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What to do when face is darker than body? - Dr. Rasya Dixit
The face and exposed part of arms are usually much darker than the unexposed part of the body. Reason for this is as these are constantly exposed to light and pollution. The skin also get darker as it is toughening itself against the environment so this is a protective mechanism which the skin is doing. Nobody wants their face dark so it is very important that you use sunscreens regularly. When you use your sunscreens a dramatic change is not going to happen within few days or weeks, the pigmentation or the constitutional tone which went darker on your face is a cumulative exposure over years so the sunscreen which is a protective mechanism by itself cannot give you all the improvement. In the night you should start some good vitamin C creams which is good skin lightening agent and very safe, you can start using it every night or every alternative night which helps in lightening your skin. Other safe creams to use are glycholic acid creams which exfoliates skin gently use them once in a week. Don't ever be harsh with the pigmented areas of the skin, when skin is already dark and sensitized to the sun if you try doing procedures like bleach, scrubbing very often the skin is going to go darker because that is how skin protects itself by becoming thicker and going darker, avoid it and be gentle with your exfoliation. Scrub and do your glycolic creams once a week. Eat healthy, eat lot of bright colored vegetables and fruits as they contain carotene's as well as bioflavonoid's these are natural anti oxidants and natural lightening agents. Vitamin C being one of the most important ones protecting your skin against the sun. If you still feel that after doing all these for 2-3 months also your skin is dark then you need expert help that's when you see your dermatologist
Things to do after a Positive Pregnancy Test - Dr. Shefali Tyagi
The first thing to do after a positive pregnancy test is to visit your gynaecologist, it is not a very good idea to keep on waiting and thinking that after 1 or 2 or 3 weeks I will go and see or test again and then see. As soon as the pregnancy test comes positive it is better to go and meet the doctor because they could be conditions where you might need to have some support from the doctor in form of medicines. Some pregnancies don't do well, some pregnancies land up in tubes which is the wrong location and they can be other medical issues which need to be sorted out as soon as you become pregnant. When you visit your gynaecologist always remember that you have to remember the date of the last period because all your dating of the pregnancy happens from that day the first day of the last period. Then you should come clean as far as the history is concerned do not hide anything from the doctor, whether you had any surgeries any other termination, any other problems, you have been taking some medicines for diabetes blood pressure, epilepsy all these have to be told very clearly because certain medicines are not allowed in pregnancy. In case you are on some medication say for epilepsy or something else on let's say blood pressure these can be changed to the safer alternatives which you can take during pregnancy. The other thing is that the folic acid has to be started soon after when you become pregnant in fact you should be taking it before you start planning. So if you are not on folic acid and you do not visit your doctor you are wasting that precious time sitting at home and not providing your baby with the adequate dose of folic acid. So as soon as you miss your periods and test positive it is important to go and get checked by the doctor and stick to the test that she prescribes.
How to apply a sunscreen? - Dr. Urmila Nischal
when you apply sunscreen right quantity is important.When you need to apply to whole face you need two to two and half Finger tip unit .When you apply sunscreen your face should be dry.
Can you get pregnant with precum? - Dr. Shefali Tyagi
Precum is ejaculatory fluid men secrete just before they have the ejaculation.Sperms can be presented in precum. But they are very low or dead.But there is theoretical possibility for sperm in the precum. It.It depends upon individuals also. Some can have few sperms and some can have no sperms.It is very unlikely to get pregnant with precum. Precum is a fluid which cleans out the urethra and makes the environment of the urethra more conducive for the sperms.so that they are not killed while coming out through the urethra.When a person has had ejaculation and not passed urine after that and again has erection and ejaculation in that case life sperms can be present in the urethra because of the previous ejaculation and second time precum can have live sperms which can make you pregnant but the possibility is very low so better to protect your self by using condom if you want to prevent pregnancy.
What can I do to make my embryos stick? - Dr. Nirmala T S
This is a very common things that people come asking. Embryos sticking on to the uterus is such a natural and a biological process. Such a complicated process involving a lot of intrinsic factors like the quality of the embryo the adhesion factors, the growth factors the genetic profiling of the uterus lining, the blood flow, the texture and ultimately the last thing that you have , the beauty is the dialogue which happens between the mother and the embryo over there. So there is nothing that is external that could have an influence on the uterus, is what I wish to say. There are people who ask me do you than that the embryos will fall out if I walk or if I do not take rest, if I walk fast or if I climb stairs. No, there is nothing like that. Every natural cycle when an embryo is formed inside the tubes and the embryo is pushed and transported back to the uterus? Does it fall out? We are continuing to do your routine activities, we do not even now that the embryo is formed and it has come to the uterus. Does the embryo fall out so easily? It doesn’t nature has a beautiful way of holding the embryo inside her. So these extremeous factors just do not have an impact.
How often should you wash your face? - Dr. Rasya Dixit
One of the most frequent questions I get asked by patients is who often do my face. My face becomes very oily even after half an hour of washing it should I wash it again or they tell me that the wash their face again and again to keep their skin looking fresh but when you normally talk about skin and skin care we usually tell you to use your face wash to 2 or maximum 3 times a day why do we say not to wash face wash more often than that whatever face wash your using even though it is a soap free products it keeps tripping the skin of the normal oil barrier under skin barrier which the skin forms every day when you wash your face more and more often you are actually striping the skin of the protective elements at it makes work hard to make for example there is a barrier which is made by the skin this is containing ceramides some sebum so when you strip your skin of this protective barrier you actually harming the skin so some people might think skin is becoming more oily so let me wash it more often but what you are creating is when you wash your face more often, your skin actually creates more oil to protect itself and therefore your intern causing the skin to damage itself so the chances of breakout or whatever skin sensitivity that you already have actually increases when you wash your face more often so how do you do or how often do you wash your face I think you need to wash your face 2 times a day once you get up in the morning and once when you before go to bed. Yes some of us travel a lot in pollution and there will definitely be excuse if they want to wash face a third time but the third time stick to just plain water or use a very gentle soap free cleanser and then don't forget to immediately hydrate your skin without water containing or high uranic acid gel which seals your barrier and prevents your skin from getting excessively dry which could next lead to other complications such as excessively sensitive skin, dry skin and rashes.
