it hurts me, if I did the same thing he would be so upset
Kaitlan otero (1 month ago)
I was looking at my bf dms he let me just so I can text random people for fun and I looked on one girl and he’s like let me eat your ass I laugh bc it was a “popular” Instagram account but it really hurt cuz I know I can’t be pretty enough for him
Kaitlan otero (1 month ago)
I hate when my bf likes other girls pics bc then later on he’ll be telling me oh I should wear this and I just feel like I’m not pretty enough( I’m really not tho so )idk why I’m so jealous ughh
Stephanie James Keenan (18 days ago)
Ditto girl... what if we liked dudes pics and said you should start working out you would look hot with buff arms ... it takes so long to get buff that would offend them just like asking us to dress up for them or dress down I should say because of “instamodels” doing it and obviously were not gonna look like them because they photo shop the HELL out of their pics! It’s a line a respect you do not cross and I’m over it. I told my bf I don’t want to be seen with a guy who likes 100s of pics a day because people can see when he likes them on the “following” page and it’s embarrassing! It’s like I’m not enough. But his answer was you know how much I love and adore you! Yada yada ... actions speak louder than words! He finally stopped then I see him liking fitness girls and his response this time was well they aren’t in bikinis! I thought I could if they weren’t half naked!? Like wtf?! No! If I was liking a fitness dude who is 10 years younger than me I know he wouldn’t appreciate it... you get what you receive and if it happens again I’m doing my own thing! I’m sick of being jealous and now insecure because I wasn’t this way until we dated 😕
Hey Huda (1 month ago)
Kaitlan otero that’s bull shit smh
Liz Graham (2 months ago)
How do you know he's liking the photos? Are they Instagram stocking? I think I would be more worried about the need to stock their Instagram.
UnderCynicalScientist (1 month ago)
Liz Graham victim blaming much? It the gfs fault that they discovered what their bfs were doing not the bfs fault for doing it?
Shannon Carlow (2 months ago)
I’ve been bringing it up to him here and there for the past two years and nothing has changed. Now after having a baby 4 months ago , I’m not that comfortable with my body at the moment and I feel so crazy for being so hurt and upset about this. Literally crying from it happening this morning... He just gets pissed at me for being hurt and doesn’t understand even though I’ve explained it to him so many times. Tired of it
Amanda Kohberger (1 month ago)
Uck. I thought I was the only one.
Lucy heartfillia (2 months ago)
thankyou for your advice 😊
Sneakerhead_107 (2 months ago)
Meanwhile these girls be catcalling dudes on the beach
Renee Slansky (2 months ago)
It's true women can be just as bad as guys! I completely agree
Ruby Bonilla (2 months ago)
My boyfriend for almost 3 years keep liking pictures ALL THE TIME EVEN WHEN I TELL HIM EVERYTHING U SAID !! It’s like he doesn’t know why and I feel so insecure & I know he doesn’t want to be with me or doesn’t like my body :(
Renee Slansky (2 months ago)
Maybe it's time for a new boyfriend!
Hailey Earls (3 months ago)
I’ve also heard the term micro cheating, being that even though your partner isn’t physically acting on someone else and being unfaithful, they are still going against your boundaries and giving another woman the time of day.
Skit Central (21 days ago)
Varacian 13 yes it does you dumbass no titty bitch FUCK YOU AND UR UGLY ASS AS WELL NIGGA BITCH your ugly too and it always has to do with a persons looks BUT I CANT RELATE ugly ass bitch NO TITS and NO ASS 🤦‍♂️
Varacian 13 (22 days ago)
+Skit Central That's a stupid answer, it has nothing to do with the way someone looks.
Skit Central (24 days ago)
Shut the fuck up bitch he probably has to look at other girls pictures because you’re ugly and he wants to break up with you UGLY BUTCH YOUR OVER REACTING
Renee Slansky (3 months ago)
Yes ! I have touched on this in other videos , but I should do one just on this as well
Nightcore_ hypnosis (3 months ago)
My boyfriend freakin posted a girl with very big boobs, her tounge was out and her eyes were gross and he captioned it "oh wow damn😍😍" WHAT????! He never is like this i don't know how to process
Renee Slansky (3 months ago)
Thats really tough , but you need to communicate to him and explain how that made you feel
Regina George (4 months ago)
I feel so much better after watching this video. He really told me i was overreacting and i was being crazy about it. I closed my eyes about it a couple of times, but he continued to like every single one of those pictures. I was really hurt seeing his name unter her posts. I broke up with him, because I couldnt stay any longer und hurt my own feelings. Thank you, Renee!
