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Cool Fashions for Old Men | 2017 NEW Fashion

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Fashions for Old Men. Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers.
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Alan Mcintosh (1 month ago)
Why only older men with full head of hair, can't you be older and fashionable if you've lost soon of your hair as a lot of older men have?
PAM GASCOYNE (2 months ago)
These hunks are far from old!!!
Cowtownbaldie (2 months ago)
Business suits are great for Weddings, Funerals, Formal times and business men at work. But for us blue collar guys...we own maybe one or two suits. The rest of the time it's jeans or dockers and a button down shirt and perhaps a bomber or leather jacket...or athletic wear if you're doing active stuff.
Michshnly (2 months ago)
If your super concerned about fashion after 50 years old. This means your either single, no kids, rich, wealthy, gay, a movie star, work inside a clothing store, live in Paris, France, work in a office no choice but wear a suit, wall street guy who's successful or just way to much time on your hands. I can't see the 45-65 year old regular guy out there who's married, works 40 hours a week, makes a regular income and be concerned about his fashion wardrobe. Once you hit 50 you are tired and went through 30 years of fashion change. You would never wear what you wore 30 years ago right? And in 30 years from now you would be laughing at your current fashion. It gets boring trying to keep up. LOW-Testosterone is taking a toll on the joints, sex drive sux and grey hair. 45-70 year olds weight gain is an issue even while on great diet. In other words. Your not hot anymore like you once where at 25-40 year old. Your washed up and some guys can't deal or accept that. The good old days are long gone dude. Look in the mirror and accept the old guy looking back at you. Look inward instead of what looks good on the outside. Do things you never did as a young guy but now you have the time. Read some good books late at night with nobody around. Travel alone. And for the guys who won't take my advice. Take it easy with the Botox face. These guys look like trannies with makeup.
bernard blanchard (3 months ago)
NO BALD GUYS????????
fitz.hair.makeup (5 months ago)
OLD MEN ??? FUCK YOU. anyone who refers to someone as an "old man" doesn't know shit about ANYTHING. thank you. this was brought to you by a raging hot man in his 50's.
Oscar Moreno (6 months ago)
What about fat old men style?
Dan Nelson (5 months ago)
Gotta' get away from the fork, push away from the dinner table, stop drinking beer.
45 auto (6 months ago)
My honest opinion, they look like shit.
Dee Gee (6 months ago)
Over 40 obviously means ridiculous looking facial hair, pointless vid...
Stella Ercolani (8 months ago)
Um, remember Hugh Hefner? ROCK GODS... IT depends on the man.
Stella Ercolani (8 months ago)
Not "old, older " lol...
waikitlee (10 months ago)
You gotta be fitted when you old.
Steve C. (10 months ago)
music track please?
nattygold1 (11 months ago)
no men of color?
Samuel115s (1 month ago)
+Vos M you are literally the definition of triggered, relax dude.
Dan Nelson (5 months ago)
There are plenty older Men of Color that also look good. Even though this particular clip shows just White Men,I would assume there are other clips out there that premiere Men of Color.
Vos M (10 months ago)
nattygold - Jeez - does EVERYTHING produced on video have to include 'men of color'????? Piss off & make one yourself if you want to see 'men of color'. Oh - and by the way - ' fuck political correctness' - we are occasionally allowed to have videos that are white only!!!!!!!
YAOYU LEE (11 months ago)
Nothing worse than men & women over 40 and still trying to dress like those in 20's. However, that is exactly the american style if you call that lack of style a style....
james johnson (3 months ago)
And all these probably out style you so stfu
Tony C (11 months ago)
Grey hair,good shape,stylish well fitting clothes and a professional photographer....easy.They all look great,even the one or two who ARE old.The mayhem starts when we try to emulate them lol.
Walter Sickinger (11 months ago)
Not one of the men shown was bald....??????
Dan Nelson (5 months ago)
Get a cool hat to wear or shave your head. .....''Telly Sevallis''
fei lv (1 year ago)
R W (1 year ago)
Hah! I kind of look like 1:24
Dennis Staughton (1 year ago)
Half of them are prematurely graying 50- and even 40-somethings.
Pera Detlic (1 year ago)
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Cal Rader (1 year ago)
Hey guys come check out my constantly expanding inventory and get some nice clothes realitycityfashion.com
Deborah DeCesare (1 year ago)
Stupid title by a stupid person . Must be a know nothing 20 something . These men are REAL MEN . Absolutely stunning . My man is 51 in epic shape with silver hair . Gorgeous . WT your hearts out millennial morons .
Desi Dog (3 months ago)
Are you married to George Clooney?
mohdfaritbin rajuli (1 year ago)
That why i like daddy2x
Tee H (1 year ago)
They might be "older", but there's nothing "old" about these men (maybe to a 15 yr old). They have style and are all in great physical shape (and most likely money, which makes all the difference).
Grandpa looking sharp 🔥
Evan Tee (1 year ago)
These men are simply blessed because they have hair! Had they been balding I dare say none of them would be even worthy of a second glance...
Samuel115s (1 month ago)
Some of them might of got hair transplant and some could be wearing a hair system.
Sinthiya Premra (10 months ago)
Alexis Knows here somebody was talking loud about 21 at century.so that person can wear smartly.and go body care saloon.and try those.other than the gym
Sinthiya Premra (10 months ago)
Anthony Durante I want my. Man to have his usual hair what I saw at the beginning..he can color his gray hairs and no hairs on face.
Anthony Durante (11 months ago)
their hair is a big part of the allure...it keeps them youthful and viable no matter their age
Alexis Knows (1 year ago)
Evan Tee ... trust me it's not your hair ...
stamped5150 (1 year ago)
Just came on here to peeps out the handsome men!
Charles Jensen (7 months ago)
Well, Thank You 5150. TeeHee CMJ
Meredith Hoffman (1 year ago)
These are older men, not old men. I saw no walkers or drooling.
Charles Jensen (7 months ago)
Ha Ha Haaaaaaa CMJ
GINA GARCIA (1 year ago)
Meredith Hoffman Actually I was the one drooling😆😉😂
LESSA GROWTH (1 year ago)
older men, you meant. delicious🌹
CrazyStuff (1 year ago)
BLESSED LIFE ha haa. Kinda older. 😁😁
CrazyStuff (1 year ago)
Thank you

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