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How to Dress in 2019 + Top 15 New Fashion Trends! (Style Tips)

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Use code DRE for 20% OFF Tayroc Watches here: https://tayroc.co/Dre_Drexler Yo my Individuals! Today I’ll be showing you guys how to dress in 2019 with 15 new Men’s Fashion Style Trends & outfit ideas to wear. If you dig the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new! Also, be sure to hit the notifications button to be informed when I drop my next video! Thanks, -dre drexler *If you guys dig my channel, you will find videos based on men’s lifestyle, fashion, health, hair, grooming, fitness, & overall motivation. Be sure to subscribe & hit the notifications button to be alerted when I drop new content! ▶▶▶ Want to Join the INDIVIDUALS Movement? *** Join INDIVIDUALS Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/Tk3bsq *** Join INDIVIDUALS CLUB for FREE (receive FREE gift) at https://goo.gl/uxkyNA *** Buy an INDIVIDUALS Tee-Shirt & Receive a FREE Key-strap: https://goo.gl/t4KHVi ▶▶▶ CHECK OUT MY MUSIC: http://www.instagram.com/weareMNRO *Music Video dropping soon! PRODUCTS SHOWN IN VIDEO: ▶ INDIVIDUALS™ Street Tee's - https://goo.gl/t4KHVi ▶ Baroque Shirt: https://tinyurl.com/ybzjgdth ▶ Baroque Pants: https://tinyurl.com/y8lj8dou ▶ Tayroc Watches: https://tayroc.co/Dre_Drexler (***use code DRE for 20% off) ▶ 90’s inspired Puma Shoes: https://tinyurl.com/ycmkpjoy ▶ Sage Jacket: https://tinyurl.com/y7asztjc ▶ Military Vest by Maniere De Voir: https://tinyurl.com/y82gwjpl ▶ Puffer Jacket by Maniere De Voir: https://tinyurl.com/ya5a4zdv ▶ Western Jacket: https://tinyurl.com/yasjkar9 ▶ Basketball “Baller” Shorts by Wings of Liberty: https://tinyurl.com/yc28owxd (***use code "DREXLER" for 15% off all Wings of Liberty Clothing.) ▶ Leopard Jacket: https://tinyurl.com/yb7mgybn ▶ Flannel Shirt: https://tinyurl.com/ycfryfps ▶ Adidas Handbag: https://tinyurl.com/y95khrhs ▶ Windbreaker by Wings of Liberty: https://tinyurl.com/ydhtt9py (***use code "DREXLER" for 15% off all Wings of Liberty Clothing.) ▶ Pink BoohooMAN Hoodie: https://tinyurl.com/ybcdm5za ▶ Pinstriped Joggers by Wings of Liberty: https://tinyurl.com/y9fswb2q (***use code "DREXLER" for 15% off all Wings of Liberty Clothing.) ▶ FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/Pwwd7L individuals™ INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/TJcWuC MNRŌ music: https://goo.gl/QN8HJ2 SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/TktM7L FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/1RitXs TWITTER: https://goo.gl/DfAjYD TUMBLR: https://goo.gl/uPVGNP PINTEREST: https://goo.gl/f5BtXi SNAPCHAT: dredrexler WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/v4VUxM *MY HAIR PRODUCTS: https://goo.gl/dcAf4y - use code “DREXLER” for 10% OFF! ▶ CHECK OUT SOME OF MY OTHER VIDEOS: My Epic Morning Routine (2018): https://goo.gl/HMRJiN Just Do You motivational Video: https://goo.gl/3A5XvD How to Look Expensive on Budget: https://goo.gl/e9DbY9 Men’s Medium/Long Hairstyles 2018: https://goo.gl/wrgykC What I tell My barber 2018: https://goo.gl/D2wtsu 10 Unique Style Trends To Follow in 2018: https://youtu.be/dnnIiFLWoRg 20 Different Undercut Hairstyles: https://goo.gl/JvHVeo How to Dress in 2018 + New Styles: https://goo.gl/TWZxdk How to Add Volume to Your Hair: https://goo.gl/tNrcu9 How to Add Wave, Volume, & Texture to Hair: https://goo.gl/QHmfPF 24 Slick Back Different Hairstyle Trends: https://goo.gl/vGV48c Improve Your Style Without Buying New Clothes: https://goo.gl/P237n5 Growing Out My Hair from an Undercut: https://goo.gl/sKTnwz How I Enhance My Physical Features: https://goo.gl/ftFULG Songs: K B - D N O U i n s t r u m e n t a l K B - N O C H A I N S I N S T R U E M N T A L L i m i t l e s s E x c l u s i v e *VIDEO SPONSORED BY TAYROC WATCHES. “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, ‘I find no pleasure in them’. - ECCLESIASTES 12:1
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Text Comments (249)
Only cookie cutters would dress like this
Anthony Avalos (3 hours ago)
What kind of shoes are you wearing at 5:25
martin villegas (9 hours ago)
You could... or you can be a man and wear a t-shirt and Levi's 501.