Renee Slansky (4 months ago)
Glad I could help lovely , sounds like you deserved more x
Ava McIntyre (4 months ago)
My bf commented “thicc” on this girls post and I’m pissed
Skit Central (24 days ago)
He probably has to look at other girls pics because your ugly
Hey Huda (1 month ago)
Ava McIntyre i would be pissed as fxck
linn (2 months ago)
Fuck him off
Anonymous X (2 months ago)
Dump him that’s a no
Emily Escandell (2 months ago)
Nani14054 (4 months ago)
Thank you for calling it for what it is! Great video ! I'm subscribing!
Renee Slansky (4 months ago)
Welcome! x
ubtaz (4 months ago)
Simply do what my girl friend does when I'm doing something that's pissing her off TELL ME I'M PISSING HER OFF and as a man I have 2 choices continue to hurt her or stop pissing her off
Vance Biondo (5 months ago)
Vance Biondo (5 months ago)
😁👋 hi
Alexis Morales (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for this. Every guy has always called me crazy or said I was overreacting. But like you said, who are they to determine how I am supposed to feel about something? And then if the tables were turned, it’s a problem. Talk about hypocrite! It hurts and I don’t have to stand for it. I would rather be alone than be with someone who does not appreciate me and my feelings.
ladyluckmisao (5 months ago)
I absolutely loooooooooved this
Essang sang (5 months ago)
WTF! I asked him he said she's only my boss! WTF! Why all her pictures you put comments and likes! Instead of mine😡😡😡 Shit! It seems it's my fault! He never say sorry!
Essang sang (5 months ago)
I am afraid man to tell to him again.because everytime I asked him still same answer.do you think she like the girl ? 😐can you answer me?😕
Renee Slansky (5 months ago)
Sorry to hear :( maybe try explaining how it hurts you instead of expressing through anger to him. x
thecrimsoncure (5 months ago)
Interesting point!
Surreal Blue (6 months ago)
I absolutely love all you said!!
darklipstickgirl shi (7 months ago)
My boyfriend lives in saudi..and he continuously talking about...Philippines girls and Korean girls...and I caught him liking Philippines girls cleavage pic..all likes were on her intimate pic...as she makes cake..there were no comments on her recipe..but on her intimate pic...but he started shouting on me...😕😦😦...I don't know
darklipstickgirl shi (7 months ago)
Renee Slansky but one more thing is there he can't get over me also as he is not getting sex no emotional touch...then to he gets crazy when I don't attend his calls or don't look at his msg
Renee Slansky (7 months ago)
Sounds like he feels guilty because he knows he is in the wrong so he gets angry instead of taking responsibility for his actions...
Eliana Gervacio (7 months ago)
I really thought I was over reacting, but No i really feel like I'm not. Thank you so much!
Anne Link (1 month ago)
I know right! I was trying to swallow my feelings, telling myself maybe im insecure, but I'm glad this confirm to me by exactly saying what I feel. I am disgusted.
Chan & Shan C.T (4 months ago)
Eliana Gervacio literally feel like I’m over reacting 💯 but what can I do ?
Surreal Blue (6 months ago)
I was blocked and ghosted when I brought up how his constant liking of random girls was really affecting me... guess my intuition was right.
Antoinita Violette (6 months ago)
Eliana Gervacio whatever problem a man has, he has the problem. You can talk until you’re blue in the face. If he wants to change he will, and if he doesn’t... Women have to consistently show men, like...not being with or bothered by them. Some men are very immature, some aren’t, even unto the 70s and 89s, even if their wife is near. Women have to respect and love ourselves, and turn to that care...everyDay! Be inteRested in something more than just being interested in him. No one can make a man settle or commit.
Romina Constenla (9 months ago)
Tbh if your partner constantly likes model's booty pics, especially if he doesn't even see the ones the model is more dressed, it's very disrespectful. It's very shitty and insensitive.
Renee Slansky (9 months ago)
Totally agree!
Devyn Maresma (9 months ago)
I just found my BF liking not just models but they happen to work a few blocks at a titty restaurant a few blocks away. And I AM TORN. Celebrities are one thing, but the Bitch next door?! That’s a whole other kind of Fuckery 😡
Renee Slansky (9 months ago)
Whether its naked celebrities or naked women next door , either way it's not acceptable or respectful. Make sure you explain to him how it makes you feel and ask him why he feels the need to do it. x
Rose K (1 year ago)
Also they follow those sexy model accounts like you can’t help but see him follow those accounts 😢
Rose K (1 year ago)
Renee Slansky Yes, thank you ! Yeah I’m so over him 🙌🏻
Renee Slansky (1 year ago)
It hurts doesn't it! You don't have to put up with it , it's not respectful x

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