Sources of kojic acid & its benefits - Dr. Rasya Dixit
Kojic acid cream is a naturally occurring product. Kojic acid, which is a crystal derived from metabolisation of some fungi actually. It has been used in dermatology for lots of times for the treatment of mostly pigmentation as a skin lightening agent and especially for pigmentation after the acne scars are occurring and it is giving a lot of improvement to the skin. This is available as cream, lotion. It is available as a soap as well. The important thing to not about Kojic acid, it’s a mild skin lightening agent. It is not very harmful to the skin ad it is good to use the Kojic acid in a long term treatment t. there are lot of skin lightening creams in the market which have steroids as well as hydroquinone and both these products have significant side effects on the skin , therefore dermatologists like kojic acid, to prescribe kojic acid because it’s a safer alternative . With long term use there is no damage to the skin as such. But again kojic acid, you have to remember that it is an irritant to the skin. So you have to use it as recommended, preferably at bed time, at night time when you are not going out and make sure that you are using a sunscreen in addition in the morning. OS there is no sensitivity of the skin to the product and in the night use a small quantity of kojic acid on the pimple or over the pigmented area. It takes atleast 6 – 78 weeks for us to see improvement with kojic acid. So you cannot give up using the product in 2 weeks. That’s what happens to most of our patients. They use a product for 2 weeks and they say, this is not working for me. But usually in any skin regimen where we are looking at a topical cream we wait for a minimum of 6 weeks to see an improvement to be seen before we say that the treatment has been unsuccessful.
What causes white spots on face? - Dr. Rasya Dixit
White spots on the face are something called as p alba or polymorphous light eruptions. When we say p alba, they are dry patches on the skin which are ill defined. They are usually dry and scaly, that means they seem as if some powder is coming off it. This is seen in people who do not use mild face wash or moisturizers on the skin and in some people who are prone to allergic tendency like dust allergy , they are prone to p alba. Usually they will say that they had these patches right from childhood. Another is the polymorphous light eruptions, where there is a mild sun allergy. There is a mild irritation and redness of the skin when they go out in the sun. Both these conditions use a gentle soap free face wash, use of face wash which is nice and water based called as hyaluronicacid an use a broad spectrum sunscreen, use it every 3 months, whether you are indoors or outdoors. This will help to bring the problem down. Misuse of over the counter creams or fairness creams could give you patchy whiteness of the skin. This will not get better with the treatment unless you stop the treatment. If with this your white patch does not get better, then it is better to consult your dermatologist because it could be a vitiligo or a leucoderma. Stop using any home care products. Use the gentle face wash, sunscreen and moisturizers. It will resolve in 2 – 3 weeks. If it does not get better, then consult your dermatologist.
5 common mistakes we all do while washing face - Dr.Amee Daxini
The common mistakes while washing the face is as follows.. 1) Use a better face wash rather than using a soap because soap is very hard and it's an alkali and that causes skin dryness. 2) Do not wash your face frequently, especially people who have oily skin. wash your face twice daily. 3) Do not use hot water to wash your face always use cold water. 4) Apply face wash start from the chin and move upwards and do the same downwards also. 5) Do not use scrubs, as a face wash daily. Use scrub weekly twice.
Tips to increase baby weight in the womb - Dr. Teji Ashok Dawane
The baby in the womb at about 5 months is about 200 to 500 grams. This is till the baby’s organs are getting formed. It is only after 5 months the baby starts putting on weight and that is when what we need to concentrate upon. For baby to put on weight for body building and muscle building we often advice a high protein diet. Whatever the body absorbs from natural sources is always 100%. So we would advice you to take a high protein diet consciously at every day. Try to incorporate some amount of protein in your food. Vegetarian sources of protein would be soya beans, soya milk, soya yogurt, chickpeas, rajma, double beans, kidney beans. Sprouts I would advice not to take raw, we probably steam it and add a little bit of lemon so that it adds a little bit of flavour. Along with that you have dals like sambar, orrdh dal, kichdi that we routinely make. Apart from that we have dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates. The non vegetarian sources of protein would include eggs so we would suggest two egg whites almost everyday. Apart from that you can have chicken soup, meat. You can include all these in your diet to increase body weight. Apart from these in your growth scan if you feel that the baby weight is less then we would add some medicated powders which will increase the baby weight.
Causes of Irregular Periods and treating them naturally - Dr. Priya Jain
Irregular periods can be delay in the period or scanty bleeding or sometime delay and scanty bleeding both together, period once in 35 to 40 days, sometime periods with lots of blood flow, so all these things can be categorized into is irregular periods. Underlined pathological cases like diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, thyroid and the other things like smoking, alcohol, stress and vitamin deficiency even these may be the contributing factors for irregular periods. And what are the physiological time lady has an irregular period is min-arch and Menopause the starting of the period and the time when the periods are going to see that is the menopausal these are the timings naturally it is irregular. So the natural remedies for irregular periods all these remedies should be done for 3 months minimum and should not be done when you are bleeding on when you have periods. Basically start with lot of antioxidants, green fruits, green vegetables, and lots of antioxidants like colorful fruits are also you can have, you can have colorful capsicum, vegetables. A juice or a remedy that is mint, coriander, Palak, Amla, ginger, rock salt, lemon all mix together make a juice and have this juice daily one glass for 3 months. It helps in regularization of the periods. Second one is Turmeric tea, add turmeric to milk and turmeric to water and have it you can even mix some honey in it. Sesame and jaggery taken together for three months also helps in regularization of the periods. Eluvina pulp can be taken with sugar and honey, so these natural remedies will definitely help you to regularize your periods.
