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Learn Italian Hand Gestures with Dolce&Gabbana male models
Learning Italian Hand Gestures has never been so easy, thanks to the Dolce&Gabbana male models from the FW15 fashion show. With www.Swide.com's Ben Taylor and Alessia Gargiulo keeping them in check and Andrea Ratti's mix of an Italian Classic, get your hands ready to express like they never have before. More on: www.swide.com/art-culture/learn-italian-hand-gestures-with-dolce-and-gabbana-male-models-gifs/2014/01/22
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Florrie - I Took A Little Something
Swide.com presents a short collaborative film for 'I Took A Little Something' by Florrie directed by Justin Wu. For more information on this project, please visit: http://www.swide.com/luxury-magazine/Faces/Music/florrie-i-took-a-little-something-justin-wu/2011/6/22
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Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2015 Advertising Campaign
The Spanish influence on the Sicilian traditions and colors is the inspiration for the images of the Spring Summer 2015 advertising campaign featuring the collections designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Traditional Italian and Spanish elements combine together to give the images a touch of Mediterranean sensuality. Photographer Domenico Dolce Artistic Director Stefano Gabbana Featuring: José Maria Manzanares 28 years old Spanish bullfighter. At age 12 he faced his first bull. He inherited his skills from his father and grandfather and made his debut on the arena before the age 20. Today he’s one of the most talented bullfighters in the world. Woman Bianca Balti Vittoria Ceretti Irina Sharipova Blanca Padilla Man Travis Cannata Xavier Serrano Misa Patinsky Hair Oribe Canales Make Up Pat McGrath #dolcegabbana #dgcampaigns #dgwoman #dgmen #ss15 www.dolcegabbana.com
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David Gandy and Bianca Balti get friendly in an exclusive interview
What does David Gandy do first thing in the morning? What can't Bianca Balti live without? What's the best gift they would like to receive? Find out in the exclusive video interview for Swide. http://www.swide.com
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Dolce&Gabbana Models hit on you... on Helium!
Ever wished a Dolce&Gabbana model approached you in a bar and whispered some sweet nothings into your ear? www.Swide.com does. We have almost answered your prayers with this new video backstage at the Dolce&Gabbana SS2015 fashion show, where models recite well known (and very corny) pick up lines for your delight. But there's a twist: Helium is involved. Discover more http://www.swide.com/photo-gallery/male-models-shirtless-backstage-dolce-and-gabbana-spring-summer-2015/2014/06/21/1-51
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http://www.martinigold.com/ Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the MARTINI® Gold movie is set in an enchanting location: Rome. Inspired by Fellini's La Dolce Vita, it celebrates Italian lifestyle as well as Monica Bellucci's all-Italian beauty, with surprise appearances by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
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Francisco Lachowski revealed: The full interview
Watch Francisco Lachowski's exclusive backstage, catwalk, intimate footage and some curios facts. www.swide.com
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A Family's Affinity
Bianca Balti, Monica Bellucci and Simone Nobili star in a video about family values. Love, laughter and care are the essence of family, and of the Dolce Bag. http://www.dolcebag.com
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Bruno Mars - 'I had to do music'
When Swide heard that Bruno Mars was in town we couldn't let the pop sensation pass through without snapping him up for a few questions. Swide's Ben Taylor met the star and here's what happened. http://www.swide.com/
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Evandro Soldati revealed: The full - interview
Watch Evandro soldati's exclusive backstage, catwalk, intimate footage and some curios facts. http://www.swide.com
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Janice Fronimakis revealed: The full - interview
Watch Janice Fronimakis's exclusive backstage, catwalk, intimate footage and some curios facts. www.swide.com
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Backstage at a male model talk
Follow the quotes and get the cues from model rising stars. Simon Nessman, Antonio Navas, Sam Webb, Janice Fronimakis, Alex Cunha, Arthur Kulkov or Oskar Spendrup reveal their age, their origin and their favourite cuisine to Swide for you. http://www.swide.com
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S**t Girls Say To Dolce & Gabbana Male Models
When the Swide team was backstage at the Men's Dolce&Gabbana FW13 fashion show, we couldn't help but eavesdrop on what the male models were talking about: the questions that girls ask them again and again and again. We couldn't miss an opportunity to get these handsome chaps to lend their talents to our cameras and produce our only 'S**t Girls Say...' video. http://www.swide.com/
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Magdalena Frackowiak Exclusive Interview - Dolce&Gabbana SS13 Backstage
Swide talks to Magdalena Frackowiak backstage at the Dolce&Gabbana SS13 fashion show. The Polish beauty from Gdansk opens up about what she might do after modeling and that the life of a globe-trotting model may not be all it's cracked up top be. 'People think I'm not lonely' says the stunning Pole, 'but in the end I am'. http://www.swide.com
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Dolce&Gabbana Models’ Foody secrets and confessions
Swide caught up with the models from the Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2015 fashion show backstage and asked them about their eating habits. Cupcakes, bacon and pasta? These are only some of their favourite foods
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Fall Winter 2016-2017 Advertising Campaign
Enjoy the video of the Fall Winter 2016-2017 advertising campaign set in the unique streets of #Napoli #DGlovesNaples
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Matteo Garrone films Emilia Clarke in an authentic trattoria in Rome. Emanating her natural warmth and characteristic charm, the protagonist reveals her talent as a singer. Together with friends and local musicians she sings "Quando, Quando, Quando" and is soon cheered on by the audience. Her voice and natural aura captures everyone’s attention: all eyes are on her, she is The Only One.
