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Sharing 2 ways to style denim for Fall 2017! Thanks to Express for partnering with me on this video. Check out Express Petite here: http://rstyle.me/n/crxkhgb3uh7 Offer: "$25 off your in-store purchase of $100+" Unique Ring Code: 1190 (Tell them this code in store for a discount) SNAPCHAT: AlexandreaGarza INSTAGRAM: @AlexandreaGarza TWITTER: @AlexandreaGarza FACEBOOK: Alexandrea Garza VLOG CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/1WKk3P1 Look 1: Jeans: http://rstyle.me/n/crxh8ab3uh7 Sweater: http://rstyle.me/n/crxkeyb3uh7 Look 2: Tee: http://rstyle.me/n/crxh7mb3uh7 Similar in Petite: http://rstyle.me/n/crxkghb3uh7 Jeans in Petite: http://rstyle.me/n/crxkg4b3uh7 Jeans in Regular: http://rstyle.me/n/crxh7zb3uh7 CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Canon 80D: http://rstyle.me/n/cq8tupb3uh7 30 mm lens: http://rstyle.me/n/cq8tv9b3uh7 Rstyle links are affiliate. By purchasing an item from the affiliate link I receive a small commission. However, you are not charged more or less by clicking or purchasing from a link.
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Text Comments (297)
Kaiz R (7 months ago)
Amazing outfit
Evan Goe (8 months ago)
You have a nice day!
Jennifer Martinez (1 year ago)
Love your express jeans! I've been looking for good petite jeans. How tall are you?
Noelle Sweeney (1 year ago)
Alex..... More videos pleassssseee! I need help with my fall winter/fashion. I am in California. I’m only 5’! Larger breasts, small ribcage/bra band area,short torso,short legs, not much butt at all....I need the tricks of the trade! What do I need to buy!?I’ve been looking on the Nordstrom app. Just will have to go in to try on-least favorite thing since I’m so difficult to size. Luckily they alter! My dryer shrunk a good 60-75% of my clothes. Such a mess. Help me girl! And bloggers you recommend or any tips would be great. Love you. So happy to hear that you are having a BOY by the way. So exciting!!!!!! -Noelle
Ofelia Mariscal (1 year ago)
Hi Alex! Love all your videos! What size did you purchase your sweater? I've never ordered online I'm hesitant between Xs& s
Paloma Reyes (1 year ago)
I love your sense of style!
MsBoliqua (1 year ago)
That sweater with the bell sleeves is so cute and loved the black jeans with the graphic tank! Your style videos are always the best!
Mi Mi (1 year ago)
Mi Mi (1 year ago)
So beautiful
Mc P (1 year ago)
I'm sad that you deleted my comment, Alex.
Katya Reyes (1 year ago)
your outfit vids are THE BEST!!!! loved it 💕
Cynthia Reyes (1 year ago)
yes!! love love!!! make more of these
cosima kazak (1 year ago)
Hate Trends !
Lexi Knudson (1 year ago)
Where are the heels from in the first look?(:
Madison Towers (1 year ago)
where are her glasses from?!?!
Trend Evolve (1 year ago)
My favorite season as well. Thanks for sharing!
Patito ! (1 year ago)
Where r the black shoes from
A B (1 year ago)
Does any one know where to get the pointy toe loafers from??
Nadia Vega (1 year ago)
Loved your picks!
Nani (1 year ago)
So cute, and so comfortable looking, great outfits!!!
Nawal (1 year ago)
obsessed with your style!!
hoho ho (1 year ago)
hahahahahahaha babo~bing sin~^^
Chaneya Joyner (1 year ago)
When I work at an Express store and own both pairs of jeans you showed including the sweater from the first outfit. Bought it in the same color and cream! 😊
Patricia Brd (1 year ago)
Enjoy while u can. Once u become a mom, a lot of cute fashion items go out the window. Hair and makeup is the first to go...
Nickey Wonder (1 year ago)
I love fall fashion videos, you look so comfy and chic! TFS!!
Annette Chiles (1 year ago)
I'm so inspired...bring on fall!
Patrycja Tarnowska (1 year ago)
I love your sunglasses ❤️❤️ Designer please
Justine Kaesler (1 year ago)
Loved the first outfit!
Louise Fry Bosserman (1 year ago)
what about the khaki sweater you are wearing in the vid? what brand is that???
Morgan Smith (1 year ago)
Did you mention where those slip on loafers are from??
Breanne Trach (1 year ago)
Love!!! Where is the black jacket from in the second look?
I loooove the second look! 🖤🖤🖤
Josefine Öijer (1 year ago)
you always look so put together, you make me wanna put more effort into myself! <3
Venelophé M (1 year ago)
Is she Latina? 🤔
Aylin Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Please let me know what shades your wearing! I'm obsessed
Lyn DS (1 year ago)
The combination of the black jeans with the flats 👌🏼
Jade Ellis (1 year ago)
I would love a video of how you'll be dressing your bump once you get to that point in your pregnancy. Maternity style can be tricky. :)
Bri (1 year ago)
Stephanie Osborne (1 year ago)
We love you!! I hate when people do this but I sing and do makeup videos. I'll be posting better videos soon I promise! Please everyone like, comment and subscribe to my channel. I'm new on YouTube but I'll be putting out more videos.. my video camera isn't good but I'll be buying a better one soon when I can afford to get one :-)
Gabriela Sofia (1 year ago)
Please do another fall outfit video, LOVE these outfits :)
TheSocialBrooke (1 year ago)
I love Express jeans, they are my go to for new jeans.
Claudia Gerken (1 year ago)
More videos like this one please!