Edin Music (17 hours ago)
You really have no idea of style haha
iPhoneXR (1 day ago)
Are you gay ?
Aaron Fleur de lys (1 day ago)
Pants with the print, vest, fur coat
mohammad fasih (2 days ago)
Boi you huge now......
Motivational Thoughts (2 days ago)
#Badshahgraphy nyc video bro
Keekuleeks G (3 days ago)
I'm Biman (4 days ago)
Hey brother! What's up! Please make a video on some tips for new YouTubers!
gab viNcent (5 days ago)
1:55 you cant wear watch good side
dede4004 (6 days ago)
Glad the baggy pants look is gone, but ankle short pants look like the guy outgrew them 3 years ago but is still trying to wear them. The baroque patterns are great.
Harry Winter (6 days ago)
I haven't been on your channel for a while, but what happened to your voice?
Eric Befumo (6 days ago)
Hey bro. I'm tryna purchase a new order of Ocean Clay, but when I press the link for the product it says "Page not found." Also, on the official Shehvoo website, the only 2 products listed on there are the Activating Oil Cleanser and the Duo set. I have enough product for maybe 2-3 days, but I'm in serious need of a new order. Let me know when it's all back up and running!
XjoshLive99 (6 days ago)
That’s not really a puffer lol
LowkeyFr (7 days ago)
Where you get that first pair of pants from? I will cop it if you link it below.
Masi Aubi (7 days ago)
Fellas dont follow this. He doesnt know how to dress right loool
Collin Barham (7 days ago)
I love your videos but I will never use any of these except for the loud print and windbreaker. Everything else seems too crazy!
Elodyne (7 days ago)
Where can i buy cheap baroque shirts?
kened Bernardo (7 days ago)
No chains instrumental in background is LIT
Ryan (7 days ago)
Like your style
Reyes D (8 days ago)
My favorite piece is definitely the puffer jacket you wore, I recently picked up a puffer bomber and am so excited to style it. Thanks for the video and positive words! Instagram: astrorey621
RemyLexington (8 days ago)
Thank you for all the amazing tips
leo Guatani (8 days ago)
W a l n u t S a l a d A e s t h e t i c s
leo Guatani (8 days ago)
Walnut Salad
leo Guatani (8 days ago)
Walnuts Salad
leo Guatani (8 days ago)
Walnut Salad
Jonathan Eckstein (8 days ago)
i hear KB lol
Franco Ramirez (8 days ago)
How tall is Dre Drexler? For fitting purposes
Jogging Cucumbers (7 days ago)
Franco Ramirez I think he’s like 5’10
Tharun Reddy (8 days ago)
It is better to watch alex costa channel before you do a video
xMexicanxK (8 days ago)
Walnut salad
Judgement Day Fitness (8 days ago)
Some of this stuff is a little questionable
T • CHAHAL (8 days ago)
Gunner Mcgriff (8 days ago)
Hi Dre cool video
Issa Dib (8 days ago)
Pinstriped joggers are dope @issakdib
Messi (8 days ago)
Walnut Salad
Ahmed BM (8 days ago)
The wind breaker was my fav. My IG: youboy_ahmed.
CAT - HAIR (8 days ago)
Pinstripe joggers are lit
rex logan (8 days ago)
dude how much clothes u hqve
Mickey Clark (8 days ago)
walnut salad
kakashi hatake (8 days ago)
Please like my comment
Anaika Roach (8 days ago)
Love the way U always finish Ur videos in learning a lot from Ur style n implementing it on my son but it’s a little difficult cause he’s only 11 n most of Ur style is more grown up lol but always gives me good ideas thanks
Xxnightmare_kidxX X (8 days ago)
walnut salad.....BARS
Andrei Baloi (9 days ago)
You are so cool and different!!