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"Models... and all you can say is Dolce & Gabbana"
Backstage at the Dolce&Gabbana Fall Winter 2014-15 fashion show Swide asked the models to express their feelings by saying just one word: "Dolce&Gabbana". Watch the video and laugh with the models and marvel at their acting skills. Credits: Dolce&Gabbana Interview by Alessia Gargiulo Video Editing by Giulio Volpe Directed by Giuliano Federico
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Dolce&Gabbana Milano Thunder Full-Session Training
Watch the international team of boxers shed some blood during the harsh and fit training session before the matches. http://www.swide.com
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An interview with Robert Sheehan
Irish actor Robert Sheehan of Misfits fame has come to Italy to present his new movie, Anita B., a touching story, full of hope of a young girl who survived concentration camp attenmpting to rebuild her life directed by Roberto Faenza. Robert told www.Swide.com about his experience on an Italian set, the lessons Misfits has taught him and his favourite role ever.
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What do models eat?
Swide caught up with Dolce&Gabbana Models backstage at the shooting of the Spring Summer 2014 look book and asked them to dish some yummy details about their foodie habits. And who ever thought models didn't eat have never been so wrong.
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Matilde! A Dolce&Gabbana Movie
Dolce&Gabbana presents the new women's watches collection through a movie that celebrates femininity, love and family. Making her first appearance in front of the camera, Bianca Balti's daughter Matilde has a dream in her eyes and she wishes to surprise her mother with a special gift... Shop the Dolce&Gabbana Watches Collection now available on www.dolcegabbanawatches.com Directed by Marco Braga and Giuliano Federico Introducing Matilde Balti Starring Bianca Balti and Elbio Bonsaglio Cinematography Alvise Tedesco Soundtrack by Nelson Tordera Editing Giulio Volpe
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Italian Family: the Dolce & Gabbana campaign in motion
The narration of Giampaolo Sgura's campaign in motion. When still images come to life: a new trend in fashion advertising?
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Sasha Pivovarova revealed: The full - interview
Watch Sasha Pivovarova's endearing interview, exclusive footage, catwalk moves, and her intimate dreams. http://www.swide.com
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Follow Madonna on her Dolce&Gabbana family date
From the winter 2011 Dolce&Gabbana womenswear campaign photoshoot directed by Steven Klein, get a full view of what happened behind the scenes. Laugh, play and toast to family with Madonna! EXCLUSIVE
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Watch a NY Dolce&Gabbana Naomi Campbell rehearsal
Fashion Night Out 2010 in New York City, you cannot not stop by Dolce&Gabbana's boutique on Madison Avenue, it all starts at 6:30pm. Watch the preview of what you have to see live tonight.. Be there or be square! http://www.swide.com
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Pieces of History: Dolce&Gabbana DNA
Four young men loiter outside the door of a building in a Neapolitan street. They’re passing time between animated chatting, drags of their cigarettes and joking around. The place they have chosen to station themselves is not by chance: every day, the most beautiful woman of the area passes by there, and every time the young men try to talk to her, but she does no more than smile back at them, jaded. One day, during her usual walk, the woman finds just one of the boys. This time, she looks at him straight in the eyes, and in an instant she takes him by the arm and drags him inside the building… This video pays homage to Dolce&Gabbana and the DNA of the brand and is directed and written by Pepe Russo, an emerging talent from Naples. Discover more on http://bit.ly/1NuuPSg #DGDNA Credits YT: Interpreti: “I guagliuni”: Fabiano Canonico, Lorenzo Meglio, Mariano Coletti, Carlo Caracciolo. “La bella”: Dalila De Masi. Subject, screenplay , photography, direction: Pepe Russo. Shooting: Diego Perrini. Editing and post: Diego Perrini, Pepe Russo. Make up: Annalisa Di Marino. Hair stylist: Idola Saloon Duomo, Napoli. Organization: Serena Caropreso. Stylist assistent: Elio Illiano, Francesco Lembo. Thanks to: Assessorato alla Cultura e al Turismo e all'Ufficio Cinema del Comune di Napoli.