What causes Dark Circles under eyes? - Dr. Rasya Dixit
There are many causes of dark circles under the eyes, days of stress and sleeplessness and working for hours on the computer and when you are not working on the computer youngsters are now staring at the mobile all this causes a tremendous amount of eye strain which manifest dark circle under the eyes. The other common causes are dehydration where you are not drinking enough water, anemia where there is enough less blood because of poor eating habit, thyroid disorders which is a hormonal imbalance which would also be looking at dark circles. Most commonly when a young person comes to me with dark circles the first questions that I will ask them is how many hours of sleep are you getting if they are getting adequate 8 hours of sleep, if they are not staring at a computer or at a TV or if they are not being hydrated enough I definitely want to know what is the hemoglobin what is the thyroid and are they eating healthy enough. In spite of all these things if they do have an allergy or a condition which their nose is always blocked that could also be causing a secondary hypo pigmentation of the eyes because the eye strain through the nose. So when your eyes nose is constantly stuffed or your nose is constantly blocked the eyes tend to look a little bit more puffy or dark. The conditions where we see a lot of dark circles is people using unnecessary harsh makeup remover or constantly rubbing their eyes because they having in any kind of allergy problems, so use a gently makeup remover and avoid rubbing your eyes instead moisturize your eyes very gently and very fatty movements not very hard rubbing moments so that the skin is very delicate in this area does not get stress. The most important thing is that if you have a hereditary history of dark circles if your parents has significant dark circles and if your brother or sister have dark circles, you might also be prone to having this dark circles and in this how do you identify that you have hereditary dark circles is that the upper eyelids also pigment when you have acquired dark circles that if you did not have dark circles when you're younger but you got them when you are older the upper eyelid does not get pigment at upper eyelid is free of pigmentation. So, how do you identify how do you treat all these dark circles I think the first and most important thing is find out why you are having a dark circles. Start eating regularly on time, drink plenty of water, take adequate rest in spite of it you feel that the dark circles are increasing then i think that it is time to go with a dermatologist to find out what is the cause of dark circles, we also see eyes under area is the first area in a body to show the aging changes so we see it coming up earlier and earlier we see premature aging in people because of stress, pollution and smoking habits, in this way I think that you have to realize that as soon as this eye area show changes that means the aging has already started, so it's like a warning so that you can start making a anti-aging changes which are mostly life style changes. They are not something that you have to take a medicine or product cream for that area. The third thing that I would like to tell you is a quick depth to under eye dark circle before you head out for the party is take a used green tea bag and keep it in the fridge don't throw it away and just for a party use the green tea bag as a mask on your under the area for at least 10 to 15 minutes the cooling of the green tea pack as well as the bio flavonoids which are there in the green tea act as antioxidants the lighting the dark circle as well as they take away the puffiness in the under area.
Is it true mint helps in hair reduction in women with PCOS? - Dr. Chetali Samant
It is true that spear mint helps in reducing facial hair growth or hirsutism. Spear mint helps in binding to the free testosterone and helps in prevention of conversion of normal hair follicles into coarse hair follicles. If you are regularly waxing or plucking coarse hair over chin including spear mint tea or fresh spearmint in your routine can help in reducing the growth of coarse hair. i.e. reduce the rate at which the coarse hair is growing. However if you have too many or the coarse hair growth is really large or in large amounts on your face spear mint alone may not help and you may have to look to other options like laser hair removal. It is not a bad thing at all. I completely recommend it. Do include spear mint fresh or spear mint tea in your routine. 3 to 4 cups is recommended. However there is a caution which goes along if you are sexually active because spear mint reduces testosterone. Sex drive may be reduced if you overdo spear mint. So that is the only contraindication that goes with spear mint. If you are fine with it do use spearmint in your routine and you will experience some change in the growth of coarse hair over a period of 3 to 4 months. https://curaayurveda.wordpress.com/ https://youtu.be/4C-WLWrr2aQ https://youtu.be/OwT0WCquJ7g https://youtu.be/tW4vEdmMKks https://youtu.be/TmOx_N1N-tY
Should I oil my hair?  - Dr. Amee Daxini
There are two schools of thought here.The traditional school always goes with oiling the hair that gives longer and stronger hair.The latest concept is such that oiling the hair too frequently and going out will collect dust and grease which will make hair dry and brittle. The doctor's opinion is to follow the traditional way.Oiling of hair is needed.Not that everyday oiling is needed.Oiling can be done twice in a week may be night and wash it off in the morning. The benefits are while oiling the hair its actually the massaging which really helps.While oiling and massaging there is an increase in blood circulation to the scalp.That makes the roots stronger.Hair fall will reduce.When surface of hair shaft is coated with oil ,it act as a natural conditioner.While shampooing next day, there won't be too much of dryness or too much penetration of shampoo or conditioner into the shaft of the hair.So it act as a protector..
Treatment options to increase hair density - Dr. Rasya Dixit
Our hair is an indicator of health and vitality. It is also an indicator of youth. Nowadays because of the changing lifestyles and habits with increasing stress, increasing smoking in young people there is a lot of hair fall which causes the hair to lose its density. When we are talking about improving hair density things which we have to be immediately look at is the lifestyle. Make sure that you are eating enough quality of good quality proteins. Also include lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet to increase the vitamin content of your diet. If you have a strong family history of baldness in your parents, immediate relatives then you might be having a hormonal hair loss for which the treatment is a medicine called minoxidil. However minoxidil is a medicine and has to be prescribed by a dermatologist or a doctor who can examine you, make sure that you don’t have any concomitant medical conditions before they prescribe you these medicines. A lot of new peptide based medicines are now available to increase the density of the scalp. These are based on caffeine on capexil and these give you very good improvement without any side effects. These are applications on the scalp. Dermatologist is probably is the best person to guide you in these which molecule could help you the best. Taking a biotin supplement and taking food rich in iron become indispensable to quality of good health. If these treatments don’t work for you then you can always consider treatments such as platelet-rich plasma, dermaroller, low level laser therapy and mesotherapy to increase density of the scalp. Again please not try these at home. Your guide is better a professional dermatologist.
Steps to prevent sperm leakage after intercourse - Dr. Mamatha Reddy YV
This is one of the commonest question asked, after sexual activity there is increase in sperm leakage, could that be the reason why I am not able to conceive? The sperm leakage or a semen leakage occurs in all individuals whenever there is a sexual activity because the semen cannot enter into the cervical canal. The semen always leaks out but the sperms are actively motile, they move up through the uterus to reach the uterus and the fallopian tubes. Only precaution what the man has to do if she is planning a pregnancy is not to wash out the semen immediately after a sexual activity because water is toxic to the sperms and then lie down for sometime, say 10 – 15 minutes and then wipe out the secretions. So do not be bothered about sperm leakage, it can happen in all individuals.
How to analyse your ovulation date? - Dr. Punitha Rangaraj
Normally a females in a reproductive age, the ovary will produce an egg every month, is called ovulation. It is important to know when you ovulate. In a 28 day cycle, can ovulate between 11th to the 21st day. It is a myth that the ovulation happens on the 14th day. If your periods are irregular m it is very difficult to predict the day of your ovulation, there are certain signs to know that these are the time of you r ovulation. Just before ovulation, the vaginal discharge becomes a little excessive. if the secretion becomes a little sticky during ovulation. Take the fluid and stretch it between your hands, t forma strand that is a sign of ovulation. Sometimes there could be mastalgia or pain in the breasts, or pain in the lower abdomen. Or few drops of blood can be seen at the time of ovulation. Not all the symptoms will be there for everybody. It will be just one or few symptoms. BBT is Basic Bid Temperature. This is made as a graph when you wake up every day, as soon as you wake up you check your temperature. Continue checking tis for 3-4 months. There is a little rise from temperature when you ovulate, but it is not reliable. Ovulation kits are available. There is increase in the Leutinising Hormone just before ovulation. The most reliable in the ultrasound scanning. Do a follicular monitoring from the 8th day of the periods on every alternate day. When the follicle reaches 18 -20 mm, that means your egg is ready to come out. Normally the egg is active only for 24 hours in the body. Fortunately the sperms are alive once it is introduced into the uterus. If you are planning for a pregnancy, if you have sex one or 2 days before ovulation, still you can get pregnant. If you are planning for pregnancy you can continue to have sex for that week.