Ya boi a ranga (9 days ago)
Man that retro 90s look, not digging it
Obey Ted (9 days ago)
This was 9 minutes of brand advertisements
JohnyBaldman (9 days ago)
Dig that bomber jacket man! Love this video style IG: @johnybaldman
blake rallis (9 days ago)
My favorite piece was the military vest! So dope bro. My Instagram is: blakerallis
iitto (9 days ago)
Walnut Salad
homeyp1221 (9 days ago)
Does anyone know where to buy the black joggers with one white stripe that he’s wearing with the flannel shirt and pink hoodie? I don’t see a link in the description.
Imran Mirza 1800 (9 days ago)
You've been wearing tayrock watches pssssss. Yodawood watches
VCres1000 (9 days ago)
Dude ur fuckin fake. I looked up healthy tips. And your bullshit advertising video popped up. No wonder why u blocked the comments. Fuck you.
Jaden Price (9 days ago)
Ayyy, made that shoutout esketit! @jaden.g.price thanks dre, love the vid keep up the good work love you bro!
El SantRey (9 days ago)
Go for what you like. Let the trend be unique and creative
Fernando Palacios (9 days ago)
This was all kind of basic; I expected some more style tbh
Ernesto Padilla (9 days ago)
Walnut salad
Jogging Cucumbers (7 days ago)
Ernesto Padilla Cody ko?
Ernesto Padilla (9 days ago)
Walnut salad
Ernesto Padilla (9 days ago)
Walnut salad
Ernesto Padilla (9 days ago)
Walnut salad
Ernesto Padilla (9 days ago)
Mason (4 days ago)
Ernesto Padilla Dre that was good, but just a little more sexier?
geneticfreak84 (9 days ago)
No more wooden Jord watches lol?
John Bebita (9 days ago)
Shoutout for the next vid brother dre drexler the best and unque men's lifestyle channel here in YouTube!!!
joe roberts (9 days ago)
Great vid! I see that your rocking the slick back from earlier this year.
Amir Imran (9 days ago)
Dre, what happened to Jord? You said you’ve been rocking Tayroc for 3 years but I don’t think so 🤔
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
I rock both brands. Jord I've rocked more just cuz I know the brand personally and they hook me up with a lot of their watches. But honestly, both brands are super different and equally dope in my opinion.. :)
Amir Imran (9 days ago)
Flannels and windbreaker are really way to go! Btw your basketball shorts is super dope man. Ig : @amir.imrans
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate it brother! you rockkk
Karl Nyabinde (9 days ago)
Where can I get that individual t-shirts bro
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
individualsclub.com (link in description) appreciate the support bro!
lotfe khellade (9 days ago)
You are awesome
Sune K. Tønnesen (9 days ago)
u are starting to get quite big dude(ofc i mean muscular) but i really loved the more atheletic look u had when u were not quite as big, but its up to you, i just liked it more before :))
KDay (9 days ago)
I mean you tried but when I saw the „shorts“ with these weird Ed hardy stones on it the cringe level started to rise second by second.I think you are the guy who is doing ok in every aspect of life but will never be close to one of the best. And so is your YouTube channel. It’s not a big deal to impress a bunch of viewers who have absolutely no idea when it comes to fashion. If you want to impress the fashion community you have to step up your game immediately. I hope you can live with some critical opinions on your video and wish you all the best for the future.
Navid Qari. (9 days ago)
Puffer jackets are my fav in this vid🙌🏻
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
thanks for watching!
Dead Mañ (9 days ago)
The heat is real ❤💯 but tbh i prefer fitted clothing much more.
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate the love bro!
Christian Martinez (9 days ago)
My Favorite Piece was the loud prints, I recently bought a Light Pink Hoodie, at first everyone was looking at me weird for wearing something loud and different, but now they understand my Aesthetic and Style, nothin but love Dre ❤ Instagram: christian.martinez16
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
thats awesome brother. Thanks for the love and support!
Alex Trowsdale (9 days ago)
YASSS DRE!!! These outfits were 🔥🔥🔥 Can't wait for the new music video!!! Keep up the good work 💪💪💪😊😊😊
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate the love my dude! thanks!
salman nazrana (10 days ago)
DAMN! Every haircut looks good on Him.
