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Buying Everything Wish Recommended Me! (TESTING KNOCK OFF TECH PRODUCTS FROM WISH $1000 Unboxing)

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WE'RE BACK BUYING EVERY ITEM THIS TIME ON THE WISH APP!! We test and unbox this WISH haul to see if WISH is really worth it! Previous Video: Buying Every Advertisement I See UNBOXING!! (PART 2 | $1,000 CHALLENGE) https://youtu.be/HYmoXoDlDCc MERCH AVAILABLE NOW: https://itsyeboishop.com/ Subscribe to my gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/itsyegames Follow me to save a kitten: http://twitter.com/ItsYeBoi http://instagram.com/ItsYeBoi ItsYeBoi Songs Used: Intro Music: Lately - City Fidelia https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=49qKNNJ... Kevin Macleod - incompetech.com
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Text Comments (9984)
ItsYeBoi (11 months ago)
gsweater (8 days ago)
Nope. Thumbs down.
Samia Hasan (1 month ago)
How do they take the shipping cost?after the product arrive or when we pay through online
thejonathan130 (1 month ago)
Fuck you
Rafael Nin (2 months ago)
Corey Fellows (1 day ago)
I hate these stupid....overly animated YouTube jerk offs ..... This whole LOUD IN YOUR FACE , FUNNY VOICES, FLAILING ARMS!!!!! . Its .....it's fucking obnoxious and unoriginal....
Corey Fellows (1 day ago)
Ironically Wish was this videos Ad....
Staci Bryant (1 day ago)
New subscriber!! Love watching review videos!! Helps me not waste my money :) Looking fwd for more videos!
Jasjot Kaur (2 days ago)
I got the same smart watch but of EbAy
Random Person (3 days ago)
I got a wish ad
Thomas Chnatot (4 days ago)
Im not a android user so i cant compare dude are you serious its not a phone company
Husky (6 days ago)
Paul Hibbert (6 days ago)
Funny dude
Spooks11 (7 days ago)
When the Chinese speaker starts speaking in a Chinese accent
laurie gallant (7 days ago)
i guess he thinks because its cheap junk it must be made by hackers trying to steal his information lol.
Generic intro through me off then the earring sent me packing
wood tortoise (7 days ago)
To fly fish you put the fly on it and whip it back and forth over the water in hopes something will hop out the water and grab it.
Young Sirracha (2 days ago)
wood tortoise false.
wood tortoise (7 days ago)
He laughs like a Russian woman
wood tortoise (7 days ago)
Bruh that smartwatch came in a straight fidget cube box
Jacob Modlin (8 days ago)
I wont order from wish because i dont know what im really paying until i put it in my cart. And i dont mean the shipping.. I clicked on a retro pinup dress i loved and it was 13 bucks. I put in it my cart and it went up to 25.
Erick Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Bro! I laughed so hard! Im Hispanic. You said celularis 😂😂😂 its the Spanish word Celulares literaly translates to cellular phone as in cell phone . lol good video yo
Progiagia Gaming (9 days ago)
Can you buy a samsung galaxy 2019 plz it will be interesting
Barry (9 days ago)
How do u get free products to review on wish and any other channels?? If u kbow, pleaae let me kbow which linls i van get free products to review on you yube. Thankd Barry sippin
BlackRabbit 453 (9 days ago)
I would mainly stay away from most electronics but some clothing and accessories are quite good
CroCoDile Designs (8 days ago)
BlackRabbit 453 I 100% agree, accessories are fire and cheap on it to be fair.
dohei (9 days ago)
wish - tskpsrj
Pl Kennedy (9 days ago)
Hey have you ever got a mini projector from wish? If not please can you buy one and do a review for me
Bfjj PlayMCPE (10 days ago)
Bonjour, je trouve un code qu'est plein des promos (+50%) ce code est : tsqpxln
Thomas (10 days ago)
The magic pro is way bigger than that
James Da Wolf (10 days ago)
I cringe so hard everytime you say not bad that way
Ryan Carr (11 days ago)
take a look at your fucking hand your white you fucking honky! you sound like a fucking grade 8 wigger
Benny Benitez (11 days ago)
I want some thing random sent to me !
Void.exe. (11 days ago)
Download fortnite on the phone bet you could get amazing quality and 2 ping
wIlLiAm 83 (11 days ago)
7:40 unboxing
Biljana Jovanovic (11 days ago)
Adrian Callaghan (11 days ago)
I got blue tooth ear buds and a dashboard cam and I've noticed battery Life is very poor on them
shy (11 days ago)
I got a Wish ad
Daniel Berge (12 days ago)
I would have bought that gopro. It wasnt to bad👍👏
Stay Frosty (12 days ago)
I want the fishing pole lol great video
Nel Noordam (12 days ago)
Thanks for the video😁
Random Things (13 days ago)
u look like joe dirt
Nicholas Young (13 days ago)
Marco Playz (13 days ago)
I have that ⌚️
OWIE FISHING 101 (14 days ago)
I am the 10,000th comment Yes
I'ma Bad Boy (14 days ago)
And then "Wish" add pops up...