Ena D (1 year ago)
you really made both of these looks come to life, i never would've pictured all of those pieces together
Miranda Wick (1 year ago)
More clothing/outfit videos please!!! :) love them
TheMexicanBeauty (1 year ago)
That first outfit was so beautiful! I need to get those jeans they look amazing and so comfy!
Jozalyn Marie (1 year ago)
Is there sweater you're wearing in your intro Express too?!
Anna Elder (1 year ago)
I can't wait for pregnancy fashion videos!
Liz C (1 year ago)
Only you can make any outfit look good!
Cassi L. G. (1 year ago)
More like this
Diana Espinoza (1 year ago)
Where is the jacket from?
Sara Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I live for your fashion vids❤️😍
Romie Tumilowicz (1 year ago)
I'm impressed you can fit into jeans while you're pregnant. At two weeks I already had a baby bump going!
Dawn W. (1 year ago)
Yes love it! Do another video 😊
Kendra Crist (1 year ago)
I love your glasses! Who are they by?
Bed & Breakfast (1 year ago)
More more more. Fall haul and more outfits
Marina G (1 year ago)
The burnt orange sweater is so pretty on you :)
Jenine Galvan (1 year ago)
Express jeans are my favorite! Only jeans I buy! Such a great video :)
Makeup by Ana Laura (1 year ago)
Cant wait for the cute "Baby Bump" outfits 🤗🤗🤗
Meagan Aguayo (1 year ago)
So pretty! Love that sweater on you! :)
Andrea Kiss (1 year ago)
Where are the shoes from ?
deedee lebowski (1 year ago)
love your style
Alyssa Mills (1 year ago)
I'm buying both of these right now! More outfits please!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Olivia Lieberman (1 year ago)
Always love your fashion videos!!!!!
FUNky MONkEY UPbeats (1 year ago)
Yes I will like to see more of these kind of videos from you xoxx
Cece Bustos (1 year ago)
Yes do more fall style videos!
Lourdes D (1 year ago)
Where did you get your black cardigan and mules from the second look? Thanks!
Jazmin Carr (1 year ago)
Those light wash jeans fit you so well
Rachel Hofacker (1 year ago)
Fall look book, please!
LISSDOLLY (1 year ago)
Love them all. What size did you get the brown sweater in?
Stephaniebattags (1 year ago)
Love these outfits 😍🔥
Deepti Ghai Sharma (1 year ago)
great and you're looking so beautiful :)
Kelly Skull (1 year ago)
Love your hair & makeup! You look gorgeous!
Erica Shawn (1 year ago)
I love these two looks! Very beautiful! QUESTION: Can you please tell me where the nude shoes are from? Those are EXACTLY what I've been looking for. ☺️
Amanda (1 year ago)
anyone know what the song is called?
Christina Nunez (1 year ago)
smiller01sm (1 year ago)
I was so excited to hear Express sponsored this. One of my faves. Looking forward to your maternity hauls.
Falon Hoven (1 year ago)
I live for a fashionable baby bump! Looking forward to more of these videos as your pregnancy progresses! You look great. 😘
Amy Hoffman (1 year ago)
Great denim looks, especially the 1st one. Love the jeans and those heels you had on!!! As for those black shoes in the 2nd look, those I just can't get into. I don't think they look great on anyone really. I mean they looked good on you, it's just something else would've been better, IMO. How tall... or should I rephrase that😉, how short are you? I'm 5'5", so just wondering if looking in the petite section for denim would be a good idea or not. Sometimes jeans can be way too long even in regular. Yes, please do more fashion videos!! We love them!!
ShellTay32 (1 year ago)
Is your hair darker?  I LOVE it!!!!
Selena Serna (1 year ago)
Living for that black cardigan in the second outfit!! Where is it from?! Love all your outfit vids!! Keep em coming girl! ✨💘
GlitterGlossandGabs (1 year ago)
Are the shoes from the first outfit also from express?
Jessica Oliver (1 year ago)
Girl, I love you, but dang you were talking fast in this video. LOL!
Stirling Stopka (1 year ago)
Where are the black distressed pants from with tassels!!!!!! I can't seem to find them on express :(
_Renee_Marie_ (1 year ago)
Love Express! My favorite place to shop.
Abbie Waits (1 year ago)
You're outfits are always so cute and stylish!!
Darion L (1 year ago)
Yes!!! I love your style!!!! 💕💕💕
Samantha Pickett (1 year ago)
Love your makeup in this video and army green top 😍
Ashley Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Love your style! Where are the black loafers from??
Alexandra Catherine (1 year ago)
Both of those outfits were so cute girl! I lvoe them!
Alyshia Lindenhovius (1 year ago)
Your going to be the most beautiful and the most amazingly dressed pregnant women ever !!! 💖💖
0xpaulax (1 year ago)
more videos!!!
suheyla12345 (1 year ago)
Black shoes from where ?😻
Tamara Ramirez (1 year ago)
I live for the first outfit!! So pretty and sooooo fall 🍂 Can you link the cute heels for that outfit. It would help if you did that with your outfit videos. Much love 💗
Nicole Fugate (1 year ago)
Where did you get this olive sweatshirt from?!
Katie Palir ❤ (1 year ago)
I LOVE outfit #2!!!
Christina Emmanuele (1 year ago)
Obsessed with the first outfit!!!! 😊❤️
Solanlly Saglimbene (1 year ago)
Where did you get the distressed olive sweater you are wearing? Love it!
Jen Dodson (1 year ago)
I love these kinds of videos and fall is my favorite fashion month too
claire rodin (1 year ago)
Maternity haul please!! Us preggos need some fall fashion help:-)
Emmy Ketchum (1 year ago)
I cannot wait for fall weather! It's still sweltering here in Colorado.

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