P.J.O (10 days ago)
Wow i think the pin stripe pants and the sage color looks killer
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
thanks so much bro!
Vicky M (10 days ago)
Tht stripped chinos awesome bro
Vicky M (9 days ago)
+Dre Drexler my pleasure bro in fact this means a lot ..rplying
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
means so much bro! thanks
Caffein Overdose (10 days ago)
maybe the best look is flannel...cause is timeless....lol... and thanks for this video...think im gonna rock that basketball short... username @agyopalmado
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate the love my bro!
Adriaan Houweling (10 days ago)
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
i know, 1 sponsor... absolutely just crazzzzyyyy OMG wooowww lol
hey hey hey my dude dre back at it with another banger, I really loved the military jacket, might get for meself, n its my birthday tomorrow, gonna be 22, lol a shout out from you would be a nice gift from u my brotha, ig @sunnythesinger, thank you
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate the love bro, and happy birthday!
Wardan Jamal (10 days ago)
your face has gotten puffy..
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
im bulking haha
Jeff Taubert 503 (10 days ago)
Love your motivational section in each video, really unique man ! Love your content as always 🔥
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate it so much my brother. thanks!
Kabir Nongrum (10 days ago)
My fav was flannels @ I m the rap devil
Kabir Nongrum (10 days ago)
dre I m ur big fan please reply to me no 👌👌👌
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate the love my bro! thanks for watching!
Yousif Usama (10 days ago)
I'm in love with your Gold TAYROK .. and you really got an amazing haircut My username @yousif_usama Best YouTuber ever ❤❤❤
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
thanks so much for the love my bro, means a lot
Stephen (10 days ago)
He wears a purse
SΛMIN (10 days ago)
pinstriped pants are fuego bro..... @sam1n
Vo Le (10 days ago)
I don't like any of it(except haircut :D). Am I weird?
Anton Ortega (10 days ago)
How does your hair grow in five minutes
Sándor Sellei (10 days ago)
The puffer jacket looks sooo dope 😍😍 also your haircut is just awesome, love you bro ❤ ig:_sanyiii
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
means so much brother, thank you
Krazy travtrav (10 days ago)
I love look of the pin striped joggers Instagram : krazytrav_trav
Loranda Bajrami (10 days ago)
Yayy my favorite boy is back with another amazing video loved this video so much an let me tell you boy you have style u know how to look cute handesome and stylish at the same time I absolutely love your style if I was a boy I would dress like you but I am not hahah anyway loved the video and the outfits and again thank you for these amazing videos and the positivity that you give us through your videos we love you a lot and let me tell you something you are amazing with an amazing personality and thats what matters and looks good to hahah have an amazing wife that I absolutely adore so ya we love you soo much and keep it up with the amazing work love you byee ! And I hope you will see this coment it would mean the world to me okay byee! ♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Loranda Bajrami (9 days ago)
Dre Drexler actually this reply means so much to me it means the world you just made my day and btw you deserve all the love and support thank you for replying u made me super happy love you p.s hug Bre for me please haha! ♥♥♥♥♥
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
haha thank you Loranda. You rockkk so much. Means everything to me. Thanks for always being such an awesome supporter and for encouraging us every video! -dre
Zaib Omg (10 days ago)
please give me a shout out please i beg you please
Zaib Omg (10 days ago)
print stripes is my favourate also i am a big fan of you also i subscribed to your channel ansd liked all the videos
Egbert Ortega (10 days ago)
Bro I love how you step out of the ordinary with fashion, I can't pick just one favorite look. Also I jumped with joy when you said handbags cause I've had a navy leather Adidas one that I've been rocking
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
dope bro! Thanks so much for the love and support Egbert!
Abhijeet Bhamre (10 days ago)
Plz make a video hairstyle in this video
Rizan Adhikari (10 days ago)
Another new trend is Watching dre drexler videos😁
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
haha appreciate the love my bro!
bonolo lijo (10 days ago)
Basketball shorts are fire
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
thank you so much dude!
Naman Srivastava (10 days ago)
The hoodie was my favourite Instagram username is @naman.4.real
Marcyy (10 days ago)
Instagram: @bmarcyy
Anthony Haymond (10 days ago)
Always going back to the staple undercut! Suits you man
Dre Drexler (9 days ago)
appreciate it my bro!

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