Timara Brighouse (15 days ago)
Name of song
Forever._.Cosplays (16 days ago)
14:45 my name is actually Susan so I died
XxoLLiHDxX (16 days ago)
DevonPoufPouf (17 days ago)
Video starts at 2:25
bibi Shila Rahatulah (17 days ago)
Hej Alle sammen velkommen til denne her video
King Klide (17 days ago)
Really cant tell your Canadian until you say not bad lol
Pancho Villa (18 days ago)
To many ads to keep looking this video
Lunastarling (18 days ago)
how about you give me some money
Purple Kangroo (18 days ago)
A knock off Android do you understand lifw
richard tavarez (19 days ago)
i got my girlfriend on wish
Mr. exotic wolf (19 days ago)
Cweblop The Hater (20 days ago)
I got like 3 wish ads on this
april frazer (20 days ago)
use honey. it helps find codes for discounts
Ruben Braekman (20 days ago)
If your product doesn't work the was you want it to you can get your money back so whatever
hp junkies (20 days ago)
This video was drawn out and annoying
Harry Svensson (20 days ago)
Buy some earrings of wish
Denton Thaves (20 days ago)
You get what you pay for GARBAGE.
Anyone know the background song.
MorgFlameYT (21 days ago)
I got a wish advert while watching this
DJMSTER12334 (21 days ago)
Sub to pewdiepie
Robert P. (21 days ago)
Who else got a Wish ad? I know I did.
Satan Martinez (21 days ago)
Mate fuck off with all the ads for fuck sakes
Can I get the fishing set please and I will send you a video of me getting a fish
voodooburrito (22 days ago)
I was crying at the audio of the dookie gopro😂😂😂
Who else got a wish add
Honey B (22 days ago)
Oxy_Aspect (22 days ago)
Should I buy clothes from wish ?
Sierra Dawn (23 days ago)
Nobody is gonna mention that that is straight up not even slightly knocked off fruit ninja???
Shedding (23 days ago)
I gave you a thumbs up because of the stupid amount of time it takes to do this. Good job man.
Ally_123 123 (23 days ago)
I will only buy the wish Apple Watch then :D
brianna wences (24 days ago)
Wish is worth it because I wished for it 😂
elliot Minchin (24 days ago)
He had the earphone in the wrong ear
Inumiko (24 days ago)
Always get stuff with reviews on Wish.
Clinton Rohlf (24 days ago)
ice cream swirl s (24 days ago)
LOL I had a wish ad...
* Charlot * (24 days ago)
lylkrwz -50% off
Melancholic Illness (24 days ago)
To those who keep saying "omg a wish ad showed up" no shit, you're watching a video on wish. You sound retarded asf. Does no one know how ads work?
Christopher Mendez (24 days ago)
Came for the wish videos but came back because after a couple I realized how cute he is lmao 😂😂😂
T90 (25 days ago)
Guess what Read more
bbfrankie (25 days ago)
Was going to sub, but you're annoying as shit.
Cry (25 days ago)
When i clicked this video a wish ad popped up..
Jasper Mosley (25 days ago)
Oli Oco (25 days ago)
I've got that watch
SimonSinger20 (25 days ago)
I'm honestly not trying to be mean or anything but he sounds and acts like the only white guy in an all black guys movie... You know the one everyone cringes at? Am i the only one??? PS: Stop trying to make Not Bod happen!!!! It's never gonna happen!
Logan .M (25 days ago)
Clicked on the video and a Wish ad poped up
Luckas Oliver (25 days ago)
Q azco de propaganda tiene...
Leshaundra Stringfield (26 days ago)
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jking link (26 days ago)
Everything my mom bought from wish she needs it
Celiac Yam (26 days ago)
Wtf. Is you pay a little money want get same quality of original one that’s so ridiculous don’t fool yourself and laugh at those, because people like you doesn’t want pay money for something obviously couldn’t be price like that. Those suppliers still available. I’m telling you I have been China so many times, Chinese wouldn’t wasting money on those shitty products.
SEAN PLAYZ (26 days ago)
I o redness AirPods from wish and they worked
Ryan B (26 days ago)
Matt L. (27 days ago)
2 million subscribers and yet he doesn't make money lol that's laughable
hello aericka (27 days ago)
before this video played i got an add from Shopee
Gary The Turtle (1 month ago)
Chris Pratt (1 month ago)
I kept getting wish ads
Shealyn Weber (1 month ago)
"Medium winter jacket, THICK MEN" lol
sofia garcon (1 month ago)
Can I get a give away
Alessia Pinky (1 month ago)
*Who else got a wish ad before watching this .-.*
David A (1 month ago)
My first time watching ur videos. I immediately knew you were from Toronto lmao
Best dogs (1 month ago)
Subscribe to me at best dogs

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