Tips to get rid of open pores in face naturally - Dr. Mini Nair
Ask Doctors - Get Video Answers in HINDI Subscribe to - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1y5nTRddMYnozjN9iw0mA for HINDI videos Pores on the skin is very important because it is through these pores that our skin breathes and expels the toxins out, but as we age or because of some underlying issues like hormonal imbalances or imbalance in the food that we are taking, or in excess smoking, the skin loss it natural elasticity giving rise to prominent or open pores, these open sores on the nose, check and chin can collect lot of dust and dirt and gets inflamed and outbreaks of acne, blackheads, hyperpigmentation is seen. So what we need to do is first check the reason underlying why these pores are open. We can tighten the skin and keep the pores as close as possible. So there are lot of tips that we undertake, but try to find out what is the reason, in case of diet we need to take a balanced diet, drink lot of water and keep your skin supple, there are various methods how we can keep our skin healthy, ash your face twice daily with warm or cold water. Do not use hot water on your face because it can get your skin cleared off the natural oil that is present. We need to wash atleast twice a day to get rid of the excess oil or the other cosmetics that we are using regularly, otherwise the clogged pores can give rise to breakouts. Once it is washed thoroughly, you need to tap it dry and start using egg whites. Egg white is a natural protein and this keeps your skin tight and thereby keep the pores also closer and rejuvenates the skin. Two or there times a week you can try Egg white. Egg white helps to keep your skin smooth and nourished. Multani mitti can be applied using plain water in cases of excessive oily skin or you can mix it with cows milk or coconut milk in case with people who have dry skin. Mutani mitti is a coolant and has a natural astringent which keeps the skin tighter and keeps the pores closed and cleanses off all the dust and dirt that is settled in the pores. Once it is slight dry you can wash it or do a gentle scrub, scrubbing also helps in exfoliating the skin and clears the skin off the dead cells. Take ice cubes wrap in a cloth and run it on your face. Doing this also helps to help to tighten the skin and keeps the pores as close as possible, instead of using plain ice as ice cubes, you can squeeze in lemon into the ice trays and freeze it. And wrap the lime water ice cubes and rub it on the face. This can be done on an everyday basis and this helps the skin to tighten up an also even before you apply the cosmetic so that these cosmetics will not enter your pores and clog it and give rise to outbreaks. This way you can maintain your skin clear and radiant.
How can one get over the lump type of feel in throat?-Dr. Satish Babu K
The causes are mainly emotional stress or acid reflux. So if you control these two effectively, then definitely this lump or symptoms of lump in the throat will disappear quickly. Controlling the emotional stresses are in our hands whereas if there is significant acidity, then we can definitely take the help of medicine. Some simple medicine like omeprazole or pantaprazole can be used regularly for upto 4 to 6 weeks we give. Along with reducing the spice content, the masala content in your food and making sure that your food habits are regular. Consuming a lot of liquids in general will again help. Curd is one of our prime antiacidic measures where it is the best naturally occurring neutralizer for the acid in the stomach. So if you are able to consume a lot of curd, in any form, then it is definitely beneficial. Making sure that you eat on time so that the acid that is produced during three the bulk meal times is effectively neutralized and it doesn’t come into the chest causing the lump sensation in the throat and not thinking about it and not looking for the symptom. Not thinking about it or not looking for the symptom like generally when we have a lump sensation in the throat, we tend to swallow our own saliva regularly to see if that sensation is still persisting. That actually worsens the situation. Along with that when you are swallowing empty, just the saliva, you are going to take in a lot of air along with it which will bloat the stomach eventually resulting in acidity and when the gas that you have swallowed comes out, like in the form of burp, it tends to carry a bit of acid with it again causing the acid into the food pipe, again worsening the symptom. So please do not look for the symptom, just ignore it. Try to swallow without any food material in the mouth, then these symptoms can be reduced effectively.
One way to prevent Preterm Delivery - Dr. Hema Divakar
Cervical Cerclage, is one way to prevent a pre-term delivery. This only means, the cervix, the neck or mouth of the uterus, is undergoing a procedure called Cerclage. Cerclage is nothing but a stitch. A purse string suture like the village women carry, or like a gunny bag tied at the neck with a thread, such that whatever is in the bag doesn't come out. Same principles are applied as there are some women who have a condition called Cervical Insufficiency or Cervical Incompetency, because cervix is not strong enough. The moment woman crosses the 3rd month, usually 1 in about 5000, have a weak cervix, in the 5th or 6th month usually the body lets the pregnancy out in an untimely manner. Once you've documented this, the next pregnancy, may be in 4th month, a suture or tightening of the uterus can be done, such that it doesn't allow baby to come out in untimely fashion. It will be cut in the 9th month as you go through the labour pain
Dental do's and don’ts during pregnancy - Dr. Reney Varghese
Oral health during pregnancy is very important because change in hormones leads to dental diseases. so regular visits are necessary during pregnancy.dental cleanings during pregnancy are also very safe.second trimester is the perfect time for dental treatments like crowns.root canal etc.
5 Home remedies to smoothen Dry Hair - Dr. Sushma Yadav
Dry and freeze hair has become a big problem among men and women and the causes for these could be nutrition deficiency, excessive sun exposure, using harsh chemicals on your hair and the stress, excessive sweating can all lead to dryness of the hair. Using heating tools no conditioning of the hair, hair dyes can lead to dull dry and freeze hair. So they are a lot of home remedies which can be used to make your hair soft and smooth So the most important part is conditioning your hair after every wash you should condition your hair only the hair and hence not the scalp you can leave the conditioner for about 10 to 15 minutes and then washed with lukewarm water. Another thing which you can do is use any kind of oil like almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil just warm a bit and massage it on your scalp for about half an hour before washing your hair and put a shower cap for half an hour and then wash your hair. Another thing you can do is a hair mask which contains egg white, honey and olive oil mix it all together applied over the hair or wherever there is dryness and freezes leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair with lukewarm water. One more thing do for smooth hair is the using beer after shampoo your hair. Beer have proteins like hops and moult which helps in the management of the hair follicles and keep your hair smooth and silky.
