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These hacks truly may save if not your life then definitely your favorite clothes! Find out how to remove bubble gum, stretch your jeans or even make a backpack from them! Grab your scissors and let's get started! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5Minute.Crafts.Girly/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIMESTAMPS: 0:19 Hide your jeans 1:13 Dye your jeans 1:55 Top from jeans 5:08 How to wear a belt 8:57 Renew your shoes 11:10 Hairspray prevents runs in your tights For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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5-Minute Crafts GIRLY (1 year ago)
Hey ladies! So what's the most helpful trick so far??? Don't forget to share in the comments! I'm always looking forward to them! :) XOXOXO
Zafar Ruziev (1 day ago)
5-Minute Crafts GIRLY is my favorite
Etty Etno (1 month ago)
Danasia La (2 months ago)
What's beginning song
Astrid Louradour (2 months ago)
5-Minute Crafts GIRLY the one in the presentation photo ! The only one not in the f****** video !
natasha baron (2 months ago)
+Ethan Riley awake!aallw
Savi Callection (1 hour ago)
I m ladies jeans wholesaler
Veronique Gabriel (2 days ago)
Ok il y a des choses qui marche mais y en a d'autre c'est trop bisard et je dit pas sa pour être méchante sinon j'ai trouvée que c'ette video était très moyenne voila a plus 😅😅😗
nomoney liner (4 days ago)
*leggings rip*:o *cuts leggings and makes shirt* That dont help fix the leggings tho
Avery Sussino (8 days ago)
Laughing out loud these people must be running out of ideas because they have the same content in every video
Avery Sussino (8 days ago)
FLM-FeatMusic (9 days ago)
Only work in Russia is vodka
Jolanta Cetovic (10 days ago)
Mum comes in..... Mum: Why are your jeans so wet, have you peed or something? Me: I sprayed with water 🚿 Mum: *goes away* Me: hehe 😜
Sweetener ASMR (13 days ago)
1:44 ya uh hmm yeah be nice going to school and all people think is did she Pee her pants
Alicia Garcia (14 days ago)
1:42 why are your pants wet, ohh they did not fit so I peed to help it stretch out,, ohh nice🤨😟😬😬😶😑
Eleanor Thomson (14 days ago)
me: comes for the thumbnail finnish the video and there was nothing about how to make your trousers look better also me: really pissed off
Wardaa Xxx (16 days ago)
Some of these hacks are useless and kinda dum.....
Olivia Calabrese (17 days ago)
1:52 how did your pants rip there ?? 😏😏😏
Olivia Calabrese (17 days ago)
1:47 do you WANT to go around looking like chu wet. Urself? I don't think so. Just BUY A NEW PAIR OF PANTS
bombadomdom (17 days ago)
The thumbnail hack isn’t even in the video 🙄
Hayleyxo (17 days ago)
So you took off your pants and used it as a backpack?
Max Aguirre (19 days ago)
5:07 if i catch my Girl cutting up my Gucci belt she gettin smacked
Pablo Paez (19 days ago)
Que pesimo video
Lindsey Sullivan (20 days ago)
Honestly I feel like the only useful one is the ice cube and gum hack. ( If it actually works)
Cris Lujan (23 days ago)
Omg this is dumb
Oof Mcoof (24 days ago)
Yay!Now the front of my Jean's are wet!
Slytherin Queens (24 days ago)
Yes, because obviously all of these could save my life 😂
Dirk de Vet (25 days ago)
Nee het is niet leuk groetjesfloor
Hương Nguyễn Thanh (25 days ago)
Bienđohngtin biến Úc giá rẻ đông
Raveena Suvarna (25 days ago)
😎Your videos are awesome , it can be very useful if tried but not tried yet😂
Adedayo Jenny. (25 days ago)
etech675 (25 days ago)
2:23 ow shit!! 😂
amrita Udaseen (25 days ago)
You show the same hacks again and again 🙄😒
summer drew (26 days ago)
Oh great i’m at school or anywhere my pants won’t fit me! I’m going to look like I pee’d my pants! Thanks
whoop-dee-doo (28 days ago)
*no i will not be spraying water on my crotch to zip up my fly*
Night Bot (28 days ago)
How is this gonna save your life?
Derp deDerp (29 days ago)
1:50 looks like she peed her pants
E H (29 days ago)
How creative♡☆
Leilanie Barr (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for the tips they were fantastic.
Hey I’m so sorry (1 month ago)
When you’re pregnant Instead of cutting up a pair of jeans you can just buy maternity jeans!!!!
Baby Bear (1 month ago)
6:38 her pose seems so unnatural
Andrea Martinez (1 month ago)
I love all of the hacks😜😜😂😂
Selena Nguyen (1 month ago)
Guys I mean
Selena Nguyen (1 month ago)
All I learned from you guy is that you don’t know how to wear jeans 👖
Oliver Hansen (1 month ago)
1:55 could’ve just used the string to see it back together but...
Allen LaWalter (1 month ago)
0:29... mmm
Mansoor Ahmed (1 month ago)
9:55 Shoes ko brush kara diya:)
YoutubeUser (1 month ago)
Naomi (1 month ago)
No one in their right mind is gonna put a zipper on their butt crack
Equitopia Cuties (1 month ago)
"Did you pee yourself?" "nope, just had to fit into these jeans"
KarateKidz #Invincible (1 month ago)
In my whole life I have never boiled even 1 packet Maggie. And they want me to boil my lovely _JEANS_ ? Damn it ! I'll burn that instead.......
