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Dove Nourishing Hand Wash   For Soft, Smooth hands with every wash
Ordinary soap may leave your hands dry. Try New Dove Nourishing Hand Wash which has 1/4th moisturizing cream that penetrates up to 10 layers deep giving you touchably soft smooth hands after every wash.
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Lifebuoy   No more missing school
Lifebuoy No more missing school
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Colgate Scholarship   Meh Jabeen Kamra
Colgate Scholarship Meh Jabeen Kamra
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New Kwality Wall's Family Pack
Now creamier.
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Dettol Menthol Cool
As your growing child faces the summer, add 2 caps full of #DettolMentholCool to their bathing water and ensure freshness and the strong protection of Dettol against prickly heat.
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Leave your Hair fall worries to Dove & do more in life   Hindi
Dove Hair fall rescue with 1/4th moisturising milk and nutrilock actives nourishes damaged hair & reduces Hair fall upto 98%.
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Collar Latke 20sec Hindi
Find it impossible to remove dirt from tough areas like collars and cuffs? No need to panic anymore as the all New & Improved Tide Plus is here. Get superior surprising whiteness so you can pop up your collar in style.
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Colgate MaxFresh  Taazgi Express with Ranveer Singh Kan
Watch Ranveer Singh completely transform a boring railway platform with his Taazgi Ka Dhamaka. Have you boarded the Taazgi Express yet?
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Fahad Mustafa Add
Fahad Mustafa and Maya Ali Lemon Max Commercial
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Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 ft Hania Amir
Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 ft Hania Amir
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Colgate NEO   Watch how Virat smiles in style
Watch Virat Kohli experiment with new colorful styles every morning, thanks to Colgate’s NEO range of colorful toothbrushes. How stylish is your morning? Reply with #myneostyle
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Kwality Walls Crunchy Butterscotch
Add some crunch to your special family moments with new Kwality Wall’s Crunchy Butterscotch!
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Chupa Chups Funky Mouth and Cola flavour
Get Free Funky Mouth with any 2 Chupa Chups lollipops and click funky "grouphies" with your friends! Chupa Chups bubblegum filled lollipop now also available in Cola flavour.
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Goto   Chamaktay Baalon ka Raaz
Model ke baalon ki tarhan, life mein har cheez asli nahin hoti. Agar 100% original products chaihiyain to goto.com.pk pe jao aur 100% original products, sahi price pe pao. So lets go to: https://bit.ly/2MBhxw3
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Colgate Active Salt  Kaajal saves the hero Tel
A hero's dramatic entry is cut abruptly when he gets tooth pain. Watch how Kaajal Agarwal saves the day, with Colgate Active Salt.
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Pond's Age Miracle   Anti Ageing Action 24 Hours Non Stop   Hindi
Today's non stop life causes signs of ageing to appear faster. Get Youthful Radiance with Pond's Age Miracle. anti-Ageing action 24 Hours Non-Stop.
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Dettol Liquid Handwash
Teach your little ones about healthy hand washing habits. Make sure they regularly use #Dettol Liquid Hand Wash that protects from upto 100 illness causing germs. Be 100% sure. Be #Dettol sure. #MaaMaaneDettolKaDhula
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Colgate Swarna Vedshakti  The perfect sangam Hin
Discover the first-hand experience women from different walks of life have had with the new Colgate Swarna Vedshakti. Hear their thoughts and opinions about the natural ingredients, the dental benefits and the advantage of having the perfect sangam of ved and vigyaan, in one product.
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Surf Excel Matic Liquid   #PoRubPo
Surf Excel Matic Liquid - For tough stain removal in machines itself. Just, Pour Rub Pour!
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Colgate Active Salt  Anushka saves the hero
A hero's dramatic entry is cut abruptly when he gets tooth pain. Watch how Anushka Sharma saves the day, with Colgate Active Salt.
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What’s the secret to my pinkish glow
Dove Pink. All you need to glow.
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Make up off inswipe with Garnier Micellar Water   Now at Rs 175 for 125ml
Want in on Alia’s makeup removal secret? All you need is just one swipe with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water! Simply POUR Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton pad, gently PRESS the cotton pad on your eyes, lips or face; SWIPE away your makeup in one go and see the PROOF on the cotton pad! Available in two variants – Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for everyday makeup and Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water for waterproof makeup. #TakeItOff in just 1 swipe! Now at Rs.175 for 125ml
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Lagdi Lahore Di aa New'r Version
Lagdi Lahore Di aa New'r Version 2018
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World's No 1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Head & Shoulders Pakistan
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Lemon Max Liquid 3x Ramadan Power
Spend time praying and making the most of this blessed month as Lemon Max 3x Power is here to make dishwashing easy for you. Now get a chance to WIN free iftar vouchers. For details click: https://www.facebook.com/LemonMaxHome/
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Parle Bodyguard 20 20 soch
A brand new soch today transforms the world tomorrow. Presenting the all 20-20 soch that takes your everyday situations but looks at them from a liberal lens. A perfect example of how a tiny change can make a big difference.
