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Is it okay to like other girls' pics?

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Instagram Etiquette is such a undiscussed subject. Liking other GUYS and GIRLS pics always seem to stir up a bit of steam between couples across the world! Is it okay to like that IG model's pic? Is it okay to like that fitness model's pics? FIND OUT on this spectacular rendition of Michael Rants. DROP A THUMBS UP SO WE CAN HIT 500 MILLION LIKES!! (pls do it so my dad will love me) Thanks for watching.. comment "PEACH EMOJI" if you're reading this! (Only the super real will) #michaelpersad FOLLOW ME!!!: INSTAGRAM ►► @mrmichaelpersad SNAPCHAT ►► michaelpersad TWITTER ►► @mrmichaelpersad SUBSCRIBE HERE! ► http://bit.ly/2y3JNQp SUPPORT HERE! ►https://patreon.com/mrmichaelpersad WATCH THESE! 1:https://youtu.be/pXaV0lm4wT4 2:https://youtu.be/oKHri1p3fUE 3:https://youtu.be/fPNvZYDYFzY 4:https://youtu.be/GzcGXZ_IFCQ »BOOK ME TO MAKE A VID FOR YOU OR ROAST YOU ► http://www.bookcameo.com/mrmichaelpersad Is it okay to like other girl's pics? https://youtu.be/4IXqrl_l7rY DON'T FORGET to BINGE watch my videos at least once a week AND always send my videos to your friends and family.. they'll get it!! ok cool luv u bye Michael Persad is an EX viner who has taken over as the BEST youtuber on the platform, subscribe and join the family so you're not left out. Michael practices the long forgotten art of "Not Being a Little B*tch" and not being easily offended at internet words like 80% of the population today! Binge watch his videos and you'll be hooked on his commentary (hopefully, most likely, maybe).g
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Kitty Cat (4 months ago)
I am going to comment before I watche. I'll tell you how I see it. You can like the opposite genders pics (if gay same whatever) But if it's like look at my tittie's or ass pic. Or the guy showing abs or bitting lip ITS A NOOoo Regular are fine but ANyThinG I think it's PrOVocaTIVE it's A NO
saralfc6 (4 months ago)
Btw Vanessa you got yourself a good guy like you didn't already know that 🤙
saralfc6 (4 months ago)
More rants proszé!!!
Fair Era (5 months ago)
I saw the title but I surely saw the girl at right on your thumbnail and I can definitely say she's a nasty dirty one... I have a crush on her 😅
UnDeAdSoUL02 (5 months ago)
bro I fucking love Michael so much lol. He's Indian (Just like me), he's funny asfff and he loves Dragon Ball, bro you are legit the best. You deserve to be so much more popular I can believe how underrated you are. It sucks. But love you man, keep up the fire vids
Joe T (5 months ago)
Why u got tall Grass in a flower pot tho
YeahIGotNuthin (6 months ago)
It’s okay to like a girl you don’t know, but if you know her.... just don’t do it if it’s a booty pic
AlphaDream (6 months ago)
i dont have emoji on my pc ok so *peach emoji*
Jiraiya-boy (6 months ago)
Michael I just realized ur outro song is Poppin’ them Thangs
purrfect_0ne (6 months ago)
I came across your channel by accident. I didn’t know there were any guys with a YouTube channel that weren’t frickin idiots- subscribed/notifications on
Komal Yadav (6 months ago)
More rants please!
Mikayland Dodge (6 months ago)
Exactly dude. Why would you like pictures of another girl with her butt showing when you can go squeeze your own girlfriends butt
Marisol Lima (6 months ago)
MORE RANTS PLSSSS! and mannn you need to be telling this to my man cause he makes me seem like IM the crazy one when i go off on him about this subject 😒😠😑
Nabila (6 months ago)
More rants! :-)
Amina C. (6 months ago)
I really appreciate this video! I‘ve always had a discussion with my ex bf because he couldnt understand why I was so mad if he liked half naked pictures of girls on Instagram. You explained it so good!! 💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
FreshPrince11 (6 months ago)
treat your gal how papa persad treats his gal all 2019
Jeni Li (7 months ago)
okk hope (7 months ago)
More rants pls!!