Can I travel by flight during pregnancy?- Dr. Shefali Tyagi
Lifestyles have changed and women travel all over the world when they are pregnant. Flight travel is thought to be safe during pregnancy.. It also depends on the gestation of pregnancy. In the first three months, it is safe to travel, but we have to ensure that the pregnancy is in the uterus and not outside, i.e ectopic pregnancy. . It is also better to avoid flight travel during last 4 weeks of pregnancy, i.e after 36 weeks of pregnancy, it becomes slightly unsafe to travel by flight. From eight weeks to thirty six weeks, it is safe to travel by flight until and unless your doctor says No. The doctor can say No if you have a low lying placenta, any other complications that can land you in pre-term labor or if you have sickle cell anemia.. If its a short flight, get up after 30 or 45 minutes and talk a walk in the aircraft so that the blood does not clot into your legs. Keep yourselves well hydrated. avoid coffee and fizzy drinks during the flight. If its a long flight, please discuss with your doctor. she might put you on heparin which is an anti coagulant which will not allow the blood to clot into you legs. There are also stockings available these days which do not allow the blood to clot..
7 Tips to get instant glow before a party - Dr. Rasya Dixit
New year is ahead and this is time to attend lots of parties and marriage functions. So here are some tips to get instant glow before you attend a function or a party. Simple when your starting off your marriage season make sure that you drink a lot water keeps your skin well hydrated. Hydrated skin keeps reflecting light beautifully so that your able to get a nice base through which you can start of well for instant glow. If your going for late night parties follow a simple trick just keep used tea bags in refrigerator and just before heading to party you can use it in under eye area for about ten to fifteen minutes as it reduces bluffness a lot. Then you can run an ice cube all over your face immediately the skin becomes more refresh. Before applying makeup apply lots and lots of moisturizer so that the skin becomes more glowing. There are some products available which your dermatologist will help u with. Luminous vitamin c molecule is a product which helps your skin glowing instantly which can be applied just before a party. Think of investing in a chemical peel so your skin looks its best. A quick facial you can do at home an equal mixture of oats, honey. For dry skin use milk or glycerin and for oily skin use basin make into a paste apply it as a pack and gently use in exfoliate your skin and now it is party ready.
Amniotic fluid index measurements during pregnancy - Dr. Suhasini Inamdar
"Amniotic fluid index or AFI is measurement of Amniotic fluid during pregnancy in the womb. It is a measurement which is taken by sinologist and it is given usually in millimetres or Centimetres. The normal range of amniotic fluid index or AFI is 8 to 18 centimetre . It is measure by sinologist when you go for your check-ups and it is very good Indicator of fatal indicates wellbeing and healthy pregnancy. The AFI is measured by dividing the uterus into 4 quadrants, in each quadrant a clear pocket of amniotic fluid is seen and measured vertically. Clear amniotic fluid pocket means there should not be any fatal parts or umbilical card in that area so we get whatever is the fluid as a correct measurement. Then all the four major means are added on and the sum is given to you as amniotic fluid index. There are two ways of denoting these index, one is we can just tell the measurement in centimetres saying that it is 5, 6, 10 or 12 or we give some charts In which the percentile is mentioned. In between the percentile of amniotic fluid and index fall below 5 percentile or 5 centimetre is not good, between 8 and 18 is good which is called as normal AFI. Below 8 centimetres we call it as oligoamnios and above 18 Centimetres. When the fluid index is at around about 22 to 21 we call it has polyhydramnios. Reasons for hydro, polyhydromnios and oligoamnios are very different. In oligoamnios there are some factors which are related to mother as improper nutrition, Lifestyle, hypertension during pregnancy, some are placenta indication which are responsible for oligoamnios like poor functioning of placenta and some of it indicates which can be a improper formation of urine in fatal body because of lack of one kidney or poor function of one kidney or some block in the urinary bladder of the fittest so these are the reasons what we normally get when we see oligoamnios. Another biggest reason is PROM premature rupture of membranes, normally gestational diabetes in mother is one of the major reasons for polyamines . So when you go for your routine check up with glaciologist they seen] to AFI and feel very comfortable when it fall in the normal range otherwise and advise you what is to be done to keep it under normal range and keep it in safe limit. "
Is it possible to reverse Pre Diabetes? - Dr. Sanjay Panicker
Pre diabetes is a condition where the patient is finding the blood sugar is somewhere in the borderline and he has the few symptoms of Diabetes, sugar is not high enough to call it is diabetic like for example many people do fake symptoms like they are either feeling too hungry, to thirsty or they have to go for urination very frequently but when check the blood sugar it is not that high also to call it diabetes. Normally fasting blood sugar of 100 to 125 is considered as the range for prediabetes and when the value is higher than that then only they categorised as diabetes, same way at the HbA1c test which gives an average of 3 months in that the value of 5.7 persons to 6.4 % is considered as pre diabetic, so whenever the values are like this and you find that the patient has symptoms we usually categorised as pre diabetes and prediabetes is just kind of a warning for the patient that you are heading towards diabetes. So you need to do something about this particular condition. This is the stage where the patient can definitely correct himself and thus prevent himself from developing into a full-fledged diabetic patient. So for this he has to take care of certain things and they surely reversible and surely curable, like for example the most common reason why people develop this kind of symptoms is because of the bad lifestyle either they are not exercising, they not eating the right kind of food which is rich in fibre or they don't have enough sleep, there too stressed out these are the most common reasons. So if you correct these three four things in your life style either eat well, exercise well, sleep well and cut down your stress with simple relaxation technique may be Yoga, Pranayama all this kind of techniques. Most of the patients do find that the blood sugar tips they don't need medicine sometimes but in certain patient this may be medical intervention is needed especially where this is strong family history, when there is strong family history your pre diabetes status is a little things which you should take care about because most of the Patience is a family history can head towards diabetes, so this extra care will diet, exercise and de-stressing all that is important, along with that certain homeopathic medicine also can be combined, so that they can be completely out of diabetes. So I don’t think that should be any problem that if you take care of your lifestyle and diet.