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River Delfin Viiperi revealed: The full interview
Watch River Delfin Viiperi's exclusive backstage, catwalk, intimate footage and some curios facts. www.swide.com
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David Gandy's Spicy Interview
Our columnist Mondo Trasho has asked the questions that we have always wanted to ask David Gandy. She doesn't want to know about his favourite colour, where he grew up or what he likes to eat when he is relaxing, no no. She is far more interested in what goes on between the sheets... and aren't we all? THANK YOU Mondo Trasho.
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Johnatan and Kevin Sampaio revealed: The full - interview
Watch Johnatan and Kevin Sampaio's exclusive backstage, catwalk, intimate footage and some curios facts. Http://www.swide.com
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#DGLondonBarber: The Perfect Grooming with Matthew Zorpas
Located in the heart of Mayfair at 53-55 New Bond Street, an area renowned for classic men's tailoring, the first Dolce & Gabbana London Boutique entirely dedicated to the world of Sartoria features a hidden gem: an italian barbiere. Book a bespoke grooming session with our Master Barber. #DGLondon #DGLondonBarber #DGGentlemen Discover more on http://www.dolcegabbana.com/barber-shop-london/
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Sam Webb tells it how it is
Mondo Trasho, Tea Hacic-Vlahovic, is back and Sam Webb tells her exactly how it is. It is rare that Mondo Trasho is silenced but little did she know what Mr. Webb has got to say. One more question. Your place or mine?
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David Gandy: becoming a Gentleman
In an exclusive interview with Swide, Mr. Gandy talks about his life and reveals to his fans that he is not only the best on the runaway, but he is a real gentleman with a big heart off it, too.
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Exclusive interview with Florrie
We met Florrie in Paris for an exclusive interview on her career, music, future plans and beauty secrets http://www.swide.com
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An exclusive interview to Bianca Balti
Top model Bianca Balti talks about her role as a mother in this exclusive interview to Swide during the Dolce&Gabbana Child Collection FW 2013 advertising campaign shooting by Giampaolo Sgura. http://www.swide.com
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Clemente Russo vs Domenico Valentino head to head in an exclusive interview
They are both from Campania and they are both members of the Dolce&Gabbana Italia Thunder boxing team. Swide puts these two fighters against each other in a winner takes all title bout. In the right-hand corner, two-time Olympic silver medal winner and 2013 Heavyweight World Champion, Clemente RUSSO! In the left-hand corner, three-time European Champion and 2013 Lightweight World Championship bronze medal winner Domenico VALENTINO! Who will take the title in Swide's exclusive double-header interview? LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!
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Happy Birthday... Mr Dolce&Gabbana
http://www.20anni.uomo.dolcegabbana.com The Dolce&Gabbana Gentleman is turning 20 this month, so we are looking forward to a superb celebration on 19th June in Milan. To pay tribute to their creations and to them as designers, their models and friends have joined voices to sing "Happy Birthday"; among them Brandon Wilson, Vladimir Ivanov, Emma I, Nikola Jovanovic, Roman Grafov, Andrei Zakharov, Neff Garrett + Terron Wood, Alex Cunha + Cristopher Meireles, Lindsay, Laurent Albucher + Julien Quevenne, Luis Kelling + Lukas Bossert, Arthur Kulkov, Natasha Poly, Andrea Preti, Ieva Laguna., Eugene Souleiman, Guy Robinson, Anna De Rijk, Eddie Wrey, David Gandy, Evandro Soldati. It is sweet, spontaneous and sincere... Buon Compleanno, Bon Anniversaire, Happy Birthday Stefano and Domenico!
