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Hey everyone! Today's video is on outfit ideas for smart casual dress codes aka 'jeans and a nice top'! I really hope you like it, let me know if you would like to see a part 2! SOCIAL MEDIA: ♡ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missalexbeauty Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/missalexandraax Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/missalexbeauty Contact me on: [email protected] This video is not sponsored. Affiliate links used! OUTFIT ONE: River Island Mixed Print Wrap Top (size 6): http://bit.ly/2s5ixxX Topshop Ripped Knee Joni Jeans (w25 l28): Petite: http://bit.ly/2tobRyM Regular: http://bit.ly/2tosv1j Tall: http://bit.ly/2tovdU8 Georgia Rose Sock Boots: N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2to9dJc OUTFIT TWO: River Island Dark Red Wrap Top (size 6): http://bit.ly/2s5Nimd New Look Ripped Skinny Jeans (size 6): http://bit.ly/2ppMPwQ OR: http://bit.ly/2qjdtnZ OR: http://bit.ly/2qj674e Quiz Nude Strappy Heels (size 3): N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2toFS19 Similar: http://bit.ly/2toJG2F OUTFIT THREE: ASOS Black Bardot Top (size 6 petite): http://bit.ly/2sa12fL New Look Two Tone Jeans (size 6 petite): SOLD OUT: http://bit.ly/2toeWyF Similar: Gold & Black Strappy Heels (size 3): N/A Similar: http://ebay.eu/2slI5el OUTFIT FOUR: River Island Red Polka Dot Wrap Top (size 6 petite): http://bit.ly/2toFAHR Regular: http://bit.ly/2tok9Xg River Island Light Blue Skinny Jeans (size 8): EXACT N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2toFNe7 Similar: http://bit.ly/2s5AL2h Rose Gold Strappy Sandals (size 3): http://ebay.eu/2slnoiv Similar: http://bit.ly/2topb60 OUTFIT FIVE: Forever 21 Denim Shirt (size XS): EXACT N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2s5qp2k Similar: http://bit.ly/2s5MZI7 Similar: http://bit.ly/2towgUc New Look Faux Leather Jeans (size 6): N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2totsq4 Similar: http://bit.ly/2toFSy8 River Island Black Boots (size 3): N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2toxYFl Similar: http://bit.ly/2toprSE OUTFIT SIX: ASOS Black Bodysuit (size 8): http://bit.ly/2s5UVca Similar: http://bit.ly/2to24ZC River Island Boyfriend Jeans (size 6): http://bit.ly/2s5Hqcz Similar: http://bit.ly/2s5q9QN Similar: http://bit.ly/2toSYf7 Black & Gold Strappy Heels (size 3): http://ebay.eu/2slI5el Topshop Leather Jacket (size 6 petite): N/A Similar: http://bit.ly/2tvfL91 Similar: http://bit.ly/2scvBS2 OTHER NICE TOPS: 1. £20.00 http://bit.ly/2s5sJ9G 2. £20.00 http://bit.ly/2s5O9mM 3. £30.00 http://bit.ly/2s5YpM1 4. £15.00 http://bit.ly/2toHbNX 5. £15.00 http://bit.ly/2toHdFz 6. £20.00 http://bit.ly/2toCgfJ 7. £25.00 http://bit.ly/2toLloX 8. £28.00 http://bit.ly/2s5JBNs 9. £15.00 http://bit.ly/2s62tM2 10. £18.00 http://bit.ly/2toyhzL Intro made by: https://www.rachelheir.com Song: Title: I Hear You by Vicetone from I Hear You Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6BJICC5mfQzqiaco9AtYvy iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/i-hear-you-single/id1248986774?uo=4&app=itunes&at=1010ls5U&ct=LFV_c09dd3f2f32d9ac4bcd7c5ec3d8befdf Music: Kenny Segal- Procrastination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrB2FFM8MgU
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Text Comments (265)
Maria vhaleriah Luna (4 days ago)
I biy my clothes in the ukay ukay
Maria vhaleriah Luna (4 days ago)
Howbout to the church
Redj Zhan (6 days ago)
I like the way you dressed up
capei4one (24 days ago)
n° 3 my favorite.
Moana Kaata (2 months ago)
Love looks like that but after kids I can't wear outfits like that anymore 😢
KRISHNA MONDAL (2 months ago)
Your shoes style is nice!!!!
Yuvi Pal (2 months ago)
NesaFashion Channel (3 months ago)
Ali Dost (3 months ago)
You are soo beautiful 😍 I love your videos and your style is amazing 🌹💗 How tall are you?