Alternative to get pregnant after tubal ligation surgery - Dr. Teena S Thomas
Women post tubal ligation sometimes desire to have fertility and in such cases where only two alternators one is tubal reversal surgery and the other is IVF in vitro fertilization. Now both are an option to the patient there is nothing like best or worst it depends upon the options of the patients and how long the patient wants treatment and how it is, the pros and cons are both explain to the patients and which the patient chooses can be done so comparing tubal reversal surgery and IVF, in tubal reversal surgery you need a proper laparotomy where the tubes have to be recanalized and it's a proper surgery, major surgery demanding rest and post surgery a period of 2 to 3 months before you actually start trying pregnancy. In IVF you do not need a surgery it is instant that very month we can start the treatment and there is no major surgery on morbidity required in case of IVF. The success rate in tubal reversal surgery can be anything between 40 to 75% depending upon the fertility rate of the women, the sperm sample, the procedures in intrauterine or extra you're trying this is a sentence depending on all the success rate is around 40 to 75%. In IVF the sucess rate is almost 50%. The third point tubal pregnancy risk in case of tubal reversal surgery is 5 to 15% where as in IVF it's less than 5% .One benefits a tubal reversal surgery use that once tube reversal surgery is successful the patient can plan for multiple number of pregnancy and the tubes are always open and after she delivers she leaves precaution and contraception to protect from pregnancy. In IVF with single sitting which may fail and we need another sitting the cost involved in these are the things. So depending upon the pros and cons depending on what the patient's wants, depending on the other diseases with the patient having, sperm count of the husband and ovum as per the patient's choice the decision is taken.
Ways to maintain genital hygiene in boys - Dr. Nischal K
You need to maintain hygiene of very part of your body a focus of infection in one part can definitely influence the other area. S genital hygiene is of utmost importance , be it a teenager, young adult or an elderly. Maintaining genital hygiene is of great importance because at puberty, lot of genital changes can happen and they trigger gland secretions. These secretions tend to accumulate beneath the skin of prepuce. So when they get accumulated they get hard and they form concussion called as smegma. If this is not cleaned timely and properly, this can lead to secondary bacterial infection and lead to balanoposthitis. So it is important that people retract the prepuceal skin and clean the glans. This can be done with water and with water and soap. No need to use antiseptic lotions till there is a focus of infection. Plain water and soap is sufficient because it is just like any other part of your body skin. Clean the skin and pull the prepuceal skin over the glans. Never leave it retracted, because once you pull it back and do not pull the skin in front, then it can form a constricted band and can form gangrene of the glans penis. So it is very essential that once you clean the area, you pullback the prepuceal skin on the glans. Another thing is to remove the hair either by trimming, shaving, lasers. It should be done gently and delicately as it is a sensitive area. Trimming and shaving leads to pseudo folliculitis which leads to small bumps which is red and gives rise to itching. This can be managed with antibiotic creams and shaving very frequently. Solving this problem is by laser hair reduction,. Laser hair reduction is quite safe in the pubic region and it gives you a permanent reduction. It is not 100% as some of the hairs are not prone for permanent damage. They can only be reduced and not be destroyed permanently. The hairs which remain after a laser are very small and soft and they do not pose a problem. So keeping the area clean, washing it regularly, and maintaining the hygiene is a good practice.
What are the symptoms of a damaged ACL? - Dr. Hemant K. Kalyan
Symptoms will be knee pain,swelling in the knee and difficulty in walking and difficulty in bending.This things also happen if other ligaments also get injured.Meniscus injury also shows these symptoms.If ACL only gets injured symptoms intensity will be less.If ACL gets injured along with other parts of the knee symptoms will severe.
What is Implantation Bleeding? - Dr. Apoorva P Reddy
Implantation bleed is minimal spotting or some amount of bleeding that we notice, about 6 to 12 days after the embryo attaches menstrual cycle itself to the womb. Why is it important to know about Implantation bleeding. There are 2 reasons. The first, in case if you have not got your period, because this periods usually coincides around the time of your cycle. You can easily get confused between your Implantation bleed and that if you are normal. The second is if you have already conformed that if you are pregnant then bleeding or spotting can raise severe anxiety for abortion. There are several reasons why an Implantation bleeding can occur. When a sperm reacts with an egg, around the mid of your cycle, this results in the formation of the embryo, the embryo tries to attach itself to the womb. At this point, it penetrates into the maternal blood vessel an this can lead to some amount of bleeding called as the Implantation bleed. If the pain is mild and if there is only a moderate amount of cramping, then there is nothing to worry. It usually changes in a couple of days but if the bleeding is severe and if you are changing more than 2 pads in a day, or if the pain is also severe, then this may need medical attention. Women who are undergoing IVF or who have had conception using an ART technique, they are 3 times more likely to experience an Implantation bleed. But once the bleeding stops, it is not going to have any effect or long term sequel on the growth or development of your baby.
How are my embryos graded? - Ms. Sinjini Samanta
The common questions couples ask about their embryo grades is „what do the grades of my embryos tell about my chances of becoming pregnant?‟ Explain Embryos are ranked based on their potential for development Day 3 & dash; Cleavage stage Embryos, Cleavage stage embryos are graded using 2 criteria: the number of cells in the embryo and their appearance under a high-power microscope. While the cell number is objective, the score for appearance is subjective using a score of 1-4. Typically, a good, normally growing day 3 embryo will contain between 6 and 10 cells. The embryo grade refers to how the cells in the embryos look. Grade 1-2.5 have the greatest potential for a blastocyst stage.Early stage of development - embryo is 2/3 days old, grading is based on the number and quality of cellsnand amount of fragmentation. Each embryo is given a grade on a scale of 1-4, 1 is the highest grade and 4 is the lowest. Embryos graded 1 or 2 are suitable for freezing. Blastocysts are graded by observing their 1) expansion status 2) quality of the two distinct cell types within the blastocyst. Blastocyst grading is complex and therefore there are no absolute grades. Day 5 , Grading. The determination of whether an embryo has good potential or not is made by taking all of the components of the embryo into account. While an A is & ldquo;better& rdquo; than a D, an embryo with a D grade ICM, for example, may be still developing and when viewed later Blastocysts will be graded from A to C or D, with A been the highest grade. Blastocyst that are grade A or B are suitable for freezing. Talk about day 3 and 5 Embryo grading. Embryo grading is a tool to determine the appropriate number of embryos to transfer, which embryos to transfer. It is used by Physicians and embryologists along with a patient‟s age, fertility history, and other information to determine the optimal day of transfer.