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Bingo! Mad Angles Mmmmm Masala! Which angle is more mmmmm   Latest Bingo! Ad   Mad Angles New Video
The World wants to know - which angle is more Mmmmm, kyuki, Bingo! Mad Angles is #HarAngleSeMmmmm
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Coca Cola & Tea
Coca Cola & Tea Commercial
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Colgate Scholarship Offer  Alisha’s Story
Watch how Alisha Memon, Colgate Scholarship Winner from Farasgaon took a step closer to her dream of becoming a Doctor. Your child too can stand a chance to win a scholarship worth Rs. 1 lakh and FREE BYJU’s courses with every Colgate pack.
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NIVEA Creme Care Shower Cream – moisturises better than a soap!
When it comes to finding a soap that cleanses well, isn’t harsh and moisturises the skin too, the new NIVEA Creme Care Shower Cream is your go-to shower product. With the moisturising ingredients of NIVEA Creme, it gives you soft, nourished and moisturised skin under the shower.
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Pick your style this season with Sunsilk Fashion Edition 2018 and win designer outfit
Pick your favorite style this season with Sunsilk Fashion Edition 2018, peel the code and get a chance to win a designer dress.
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every morning and kick-start your day with the NIVEA MEN Fresh Active Deodorant. Watch Arjun Rampal show you, how for everything else
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Colgate Maxfresh – Taazgi Ka Naya Dhamaka
Watch Ranveer Singh infuse infectious energy into a dreary sangeet rehearsal and get the house grooving with Taazgi Ka Naya Dhamaka!
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Presenting, the biggest love story of 2018 in #TheFrootiLife with Alia Bhatt
The biggest love story of the year is here, starring yours truly. Oh, and #Alia too.😉 #TheFrootiLife
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Fair & Lovely BB Cream   Get the perfect Eid look
Watch how Mawra creates the perfect Eid look in 2 minutes with Fair & Lovely BB Cream
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Ultimate damage test for hair in summers   English
Summer heat can damage your hair. See it with a rose test ! Dove gives unbeatable damage repair even in extreme heat.
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Cadbury 5 Star   Kaala #SuperstarOda5Star
Kaala is here and it’s got Ramesh and Suresh eating their 5 Stars Thalaiva-style
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What's Keeping you online #LogOutForMom with Aiza Khan
What's keeping you online? #LogOutForMom this #MothersDay because all she needs is your time! #WallsCreamyDelights
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PSL 3 Add
PSL 3 Add 2018
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Dettol Original Soap
As kids grow up to be more responsible, you need the strong protection of #Dettol to protect them against more than 100 illness causing germs. #GrowingUpWithDettol
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Dettol Antiseptic Liquid
Dettol Antiseptic Liquid
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New 5 Star 3D TVC
Ramesh and Suresh can’t get enough of the new 5 Star 3D. With chocolate crème and biscuit balls, jo khaaye alag level pe kho jaaye.
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Lifebuoy   Stomach Ache   Ajay & Kajol
Celebrity – Ajay Devgn Stylist – Niharika Khan Make-up – Harish Wadhone Hair Stylist – Hakim Aalim Celebrity – Kajol Devgn Stylist – Radhika Mehra Make Up – Mallika Bhat Hair Stylist – Sangeeta Hegde Talent Kid – Jason D’souza Casting – Gaurav Shah & Tejas Girish Thakker Costume Stylist – Mansha Sahni Make up & Hair – Praveen Jagtap Art Director – Indrani Mukherji Pillai Props Master – Lynette
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Cadbury Dairy Milk   Share More Chocolate Rs  10 and Rs  20
Cadbury Dairy Milk Share More Chocolate Rs 10 and Rs 20
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Kwality Wall's Sandwich
The coolest summer snack – Kwality Wall’s Sandwich Fully loaded to keep you full. Try it now.
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'Kinder Joy', Yeni Neslin Atıştırmalığı!
'Kinder Joy', Yeni Neslin Atıştırmalığı!
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Kwality Walls Cloud Bite
Mango and Raspberry’s Fruity Flight
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Ultimate damage test for hair in summers   Hindi
Summer heat can damage your hair. See it with a rose test ! Dove gives unbeatable damage repair even in extreme heat.
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Back To School with Dettol
At home or in school, between fun or food, simple steps of ‘1-2-3 Germs sey ho free’ with #Dettol ensures kids stay safe from germs.
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