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NIVEA MEN Active3 3 in 1 Body Wash Shower Gel, 16 9 oz Bottle Pack of 3 Bath And Show

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Text Comments (30)
Clear Rejection (3 months ago)
You are quite hot
BIEBER DREW (3 months ago)
¿What song?
rehaan O Reilly (4 months ago)
So. Sexy
Robin Ryan (5 months ago)
Why did I just watch this man take a shower?
waqas waqas (5 months ago)
Very good video
Fatimazahra Najih (8 months ago)
wow handsome
# X MEN (1 year ago)
Hey y did u removed ure mustache it looks cool
Quote Goat (1 year ago)
Yeah.. alright!!!
Vape Naysh (1 year ago)
this was the gayest thing i've ever seen in my life.
ayf1983 (1 year ago)
Be glad they didn't show him using the lower extremities.
XPanalogue (1 year ago)
This made me laugh 😂😂😂
Vape Naysh (1 year ago)
u mad cause u do gay thangz?
Bangla New Song 2018 (1 year ago)
ok boss
Arul Nasi (2 years ago)
Syatori tori (2 years ago)
Arul Nasi
نورة Nakata (2 years ago)
راه بغتك خديجة و دعا مول nivai
Yogobit Chatterjee (2 years ago)
Real nice
Rachel (2 years ago)
Who is the model here?! I need to have his babies please :)
Fouzul Kareem (7 months ago)
+Rachel Lol 🤣😂
ruchir attri (11 months ago)
Rachel H, Yo wtf!! Thanks for ruining my day.
Uu Umi (1 year ago)
Rachel H call me i m boy my whatsapp number 00923167223418
SONIYA OMAR (1 year ago)
I Yuta ppg nngmmh zbbb mbv . nnnn.
Rachel (2 years ago)
+泉雄太 Thank you :P
Cho Blaza (2 years ago)
Your so hot hahahaha
Nasser ALQahtani (11 months ago)
Cho Blaza yet
Nasser ALQahtani (11 months ago)
Cho Blaza you have not see me 😁😁😁
Amin Halilali (2 years ago)
vish ish (1 year ago)
Amin Halil hello😅
Abiudsm Sam (2 years ago)
Amin Halil rqxdt3a

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