Tina Tshangela (7 months ago)
It's just a picture. If y'all fighting about likes then that relationship is doomed probably lol
JRWolfgang1 (7 months ago)
But that freeze cold tho
oxy father (7 months ago)
more rants pls!
madam murdock (7 months ago)
I’d totally vote him as ambassador if I were a guy
Jaime Borthwick (7 months ago)
You’re one of my favorite youtubers and this video made me like you even more!
ThatGuyNameTrey (7 months ago)
aye bro I subscribed and notification gang (GANG GANG) since your rice gum video i just wanna say the end in your video get me SO HYPED!!! love your videos keep that shit up!!
Taylor M (7 months ago)
Harley Aegon (7 months ago)
Your channel is so underrated
Sen (7 months ago)
Please more rants!
erica ethier (7 months ago)
Truly never fail to make me die of laughter , how are you not huge yet
Maud Trenité (7 months ago)
Hmmm the Für Elise in the background is very soothing
Khadija Elboushi (7 months ago)
I don’t understand how liking someone pictures would be cheating every time I go out I be checking girls and guys left and right it’s just A quick affection based on their looks nothing wrong with checking people if you’re being respectful and ain’t nothing wrong with liking a picture
Destiny Barrientes (7 months ago)
Bruh check out my insta barrientes_destiny_ i haven't been on it for a year and just recently posted a new me and im so happy how it turned out!!
Kayla Marie (7 months ago)
i agree w/ this video 100%!
Karen (7 months ago)
yassss Michael tell these males in the community how to act!!
baywest (7 months ago)
Sija Grabus (7 months ago)
Love this kind of rants 😍
Kawaii Kiwi (7 months ago)
Papa Persad out here spitting facts and logic. #StopActinStupid
TEEV (7 months ago)
That outro ffs XD thank you for making me laugh
Mateo Maluf (7 months ago)
M C (7 months ago)
This video made me resubscribe. You lost me for a little, but I’m back for quality content
acciobandaid (7 months ago)
bro THANK YOU i was fully prepared for you to defend liking booty pics when you're in a relationship but you GET IT this is legit refreshing lol
Jaime Borthwick (7 months ago)
acciobandaid I thought the same thing
iza bacelar (7 months ago)
omg same...
fizz faizah (7 months ago)
that's why the younger audience starts to follow i.e Danielle Cohn
Rachel .P (7 months ago)
Eve X (7 months ago)
Deffo more rantsssss!!! Never related to something more than your rants Libra gang boiiiii
Garima Mukherjee (7 months ago)
Tino Bacela (7 months ago)
*Milks the not shutting upness
Hit The Assassin (7 months ago)
Papa Persia’s again being the “most reasonable channel on YouTube” I agree wit u 110%
Mah M (7 months ago)
The outro 😂 you so extra lol
Flash Nerd (7 months ago)
Peach emoji These are Facts bro
Callipygianecdysiast (7 months ago)
Love the britney music with ya insta posing 😂😂 peach emoji!
Liza Manelli (7 months ago)
Selina Aylin (7 months ago)
THIS!!!!! 💯💯💯My words exactly! Thank you!!! Can we print this in newspapers, make this a movie... make Oprah give everyone a copy of this video! Owls need to deliver this to Hogwarts!
K esco (7 months ago)
You’re fucken Gold!! Say hi to Vanessa 💕 HEEEYYYYY YAAAAAAAAAHHHH
Neha Patil (7 months ago)
Michaaaaaelllll can u make a video about tik tok? Thank yoooou!!
Sweet me (7 months ago)
Albert Andersen- (7 months ago)
Great video <3
Christopher Lingosa (7 months ago)
1:19 t h i c k
Mara Boja (7 months ago)
Yeess more rants please
Raíssa Guimarães (7 months ago)
More rants pls!!!!
