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Two Broken Girls are back, talking about dick pics. #classy #twobrokengirls Follow Traci on Twitter @tracistumpf Get your LISBUG SHIRTS HERE: http://kottonzoo.com/brands/lisbug.html Don't forget to Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/lisbug Get your Lisbug Bows! http://www.lisbug.com Snapchat! OfficialLisbug Follow Me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/lilschwartzie Like me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/lisbug Read me on Tumblr! http://lisbugstyle.tumblr.com Instagram me! @lisbugonyoutube Thank you for watching, liking, commenting, and loving. I just adore you.
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Text Comments (694)
Patrick Hall (24 days ago)
Mark Ant (1 month ago)
How did that girl see Efron`s penis?
Cool Dude (1 month ago)
Joseph Vincent (5 months ago)
Accept my Snapchat and respond
Michael Priester (11 months ago)
mine pierced love to show you but i dont have Snap chat and if i did i would probably screw up and send it to my grandma by mistake
Haley Wheeler (1 year ago)
the dog is soooo cute! what kind is it?
Alyssa Day (1 year ago)
Show us the Dick pics now!!!and make your voids uncensored
Ben Weaver (1 year ago)
Love these Girls!!
Faithy Swiger (1 year ago)
Tracy kills me
Raymun The Greaser (1 year ago)
I wish I knew girls like this
2MushEpicness Eclipse (2 years ago)
White girls = Gold Diggers
dirk diggler (2 years ago)
2 internet sluts talking about why they get dick pics whores
bigpprince (2 years ago)
bank account!! .. ok am out
ThatCanadianGamer (2 years ago)
Lol it's probably a bunch of under age teens sending pictures of their dicks and she keeps them all. Kind of fucked ahahaha
2 Lime Crew (2 years ago)
we used some of audio clips in our song ...https://soundcloud.com/soma_atmosfera/dick-pic-roulette-re-dixelated
juboraj hossain (2 years ago)
The more I look up for this topic the weirder it gets
Dad (2 years ago)
same xD
turtledave333 (2 years ago)
my Snapchat is imkorey
98 er (2 years ago)
fucking hoes
Hey It's Jenn (2 years ago)
"Dick" was said 20 times and "Penis" was said 5 times
Angie Hawkins (2 years ago)
Austin Mahone's dick Clark is said to be big
Emma Dennin (2 years ago)
I don't know why but they seem like those moms that drink red wine every afternoon and talk about the neighborhood gossip while their kids are at daycare/school XD XD XD. They just give off that vibe XD XD
alnot01 (2 years ago)
Can you forgive white people for saying dick instead of johnson?
flinga4eva (2 years ago)
Yea dA DICK was said alot!! Just like me and most Black Guys. What's up with white people and cocks?
Queen Jen Jen (2 years ago)
Corny was like girllll you need to give me some attention RIGHT NOW hahaha
Ametuer Editor (2 years ago)
You said dick 20 times
CC Chloe (2 years ago)
Ew... He shaves or he's 12 .... Hahahahah...
Joseph Alaniz (2 years ago)
What the hell. When they said who's dick would you rather see I thought zack
Sammy Crawford (2 years ago)
I've gotten a dick pic and I'm only 11
Juliana Grove (2 years ago)
Melaniemartinez Xoxo lucky
Susan Greaves Graham (2 years ago)
+SammyGymnast 11 look away old man
Sammy Crawford (2 years ago)
+Susan Greaves Graham no I'm not😂I'm not lying I have screenshots of the WHOLE conversation except for the picture
Susan Greaves Graham (2 years ago)
your probably a 80 year old man so git
Susan Greaves Graham (2 years ago)
your probably a 80 year old man so git
Valerie Fleitas (2 years ago)
i like dick pic
Emmett Presgraves (2 years ago)
Valerie Fleitas snap?
BuRn clan (2 years ago)
Valerie Fleitas what is your snap?
