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Men's Fashion Shirt Pant 2018 -Streetwear | Best Formal Style 2018 | Gaur Tech

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Thanks for watching. Giving me some suggestions on how you would like these videos to go. Im up for some constructive criticism. Also dont forget to smash that THUMBS UP SAAAN! Track: Unknown Brain - Why Do I? (ft. Bri Tolani) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/tcHJodG5hX8 Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/WhyDoIYO Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Follow me: Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/fashionarv
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Text Comments (91)
Surendra Mandre (1 day ago)
1:37 SUPER
Fabio Pina (1 month ago)
Parabéns.. estou perto de ter minha loja
tarun makker (1 month ago)
today's fashion is quite inspired by Muslims style . Muslims wear short payjama and shows ankle , people today wear short trousers and denims and shows ankle . Muslims keep long beard , people today keeps long beard to be in fashion .
Devil Boy (1 month ago)
Nice song
su kpa (2 months ago)
Dáng body đẹp quá
Mal Ouston (2 months ago)
Some trendy gear however some sub-titles as to exactly what the guy is wearing would be helpful, i assume you are not into online shopping?
ankit singh (2 months ago)
Hiii Naec boaay
tech talk with Dolly (2 months ago)
Lovely looks
SUKHA RANGI (3 months ago)
Song name please
Jafarsadiq Sattigeri (4 months ago)
Diwan laude
Corey Taylor (4 months ago)
What’s the name of that song?
Ashish Sharma (5 months ago)
NYC awesome gorgeous boys 2018s models
king Bhatt (5 months ago)
Not an impressive video. They should show style name,color,brand but they show just photo it doesn't matter
amin Kachi (5 months ago)
Answer and I will subscribe
amin Kachi (5 months ago)
Good, but from where to buy from them at budget price in Mumbai
anna 12345 (5 months ago)
I hate beige that's why I don't like beige trousers.
LARGADO (5 months ago)
Ravi prakash rathode (5 months ago)
Camera n photoshop effects bro..those are designed for 6ft n the models are fit so it suits them good..
Sk Tahoe ali (6 months ago)
I think nice to do
Panaoti Gotzas (6 months ago)
My bro is the vest
Vivek Shivankar (6 months ago)
How to red paint matching shirt plz reply?
Bonnie Bon (6 months ago)
So nice
Soyefuddin Hazi (6 months ago)
Soyefuddin Hazi (6 months ago)
abc channel (6 months ago)
abc channel (6 months ago)
Thanks bro
Vishal Gaur (6 months ago)
Models mostly use sneakers of white & black collection which make's them more attractive u use them too....it's approx.700-900rupees.
abc channel (6 months ago)
Which shoe wear models and his price yell me please
Reginald Dove (6 months ago)
This is why every man should hire a tailor...buying the clothes is half the battle...have him make your clothes fit and showcase the body you've worked so hard to build and maintain!
Najas Nazar (6 months ago)
thnx bro
IRON MAN (6 months ago)
this is awesome
0 channel (7 months ago)
Please send me a music anybody
duresh Rajput (7 months ago)
lyctn59 gc5962 (7 months ago)
Jean skinny is the best for the man !!👍👍
You Tube (7 months ago)
Styles are awesome! If it could go slightly faster, that would be great!
Baraka Nestory (7 months ago)
I lik
wifri mosi (7 months ago)
SATYAM KUMAR (7 months ago)
Bhai mere pe kawan right hai
Enjoy YouTube (7 months ago)
roshan pingale (7 months ago)
Colour choice not good
BigMig (8 months ago)
If you're thin and fit clothes just look good..
adem Baş (8 months ago)
Hanif Khan Pathan (8 months ago)
Ravikumar Ravikumar (8 months ago)
Formal dress
Ajay Rathore (8 months ago)
Dhaka dhaka (8 months ago)
thanks bro
Akshay Rajput (8 months ago)
ye song kon sa ha muje iska nam sand kar do please
Puneet Kumar (2 months ago)
+Vishal Gaur Sir yeah dress kha milege Plzzzzzzzzz address send kijiye.
Vishal Gaur (8 months ago)
Check In description
Rakesh Rajkumar meitei (8 months ago)
not a single street wear is not there
Vishal Gaur (8 months ago)
Check another videos there are lots of Streetwear Fashion
Pavan Patidar (9 months ago)
dark skin man ko kon se dress pahne chahiye is pr video banao
Syed Hafeez ahmed Pasha (9 months ago)
please name them
Hafedh Sofiane (9 months ago)
un style beau décontracté
Rick Thokiz (9 months ago)
Too much skinny does not make us fell comfortable as it is nice on outward appearence
Vaibhav Darade (9 months ago)
Irakoze Rodrigue (9 months ago)
Pas mal
Rohan Shinde (9 months ago)
But it nice
Rohan Shinde (9 months ago)
Your video show very slow
Tushar Pawar (9 months ago)
Patle logo ke Kaise kapde Achche Lage
Vishal Gaur (9 months ago)
I make videos on that soon.....
pro my ideya in menswear bisn
Katib Abade (9 months ago)
هذم معندهمش الجورب ههههه
Vale Cata (9 months ago)
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. ....STUNNING. ...GORGEOUS....I ...LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ...IT. .. 😁😀😇😇😇😇😉😉😉😉😍😍😍😍😙😘😚👼👼👼👱👱👱💋💋💋💋💟💟💟💞💓💜💝💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒🆒
Vale Cata (9 months ago)
peguyjean2011 (9 months ago)
The bad thing for me is... When I wear slim fit it looks like I'm wearing skinny fit. And I'm tall, so you know it's not going to look right.
Vishal Gaur (9 months ago)
Right but you also start workout at home and make daily push-ups routine also get up early in the morning start jogging daily it makes your body fit and attractive bro'''''✌
Binhong Chan (9 months ago)
Nice video , annoying music
Rekha Ninganure (9 months ago)
Gud looking products these are.....can I know d cost
Vishal Gaur (9 months ago)
Soon I make videos for the products cost and review....
Panaoti Gotzas (9 months ago)
I wear this all womens love s me
paperchain 123 (9 months ago)
Any front will do
Tere Wala Saab (9 months ago)
nice g
MrKamenraidar (9 months ago)
Unsatisfactory stylishness
Julious Antonio (9 months ago)
Love this so much
Mr. Sameer shah (9 months ago)
Super video
Mr. Sameer shah (9 months ago)
Mr. Sameer shah (9 months ago)
Mr. Sameer shah (9 months ago)
Vishal Gaur (9 months ago)
Thanks bro'''''
A A (9 months ago)
Not street-wear!!!!
Akhilesh Gupta (4 months ago)
nikhil kumar (9 months ago)
Faru personally with formal shirt and paint in modern time
Dharma C (9 months ago)
Bro college pasaga one side bag use pannalama immediately oru video pootuga
Dharma C (9 months ago)
Hmm y
Manoj Kumar Cm Manu (9 months ago)
Dharma C tamil teriyema
Max Lemos (9 months ago)
Top viu
Karthi Darling (8 months ago)
Patricia Morales (9 months ago)
Siraj Hafil (7 months ago)
lyctn59 gc5962 (9 months ago)
Hormis les jeans skinny trop sexy pour les mecs le reste moyen !!!!!!

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