Reasons of negative ovulation test from 10th to 16th day of periods - Dr. Punitha Rangaraj
Normally in a normal cycle, which is a very regular cycle, which happens between 28 days to 30 days, the ovulation occurs between 11th day tot eh 21st day. In this case if you have done to ovulation test only till the 16th day, when there are possibilities that you would have ovulated after the 16th day. So I would advise to continue to do the ovulation test upto the 20th day. Sometimes the ovulation would have occurred when you would have done the ovulation test, but still the test could be negative. Why it happens is because the ovulation depends on the hormone called as luteinizing hormone or LH. There is a slight increase in the hormone just before the ovulation, precisely maybe 10 hours before ovulation and that is what is detected in the ovulation kit. So the ideal would be to do the ovulation test twice a day in an interval of 10 hours from the 10th day to the 20th day. Sometimes it is not possible to do this ovulation test for twice a day for 10 days or when the periods are very irregular, then these dates do not coincide. So few tips we can give you is when you are ovulating, the vaginal discharge becomes a little more excessive. Sometimes you can see some spotting called as ovulation spotting or there may be lower abdominal cramps. That time you can do the ovulation testing. If after doping all these tests, if the test is negative, maybe you are not ovulating. That time you have to consult your doctor as to why you are not ovulating and get a proper line of treatment.
Difference between Premenstrual and Early Pregnancy symptoms - Dr. Beena Jeysingh
You have missed your periods and your anxious whether you're pregnant but suddenly start experiencing the symptoms that you have experience previously premenstrual phase. So it is pregnancy or just another delay period. Yes, you can have the confusion because there are few symptoms occur commonly both in the premenstrual phase as well as in the early weeks of pregnancy so what are the symptoms. The most common is heaviness of sourness of breast. In premenstrual phase it typically starts about a weak prior to on sit of the periods and once the periods starts it's disappear. But during pregnancy it can extent during the early weeks of pregnancy even after end of the first trimester. The other common symptom is craving for food or aversion for food. In the premenstrual phase most of the women, cray for sugary and salty food and as you know once the period starts it just vanishes but during the early weeks of pregnancy women to experience craving but initially to one particular type of food, more than craving its more of aversion to even the taste, smell and size of food. Crapping of the lower abdomen but in a premenstrual phase it normally starts about a day or two prior to the periods during the pregnancy it can be there in milder form on and off during the first two week of pregnancy. Very rarely have we heard patient complaining about itching breast but itching breast are not commonly associated the future of premenstrual syndrome during the early weeks of pregnancy it is more an indication of dry skin. So, you have missed your periods do not go with the symptoms but rather to confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test.
How long to wait for natural contractions? - Dr. Shefali Tyagi
Labor can be divided into three stages when is the first stage of labor then the second and third. The first stage of Labor is from the time that you have started with your contractions still the full dilatation of cervix the second stage means it's the time when you push out the baby we have been fully diluted and push out the baby and third stage is the delivery. So when we are talking about contraction from your point of view it is the 1st stage and important to understand when to come to the hospital. So the first stage itself can be divided into two stages one is the early Labor and then is the active phase of Labor. So early labor is still the time when you are 3 centimeters dilated and active phase is from the time you are 3 centimeters to fully dilated. In early labor contractions can be there but they can be irregular, mild and of low intensity lasting for shorter time. So it is a very common that the early labor can extend for few days so it is important to know when to come to the hospital because people panic, what you can do is to start monitoring the contraction once they are becoming more and more frequent so early contractions can trouble you for 2 to 3 hours and then they will stop and disappear of a many hours. Once the contraction start becoming regular and start coming frequently they will approximately last for 15 to 30 seconds and they will start repeating maybe once in 10 minute twice in 10 minutes like that so once the start coming 3 to 5 minutes that is the time you can actually go to the hospital, till then you can wait and watch at home counting the frequency and judging the intensity but they are going higher or not and then you can safely go to the hospital because once you go to the hospital then it is like 6 to 8 hours of labor that will undergo before you deliver.
What Is HIV Phobia & Do I have It?
First of all this is very distressing and stressful for you. Many people after an exposure go through a very traumatic experience because it is not very easy to talk about. There are multiple emotions including guilt, shame, stigma, and a sense of helplessness. Also the possibility of being infected with HIV is scary. Anyone in this position is likely to spend a lot of time seeking information on the internet and also talking to a number of people who may not be experts in this, what this does is people receive a lot of information, some of which is dependable and reliable and some of which is not. This often results in a situation where the fear of HIV takes over one’s life and affects one’s ability to function at work, be economically productive, maintain healthy relationships and experience a sense of wellbeing in general, especially one also has a history of previous anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder. One is particularly prone to experience something like this. If you seek a team that has HIV specialists and who works closely with a psychologist, you can be helped, this might require the HIV doctor and the psychologist to work what you and formulate a personalised plan for you whereby you get some training in terms of what tour fears are , what the fears are , how you can recognize the triggers, how you can mitigate the negative emotional impact of what you are experiencing and a few skills which enable you to move on and actually come to believe that you do not have HIV and come back to feel the more sense of well being and being more productive work and in your relationships. So I would encourage you to speak to an HIV team that has both and HIV doctor and a psychologist to hep you with this.
Recovery time of Ankle Fractures Vs Sprain - Dr. Hanume Gowda
Ankle fractures and sprain are two different entities. Ankle injuries are one of the common injuries in orthopaedics because as you walk you may just twist your ankle that can lead to injury it can be a sprain or a fracture. A sprain is an injury to the ligament which is a connective tissue connecting two bones which forms a join. When this gets injured we call it a sprain. Bone which is connecting breaks we call it a fracture. There are two different entities which can happen for a single type of injury example when you're walking ankle might just twist and have a fall, this might either lead to a ligament injury or a bone injury which is a sprain or a fracture. Depending on your injury accordingly will be the recovering time. A sprain generally takes 3-5 weeks to heal at the end of 6 weeks you will be able to walk properly. Total recovery period meaning internal healing may take another 6 weeks so total for about to 2-3 months it will heal completely. If there is a fracture it will take longer time to heal because a bone to bone healing or union will take a longer time to recover. So the healing period is minimum 6-8 weeks and further recovery will be one and half to two months to get complete movement to do all your activities. A fracture may take 4 months to heal while sprain takes 2-3 months for complete recovery.