6ix Gođ (3 months ago)
Shabana Moona (3 months ago)
Any Indian babes out Here? 🌹
LillyPoppins (3 months ago)
So elegant when holding the phone to the mirror for me I’m moving and shaking my camera like I farted so hard.
Amy Diba (4 months ago)
Je tadore t tro belle
Ann Williams (4 months ago)
Joshanae Tucker (5 months ago)
2,5, and 6 are my favs
Rawan Mohamed (5 months ago)
Your videos helped me alot with styling my clothes thank you!❤️
monika nankani (5 months ago)
Can you make a video of your workout routine pls?
Hmada Hmada (6 months ago)
LAMA0101 GAMES (6 months ago)
You look cute in everything , I would look like a potato with my big ass body
Raasheda Mirza (6 months ago)
i hate skinny jeans especially in the summer its so annoying But i love how they look..😭😭😭
nilesh mehta (6 months ago)
You are amazing. But this is not really casual.
Flash001 Flash (6 months ago)
you are so beautiful
The Bestie Crew (6 months ago)
amanda stewart (6 months ago)
Very good style
TRACI MANLEY (7 months ago)
im not a hater but this vid sucked
Snow White (7 months ago)
You are my favourite fashion blogger among aaalll of them your style is nearest to me keep going just in that way thanx for your great work helps me alot
Charlotte Zamor (7 months ago)
You know how to dress that’s for sure
SimplyKatexo (8 months ago)
i hate tops literally barely any of my tops are nice
Mili Juli (8 months ago)
denise layer (8 months ago)
Can’t find first print wrap top with bell sleeve!
Mack Miller (8 months ago)
Wow I thought all the links to the clothes would be crazy expensive clothing website/brands but there’re actually not.
Eva Silva (8 months ago)
Birthday styles?
Janine Smith (9 months ago)
how tall are you?
Hamida Ocsio (9 months ago)
Part 2 please
nonis officiel (9 months ago)
i dont licket real
iliana valencia (9 months ago)
can you do a part two but school appropriate . i still want to look sexy but i need school appropriate clothing . i never have anything to wear .
Eve Doherty (9 months ago)
U should do festival outfits for summer 2018
konoktsa (9 months ago)
Ruby Dolly (9 months ago)
Your so gorgeous
Řih Ebb (9 months ago)
So perfect❤
mwilson22 (10 months ago)
The first top flatters your amazing figure!
Mawgan Sciuto-Whitcombe (10 months ago)
You remind me of Louise from Eastenders 😩😂
BEAutifulkiss21100 (10 months ago)
This is more realistic of date night outfits I think
Maddies _0505 (10 months ago)
I have the striped jeans 👖 that had the two colors, i literally think i bought them at target! They look exactly the same and they were not more than 25 dollars!! (Hope i really bought them from target i can’t remember!)
pablo rox (10 months ago)
Simplemente Preciosa
iCyL K-hano (11 months ago)
I super duper like all of your outfits specifically the jeans and how you style it
Sherica Facey (11 months ago)
U look hott💖Am inspired💞💯🔥
Alita Tanoe (11 months ago)
Hai dears, can u make outfit idea for hijab qnd syair i ?
Shakti Zoom (11 months ago)
superb! all ur styles are great 👍
Anna Garnica (11 months ago)
great clothes you have can i have your clothes
Laura Minchelli (11 months ago)
Nice heels What's their size ?
ANDY LIXER (11 months ago)
Shorty :. (11 months ago)
Awsome body
Julia Fer (11 months ago)
THANK YOU FOR THIS! I have Christmas Day Dinner with my boyfriends family this year and I have nooo idea what to wear but this is giving me lots of ideas!!
Zaynah Khan (1 year ago)
where are ur necklaces from?
sador tsegaye (1 year ago)
you are amazing girl i lov u
Kashvi Sharma (1 year ago)
Ur shoes style is litrelly so nice i love it n ur shoes also
Natasha Paulino (1 year ago)
I ordered the red polka dot one after seeing it on you and it just arrived! I love it x
DENICE LOVES (1 year ago)
Yesssss I struggle with jeans and a "nice top" look so much lol And i am a fashionista as well! Wonder why its so difficult for us ? Oh well. Your outfits look great. :)
youre gorgeous!
Música Mariza Cunha (1 year ago)
Alesha Arreguin (1 year ago)
I love the first outfit!👏🏻👍
KIMZ K Productions (1 year ago)
Omg thank you for making me slay everyday!