Valerie Fleitas (2 years ago)
Yea i tryed to add u
Maday Alarcon (2 years ago)
Zac effron
Lordfire 233 (2 years ago)
Wtf u want to see em
Gabe Solo (2 years ago)
Presten Jones (2 years ago)
I'm not a shower I'm a grower and when it's time to show I grow
Paris Flores (2 years ago)
FUN FACT: A vagina has a clitoris which is a undeveloped penis... which means a penis is a overdeveloped clitoris
Vil Ho (2 years ago)
good to know im about to rub my overdeveloped clitoris
Person Person (2 years ago)
My mom thought a dick was a butt so it was kinda awkward explaining to her wtf a dick was
izzy m (2 years ago)
Abi Miller (2 years ago)
Isabella Miller (2 years ago)
p2 DP18
Gamerboy1000 (2 years ago)
Your determine
Ethan Gossard (2 years ago)
dicks are gross is what she says but doesn't realize that a vagina isn't the most beautiful thing in the world.
alnot01 (2 years ago)
The job of the genitalia is not to wow the opposite sex by how they look, but to their owners, and their partners, FEEL GOOD. Cavemen had sex mostly after dark. Before bathrooms were invented, oral sex was a hooker specialty. Pubic hair covered the vulva. So how the vulva looked didn't matter.
Cory Dagosta (2 years ago)
gross people
Reagan Franks (2 years ago)
Dicks are so gross dicks have the wrinkles of my grandmas hand like no but then again I'm gay so it makes sense
poppunkrock141 - (2 years ago)
poppunkrock141 - (2 years ago)
Billie Joe Armstrong Or Shane 😂
Lorna Anderson (2 years ago)
your friend if weird
Lorna Anderson (2 years ago)
your friend if weird
Drummerkid19998 (2 years ago)
dicks aren't gross their a source of life and a womans egg is neutral the guy decides the gender without men the human race would go extinct.
extreme bossnes (2 years ago)
im 9 in have pubes
Jack Tripper (2 years ago)
i've sent Traci like 5 dick pics cos of this video
El Katrin Skate (2 years ago)
CC Chloe it's funny
CC Chloe (2 years ago)
What's wrong with people these days, considering I'm 13. Almost 14... Perverts..
Blitz Bear (2 years ago)
+Jack Tripper ew wtf
Jack Tripper (2 years ago)
she loves dick pics...screenshots them and then fingers herself looking at them
Milkshake865 (2 years ago)
+Humza Khan Tracis1
Habibi Ting (2 years ago)
Lol I just looked up Zacs d-p and it's pretty small... is it real? No one has talked about it before
William Savoy (1 year ago)
It's normal
Max Colley (2 years ago)
idk haha saw it too
JanjinaJr (2 years ago)
Todd (2 years ago)
I have a monater cock u can gag on sluts,whats up with that dog,dog ever lick the camel toe????
Rylie Marie (2 years ago)
i counted 17 or 19 times , I lost track lmao
Grass lordeo (2 years ago)
Abigail Taylor (2 years ago)
lol. you guys said it 18 times
Fred Campbell (2 years ago)
u said it 19 times
Jessica Lynn (2 years ago)
does Traci have a YouTube channel?
Tony Spinelli (2 years ago)
boy im So sorry for
Mable Lee (2 years ago)
Omg so true.. I don't understand why send a dick pic.. do guys think it's gonna turn you on.. am I supposed to be turned on by a picture of it? well I'm not like I'll just look at it n all but I'd rather see something else like you body or something.. I find those rather annoying because I'm expected to be all horny n shit afterwards like I understand that seeing my parts get ya goin but it doesn't do that for me n I always thought that I just wierd like that for not..
Brianna Havens (2 years ago)
have you ever given a BJ??
Sonny0217 (2 years ago)
I am the 666th comment
Dazzle Games (2 years ago)
is it bad that the entire conversation they had about dicks is an exact word for word conversation i've had with myself and friends?and i was serious about it all.
Ashlin Larson (2 years ago)
who actually sent one to her???
kuggacourage gx (8 months ago)
Not me
17 (2 years ago)
Do You want a d pic
Ryan (2 years ago)
So where is Traci's snapchat? I really wanted to show her my dick lol
Jake dg (2 years ago)
lol in the movie "dirty grandpa" u can see how small it is
The reason this video doesn't have as many likes as her other videos is because they don't want people knowing they watched this lol, I liked
Devin Davison (2 years ago)
Uh I'm 12 and I have hella pubes.
kali dodge (2 years ago)
one time my grandma went through my phone and she saw my ex's dick pic it was so funny
Cop Kill Cop12 (2 years ago)
I'm a little boy
Brett_Kendrick (2 years ago)
Scientifically proven that flaccid penis size and length has ZERO correlation to the size when fully erect
Emma Kreft (2 years ago)
19 dicks spoken
John Sanders (2 years ago)
Corny is so fking cute
awkward hipster (2 years ago)
tell the zac efron story!!!!!
Victoria Santos (2 years ago)
snapchat-victoriasantos1 add me!!