Agata Kristy (1 month ago)
Все такое колхозное и вручную пришитое
Second one...sis I can't relate
tammy phillips (1 month ago)
tammy phillips (1 month ago)
"These may save your life" BULL CRAP all these do is make everything "better"
Fainda ___ (1 month ago)
Now I m going to unsubscribe ur channel after watching this vdo..seeing the thumbnail I saw this bulshit vdo😠
Ashleigh Correll (1 month ago)
Made it 8 minutes in and only saw one useable "hack." But on the bright side I now know 5 different ways to turn my jeans into a bag and 1 way to turn my jeans into an ugly bra if I'm ever stranded on a desert island.
Unlocated (1 month ago)
Who just watches these vids and does nothing
Star Starlight (1 month ago)
Ok srsly some of these hacks are trash like if u have a red spot on ur jeans : oh I know I’ll just fiend some salty water!
Leena girl copeland (1 month ago)
My jeans smell so u know what ima do... Ima roll them up, Put them in a zip lock bag, and into the freezer it goes i mean washer who? Never heard of it
ciro xd salvo (1 month ago)
Soy argentino y en la realidad no sé qué hago aka :v
Marita Fisxher (1 month ago)
Cool Video but autfits can't save you're day...
Hunter Adams (1 month ago)
Yeah trick more teenage girls to be thicker.
Sophie Taye (1 month ago)
Maria El Atayk (1 month ago)
Girl i enjoyed this video xoxo 💋
ur homie eve (1 month ago)
Oh my pants smell bad let me spray alchol on them even though washing them is a choice *(not sure if it was alcohol, dont @ me for it)*
Es554 (1 month ago)
CaMryN CoROna (2 months ago)
7:25 Yup I’m definitely gonna have cold salty water on me at school :)
Fantasy Bee (2 months ago)
I really don’t don’t see how these will save your life
Ann-gaelle. rolller323 (2 months ago)
I'm french and I love you 5 minutes craft girly. i'm 11 old
Artsy Rose (2 months ago)
Wait.... if jeans are smelling bad, then why not just wash it with the rest your laundry ?? Im so confused...lol
The French Unicorn (2 months ago)
Are your pants to big on you?! Yeah! Just boil them!!!! 🙄😭😂
sarahhh h (2 months ago)
6:38 what IS she doing
Riann's Worlf (2 months ago)
0:16 where can I find those shoes?👢😍 those baby suspenders😂
Runie4Life (2 months ago)
I’ve seen some of these hacks in another one of your videos 😑💔
K P (2 months ago)
How about tips for us girls to buy our own belts with jeans, many of us haven’t worn belts much and need tips ☺️
Tor- Tor (2 months ago)
Did she just BOIL her jeans!!
Angel Williams (2 months ago)
That was a stupid hack cause it look like they peed ok there srkf
Hannah Flynn (2 months ago)
1:16 when i see my crush and im awkward
iara Aragão (2 months ago)
love you
Lc channel (2 months ago)
Rice Cake child (2 months ago)
6:37 she’s grating her butt what does it look like she’s doing
bloodreina yay (2 months ago)
6:03 i'm-
bloodreina yay (2 months ago)
3:48 is the only helpful one.
bloodreina yay (2 months ago)
bloodreina yay (2 months ago)
Idk why but I never find these life hacks from 5 minute crafts actually helpful or working
Pysiunia ❣️ (2 months ago)
Felicity Zehr (2 months ago)
I am amazed at all these hacks. I love watching all your channels
LLEGANCE (2 months ago)
Love your video! My favourite hack was the second :)
Heather Davis (2 months ago)
Let’s put on our pants right after we boiled them for 10 mins in boiling hot water. I see a lawsuit coming your way.
Amber Williams (2 months ago)
Josie LovinSolo (2 months ago)
Love your vids for girly hacks 😍
Miss Beaulieu (2 months ago)
Nikki C (2 months ago)
So when the button is to we spray it with water to make it look like we peed ourselves this genration
Bad Bih (2 months ago)
6:38 was actually helpful
Violet Duh (2 months ago)
The First One Made Me Thumbs Up...Oh The Struggle😥
Perla Castanon (2 months ago)
These hacks r so dumb if anything they ruin my life
Fred Flinstone (2 months ago)
The thing that u bring food
Sasha Scott (2 months ago)
One little hole in pants (easily could be stitched) = turns into a whole nother project and makes Jean vest wtf
Cupid Spam (2 months ago)
0:22 that would never happen to me
Lauren& Alex (2 months ago)
Mom: *walks in the kitchen * Mom: what are you boiling? Me: my jeans Mom: *leaves the kitchen * Me: heh
Its Olivia (2 months ago)
These hacks are terrible 😂
Ayala (2 months ago)
how the fuck do you get gum on the back of your pants
Lxrd • (2 months ago)
I hope some of these hacks are just to be funny because no 😕
Marcus Taejin (2 months ago)
Why are you wearing lemon yellow heels with dark blue jeans? That's a fashion disaster waiting to happen.

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