Kati Melo (1 year ago)
Please make a part 2
Roxanne Sullivan (1 year ago)
Your necklaces? Cx
Lilly Mays (1 year ago)
how tall are you without heels on ?
Jenn (1 year ago)
how do you tuck in your shirts without it getting bulky under the jeans
Alyssa Ash (3 months ago)
Jenn I try to find a really thin fabric or wear slightly bigger jeans especially if you can find a good pair of boyfriend jeans!
Cindy (1 year ago)
Part 2 please
Freekmode Muchiez (1 year ago)
Magaly Stephanie (1 year ago)
clearly i need to start shopping at river island lol , cute ass tops!
Geraldine Mitchell (1 year ago)
You are showing that you don't have to pay a fortune to look good and I'm 50 sweetheart and I can honestly say you are a beautiful girl and if your jeans were £300 it wouldn't make a difference as you know how to make an outfit look good for you, I bet there are a lot of girls jealous of you because if they spent thousands on an outfit it still wouldn't look as good as your River Island and New Look gear because you just happen to be one of those girls who would look great in a bin liner and couple of accessories, I have actually enjoyed watching your videos and your so down to earth.
Xuan Li (1 year ago)
Lucy O'Donnell (1 year ago)
Girl you are a GOD SEND
Khushi Bharmoria (1 year ago)
I just discovered your channel and now i am just binge watching your all videos, they all are freaking amazing. Your sense of style is just awesome💖love from india🤗
slimslideye Phipps (1 year ago)
Great idea. .thx
You are stunning and you have absolutely amazing fashion sense.. ❤️🤗
Cindita Neca (1 year ago)
Cute outfits but I need to know where you got your mirror from 😩!!
I love all your style missAlex
Miriam M. (1 year ago)
❤❤love, love you style; effortless yet so chic', your so pretty!!! Love the ideas for each single one of your outfit blogs...new subscriber here!🙋💙
nirupa chhetri (1 year ago)
Loved it. ......
Lil bitch (1 year ago)
Are you even a girl if you have never told anyone that you are wearing a nice top and jeans when asked about what you are wearing tonight? 😂
Ara Dallas (1 year ago)
I waaant all your tops, can i have 1 of it? hahaha jk!
d’Arcy (1 year ago)
everytime you go out with your friends it's "jeans and a nice top", feel like it's a UK thing lmao
helzikinz (1 year ago)
These outfits are perfect for 1st dates
Sarah Hurley (1 year ago)
Not rich but the first shirt is originally $70.... 😂
Georgina Fegan (1 year ago)
Would LOVE to see a Part 2; stumbled upon your channel today after searching 'how to style boyfriend jeans' and I am so impressed! It's lovely to have some style inspiration that's not only affordable but is also suited to UK weather! Also, I'm also petite and it's so rare for me to find fashion bloggers who aren't super tall! So happy to have subscribed to your channel 🌹❤️
Queen X Othu (1 year ago)
You are already beautiful 😍 I LOVE YOU ❤
Lamia Siddiqui (1 year ago)
The first top is stunning
Yessenia Maldonado (1 year ago)
I came across your channel and I got to say it is so unique. I've been looking for a type of channel like this and yours is PERFECT!! Keep it up! 💗
Varisha Jawaid (1 year ago)
I have a question, where can u get CHEAP NICE QUALITY ripped jeans that are high waisted!??!? I've checked EVERYWHERE 😭 PLS REPLY IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tess Percival (7 months ago)
New look often have them on sale for about 15! Good quality too.
Janine Smith (9 months ago)
Varisha Jawaid tally weijl
zesalamon (1 year ago)
thrift them. there are so many pairs of mom jeans at thrift store i love going there. and they are already broken in for you
Padmé Amidala (1 year ago)
Varisha Jawaid Zara
Rowela Stroeven (1 year ago)
Deborah DiAngelo (1 year ago)
Part 2 pls
Alia Espinoza (1 year ago)
does river island ship to america
alaa_0406 22 (1 year ago)
How old r u
Shaheen Khan (1 year ago)
please put some more outfit l really love it❤❤
Alicia Roche (1 year ago)
You so beautyfull😍❤️
rtherfrds (1 year ago)
Is the two-toned pair of jeans from Newlook a high waisted pair?
LifeOfBethh (1 year ago)
I'm livin for all your heels
Samia's Beauty (1 year ago)
i like you're style you're so beautiful
Khyia Arkwright (1 year ago)
Miss Alex where did you get that top from (outfit 3)

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