McKenna Bunch (2 years ago)
18 times
Catrina B (2 years ago)
I have never wanted to receive a dick pic.
FroQQer (1 year ago)
Let me know when you *get it* girl :P
ZombieLivesMatter (2 years ago)
+Blob no your not
Blob (2 years ago)
Whats your snap chat? Lol Kidding
Mad Char (2 years ago)
You said d**k 19 times
Jack Simpson (2 years ago)
why pick on twelve year olds, they can have pubic hair at 12
EllBellmonsterhigh (2 years ago)
I have the same phone and case as you!!!😀
_lil_mati_ B_ (2 years ago)
u said d*** 25 times
KingPetra (3 years ago)
Did you guys get an entry from former Congressman Anthony Weiner?
Peder Hansen (3 years ago)
"...or your bank account. YEAH, that's a real turn on"   haha (most)women really are the weaker sex. glad mine doesn`t have those values
Leanna H (3 years ago)
I'm 18 years old and I've never kissed anyone or have gotten a dick pic on snapchat...... Lol
Kein Nigga (1 year ago)
Leanna H Goals... haha
Diana O’brien (3 years ago)
😂 my childhood is ruined im 12 .-.
Ladybug Love (2 years ago)
Then you probably been more careful when picking out things to watch I mean the title explains it all
brit saunders (3 years ago)
I always feel so disrespected when people send me dick pics. Like, at least ask and let me so no xD
Andrew Goering (1 year ago)
brit saunders and that is the fundamental difference between men and women right there folks....... if a girl gets a dick pic she feels disrespected..... if a man gets a pussy pic that's the definition of respect....... lol I'm serious though
Puns Punk (2 years ago)
xD but when you not ask then they get like a funny reaction and when they ask you just won't write anymore :'D ... just kidding
Unloved Mistress (3 years ago)
* dying from laughter*
blurryface 19 (3 years ago)
Wtf did I just watch
melanie ramirez (3 years ago)
they said dick like 23 times!!!
B.T.K.B (3 years ago)
ADRIANO PANTOJA (3 years ago)
I gave a dick to them
ninjini123 (3 years ago)
"I'd rather see your stomach or your chest." "or your bank account."She gets me.
Kiely Sarah (3 years ago)
"If you could see anyone's dick who's would it be?" Uhm....Brandon Uri's?? Idk
Eric Xo (2 years ago)
I think it's brendon
Kiely Sarah (2 years ago)
I love seeing the comments about spelling cx I know how to spell it, but autocorrect was being a pain.__.
Eliza Trevino (2 years ago)
i fkn swear throughout the whole video i was like omfg "Brendon Urie"😂
Reagan Franks (2 years ago)
Same but you spelt Urie wrong I had to point that out
Ashley Dailey (3 years ago)
I don't understand when I get dick pics they're not a turn on at all to me lol or when guys try to extreme dirty talk to me and want me to do it back lol I just find it so funny
Cheesy Crackers (3 years ago)
*cough cough* Calum Hood *cough cough*
Charles Courtois (3 years ago)
hahahaha you are hillarious together, this duet rocks :D
ares (3 years ago)
straight girls don't love themselves smh
Luna Charles (3 years ago)
ares (3 years ago)
+Penny Lane is that what I said? no, but the truth is that queer women are usually more knowledgeable about vaginas (and the female body in general) and straight people aren't and thats not their fault its societies/the education system idk why you're booty butt hurt over the truth but maybe idk drink some water and chill out a bit cause its not that deep 
Penny Lane (3 years ago)
+god This gross lesbian/bi girl culture of "straight girls need a queer girl to teach them about pussies and all gay girls are A1 vag experts" 
ares (3 years ago)
+Penny Lane ??? stop what shit lmao 
ares (3 years ago)
+metalhottie44 exactly 
Grace Of The Light Art (3 years ago)
i love dick picks and dicks
Macaila Walsh (3 years ago)
splitu235 (3 years ago)
Neo Anderson (3 years ago)
DP refers to Double Penetration though
Victoria Everett (3 years ago)
hahahah 3;15 all I could think is markiplier (don't judge XD )
Victoria Everett (3 years ago)
+Lorecha Sancho hahahaha XD
Pancho Sancho (3 years ago)
markiplier fan?? yassss
masculistman (3 years ago)
First of all,if a guy is changing his clothes chances are he is relaxed and not sexually excited. When we have erections then it's a different story. We are a lot bigger erect than non erect.

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