AK 67 (7 months ago)
Hey Michael, just wanted to say that my ex-boyfriend also follows a bunch of the type of girls you described and I never knew how to feel about it. On the one hand I don’t feel of it like a big thing, bc it’s just pictures but there was always this weird feeling of smth being off about it.. you perfectly put my view into words better than i could. You really helped me gain some insight with this video, also by being hilarious as usually. Thanks mate ((:
julia (7 months ago)
I want ALLL of the rants
Johny Andrew (7 months ago)
Michaels hair is on point in this video . I don’t care what anyone says but Michael best Instagram model 👀
Mad Monkey (7 months ago)
pls more of this
Carley Renee (7 months ago)
you know those "suave pickup artist" reality shows. dont do that lol but more rants pls
Jillian Conde (7 months ago)
A collab of Michael and ethan,(h3h3), would be the funniest thing ever 😂
michellebelledejour (7 months ago)
Why don’t you over million subscribers? Your videos are some of the most hilarious things on this damn site 😎👍🏼
Rashi Jha (7 months ago)
Gonna ask my guy to take notes from youuu
Buckaroo Bill (7 months ago)
I never noticed how wide his chin is.
Irene Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Teach them wise man
stella :} (7 months ago)
Jenny Mendoza (7 months ago)
Exactly!! Totally agree with you
Jessica Rose (7 months ago)
309 likes 0 dislikes 👏👏👏 #spicy
Euna Scott (7 months ago)
why do u only have 47k
Shannan Marie (7 months ago)
Yaasss! Thank you!
Saleh Cheema (7 months ago)
this man is our fucking leader wether you like it or not
Anna Michalak (7 months ago)
Soooooo true! Finally normal guy!
bieskakotka t (7 months ago)
Moooreee raaants it was amazing! 😍 I would love to see more
Zaiyan Khan (7 months ago)
Michael Persad get on Cody Ko's podcast challenge
Sydney Moore (7 months ago)
Jonah Owens (7 months ago)
coconut head (7 months ago)
actually I never wear makeup but I watch the tutorials bc they look great
MeloHardCore (7 months ago)
Same xD
cynthia (7 months ago)
where was the lie?
Michael Persad (7 months ago)
All offended people skip to 4:05
floriann remata (7 months ago)
Asmaa Hamza (7 months ago)
I disagree. periodt. If i could capitalize a period I would.
lia herasme (7 months ago)
Loved to see ur ass, looking forward to see it more
jonathan loredo (7 months ago)
What if you're in the talking stage? Does the same rules apply
Michael Persad (7 months ago)
jonathan loredo depends on how serious you both are on moving on to a relationship!
Bryanna Helfrich (7 months ago)
more rants pls, we love a passionate king
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
I like the rants. In this participation trophy society, people need to be told when they're wrong.
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
Me too!
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
Hell yeah, I agree!
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
If you're a guy in a relationship, not only is it more respectful to look at your girl's booty instead of Instagram models', but doesn't it make more sense? Like you can look at, admire, and even touch, grab, and slap your girl's booty because its real, while you don't even know these Instagram models. Their's might be more firm looking, or they might have a bunch of filters over the picture and a sunset behind them or something, but it's still all virtual, like they're not real. And even if it "looks" more firm or whatever, you'll never really know if it is, and in the end, booty is booty, so just look at your girl's instead.
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
5:48 It's sad that so many of the younger viewers don't know what a beeper is...
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
I don't know why guys that don't want to offend their girlfriends or vice versa won't just look at the picture and just move on without the double tap. Like you still see the same amount of cheeks or abs whether you like the photo or not.
Jaime Borthwick (7 months ago)
Kyree Beatty I used to argue the same thing. You still see it so why do you have to show your girlfriend that you’re seeing it. But one guy told me he would like the pictures to create a “spank bank” that he could go back to.
Vakker (7 months ago)
You should collab with someone to get more traffic towards your channel bc your COMEDY GOLD AND EVERYONE NEEDS U
Hey Jamie (7 months ago)
Clever way to rack up extra views, making a video 95% of females are gonna want to show their mans lol
Vakker (7 months ago)
Kyree Beatty (7 months ago)
3:32 Why you make it look like he got abs on his chest?
Michael Persad (7 months ago)
Kyree Beatty lmfaooo chest abs ON DECK
Isabel Lazo (7 months ago)
Michael you rightttt
Juana bee (7 months ago)
More more more emperor😁😁😁
Kika Es (7 months ago)
Most girls don’t do this, just attention seeking ones. Just saying
Juana bee (7 months ago)
I don't care if my man likes other girls pic coz I don't like mine neither😁😁
Adam Chase (7 months ago)
First minute in your right lol

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