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Falling in love with Simon Nessman
Mondo Trasho gave David Gandy the grilling that we had all been waiting for and when she met Simon Nessman we were hoping for more. But, it was Simon who got Mondo Trasho, Tea Hacic-Vlahovic, hot under the collar, well, lace to be more exact, and by the end of the interview I think that you'll also be falling in love with Nessman.
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Simone Nobili: the new up&coming male model star
Meet Simone Nobili, a smart guy who wants to study psychology and who is taking the catwalks and magazines by storm. "I'm introverted, solitary and strange", he tells Swide. Let's see if we agree with him or if it is just a front that this hot new talent hides behind. http://www.swide.com/
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Dolce&Gabbana Fall-Winter 17/18 Men's Fashion Show Backstage.
Dolce&Gabbana Fall-Winter 17/18 Men's Fashion Show Backstage. #DGPrinces #DGfw18 #mfw #DGMillennials #realpeople
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http://www.dolcegabbana.com/dg/fashion-show/ Sicilianità - Heritage - Going back to the roots.

Looking deeply at technology.
Without the past, there can be no future.
Baaria - Giuseppe Tornatores latest film masterpiece inspired this collection.

Sensuality - Softness ...- Sweetness - Smell - Love

All the things that make life sensual. Objects, time, places and memories.

Sartorialism - Cuts - Proportions - Volumes - Lines

Hand-stitched, tack.
All the elements that characterise the Dolce&Gabbana style.
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Holding court: An interview with Lin Dan
Lin Dan is widely regarded as the greatest badminton player of all time. Swide spoke to the Chinese superstar when he hit Milan for the Dolce&Gabbana FW14 Men's Fashion Show. At home in China Lin Dan is a household name, the first player to ever defend an Olympic gold when he took the honours in London during the summer after boldly claiming the gold in Beijing in 2008. At the age of 28 Lin Dan had achieved the 'Super Grand Slam' winning the Olympic gold, World Championships, World Cup, Thomas Cup, Sudirman Cup, Super Series Masters finals, All England Open, Asian Open and Asian Championships, becoming the only player to ever achieve this feat. Swide caught up with the athlete while he was in Milan to attend the Dolce&Gabbana Dolce&Gabbana FW14 Men's Fashion Show to ask him what makes a great athlete.
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http://www.dolcegabbana.com/deg/fashion-show/ LIFE ON THE SLOPES - On the snow, at lunch, at happy hour, at the party. KNITWEAR - SKI SUIT - TECHNICAL BOOTS - All you need for an active life on the slopes. WHITE AND BLACK TUXEDO TO WEAR WITH TECHNICAL BOOTS For an evening on the slopes.
Views: 94607 Dolce & Gabbana
Noah Mills reveals his true self
An intimate conversation with Noah Mills: his life, his work for charity, and trivial things like his twitter account.
Views: 96544 Dolce & Gabbana
Costance Jablonski: flawless beauty inside and out
Costance Jablonski speaks to Swide backstage at the Dolce&Gabbana FW13 fashion show and far from being a typical high-maintenance, fashion diva, Constance is a charming and down-to-earth girl who radiates natural beauty. http://www.swide.com
Views: 37192 Dolce & Gabbana
Sam Way: Channelling the dark side - Interview
The cheeky chap hailing from Devon, England, gave Swide something to smile about when he was caught backstage at the Men's Dolce&Gabbana SS12 fashion show. From modelling to his skills in the kitchen, Sam Way charmed his way through our questions and here is what happened. http://www.swide.com/
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Adam Senn revealed: The full - interview
Watch Adam Senn's exclusive backstage, catwalk, intimate footage and some curios facts. http://www.swide.com
Views: 64638 Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria, Mexico City April 2018
Museo Soumaya in Mexico City was filled with Italian craftsmanship of the highest order. Look back on the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria Fashion Show. #DGLovesMexico #lamoreèbellezza #MadeinItaly
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Dolce&Gabbana Devotion Bag - The Making Of
Devotion is love, limitless and unconditional. It goes beyond the boundaries of time and space. It lasts forever. Watch the making of the Devotion Bag, this precious new object of desire. #DGDevotionBag #DGWomen Discover more on http://bit.ly/2KpuQyd
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Backstage Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2011 man with the models
http://www.swide.com Learn bits and tips from model celebrities Sam Webb, Oskar Spendrup, Lukas Bossert, Janice Fronimakis, Jonathan & Kevin Sampaio, Adam Senn, Francisco Lachowski and Evandro Soldati.
Views: 95788 Dolce & Gabbana

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