Are there any natural ways to reverse hair loss? - Dr. Rasya Dixit
A lot of patients come and ask me, is there some natural remedy for preventing or reversing hair loss. But unfortunately hair loss is a not very reversible problem. Some people do have very acute hair loss. All this acute telogen effluvium, which happens after an incident, maybe a viral illness like dengue or a typhoid illness and then even a pregnancy. Post that event, about 3 – 6 months later, there is a lot of shedding of hair. We call this acute telogen effluvium. In this treatment always the hair grows back adequately, but when an event has happened quite some time in the past like 3 years ago, and then there is no regrowth of the hair, then we call this chronic telogen effluvium, and in this chronic telogen effluvium, the concern is that there are repeated minute insults which keep happening to the hair, either in the form of crash dieting or thyroid problem or micronutrient deficiencies like iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, Vitamin D3 deficiency and all this chronically lead to the hair loss. And if there is a background of male pattern or a female pattern of hair loss or a hormonal hair loss, this chronic telogen effluvium gets changed into the male or female pattern hair loss and this is why, it is very important if the hair loss is being going on for 3 years or the hair loss has happened 3 years ago, and there hasn’t been regrowth, it is important to go and ascertain what is the cause of this progression , what is the cause that it has not improved and it might be done with the help of minor blood tests or with ultrasound scan to look for a polycystic ovary. Once the cause is ascertained, then the treatment can be suggested. But, what can you do at home? Definitely pay attention to your diet. Eat lot of proteins, basically your non- veg foods or your eggs, dal, paneer, tofu. These are all good sources of protein and make sure that you are eating lot of mineral rich food, so basically spinach to have a lot of iron content. You can even have methi leaves and ragi. These are all containing many micronutrients as well as eat fruits and vegetables. This has lot of vitamins which contribute to the hair fall. How about applications or hair oil massages. Those have not got in proven efficacy, meaning there is no proof that they actually work. So I wouldn’t recommend a home treatment for something which has happened quite some time back. Instead I think it’s important to get a diagnosis of what is the hair fall due to ands there for you can do something positive towards it.
Which is the best method for Cataract Surgery? - Dr. Sirish Nelivigi
Cataract surgery can be done through several methods. The most basic method is called as the ECCE or Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction. In Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction, which is an age old method. The surgery is done using an incision for roughly about 8 mm to 9 mm large. The next advancement in the cataract surgery happened with the introduction of small incision cataract surgeries. In the small incision cataract surgeries, the wound size is shrunk to nearly about anything between 6mm to 6.5 mm. Here the cataract is taken in toto, that’s is the whole of the cataract is bisected into two pieces or the whole cataract is removed at one single shot. In the small incision cataract surgery, there are no sutures which are usually put. However the surgery will have to be done by giving an injection around the eye. The most recent advancement in don’t the cataract surgery is a method called as Phacoemulsification. in Phacoemulsification it is rather the sound energy which is used in contrary to the popular perception of a laser being used here. So a sound energy causes implosions within the cataract. Implosions are opposites of explosions which explode outside. Implosions are explosion which happen within the substance of the cataract. So when you direct a sound beam towards a cataract, there will be small implosion which keep happening within the cataract and this liquefies the cataract and this liquefied cataract is eventually sucked out and in its place an intraocular lens which is folded and is inserted to the eye. The size of the incision required for a Phacoemulsification is anything between 1.2 mm to 2.8 mmm which is extremely small. We do have recent lenses which fit in just with about 1 to 1.2 mm and this kind of surgery we call it as Micro Incision cataract surgery. Of late there has been a new advent in the cataract surgery and this cataract surgery is called as a femto cataract surgery. Femto cataract surgery is basically more or less the same as a Phacoemulsification. Only a couple of steps we do in the regular Phacoemulsificationm, they are done by laser, experts today believe femto cataract surgery has no advantages over the Phacoemulsification and on the contrary it is a disadvantage as the cost of the femto cataract surgery, is abnormally high and it is not a value for money. The best method to do a cataract surgery would be to do a Phacoemulsification by a Micro Incision cataract surgery and a foldable intraocular lens.
Nutrients you need while pregnant to help your baby grow - Dr. Anitha Prasad
Eating a healthy balanced diet is important for both the pregnant mother and for the growing baby. Choosing the right diet with the complex mix of nutrients takes care of the required nutrients. Including milk based products, leafy greens, fish in the diet meets the required need of Calcium which is essential for the growth of the baby's teeth and bones .This is absorbed from the mother; therefore enough calcium is needed to keep the mother strong. Choline and DHA found in eggs, lean meat like chicken, certain fishes like salmon helps prevent baby's spinal and neural chord defects and in the development of your baby's brain , spinal chord and vision. Folic acid is very vital and helps prevent birth and spinal defects in baby and early miscarriage by compensating the extra blood your body needs. This is available in spinach, broccoli. Maintaining ideal levels of Iron wards off premature delivery and prevents anaemian. Iodine and Zinc are needed for the baby's brain and mental development and adequate amounts of potassium gives a healthy heart to the growing baby. They are available in yogurt, spinach and meat. Food rich in Riboflavin and Vitamin B6,12,C & D helps produce RBC's and boosts immunity and gives energy.
What is the life of a Pacemaker battery? - Dr. Sreekanth B Shetty
Pacemakers are intelligent devices which are implanted in the patients who have slow heart beats or some situation where they have fast heart beats. Both of these leads to fainting, and the patient loses consciousness. These are electronic devices with their own integrated circuits and a power source. The device is implanted under the skin under the left collarbone and there will be two wires which will go inside the heart through a vein over there. The life of the device depends upon how frequently the device is used. On an average the current generation of pacemakers because they are intelligent devices. They have a battery life of almost 10 to 12 years. If a pacemaker is used more often, then the battery life may be reduced by a year or two.
How long does it take to get pregnant with metformin? - Dr. Teena S Thomas
Basically, Polycystic Ovary is an ovulation, and the hyperinsulinemia. So, basically, most of the cycles in a polycystic ovary, there is no formation of the egg, there is no ovulation happening. So, now here the patient has already taken 3 cycles of oral contraceptive pills, so hormones have already been taken. So, we hope that the patient is having a good cycle or hormonal levels, and post hormone she is on metformin. The germ of metformin is into increase the chances of ovulation, decrease hyperinsulinemia, decrease hyperandrogenism. Basically, it increases the level of ovulation for PCOD patients. So, now this patient who is on pills for 3 months have got a regular cycle, following which patient is on metformin, so the chances of pregnancy coming up quite early is definitely there, but, no fix dates can be told 1, 2, 3 months that metformin can cause. But, Metformin definitely increases chances of ovulation and pregnancy.
Dos & Don'ts for a person with cervical spondylosis - Dr. Kodlady Surendra Shetty
Cervical spondylosis patients should do proper exercises in the morning ,afternoon and evening ,3 times a day.at nights should never use a pillow. Should not stress neck also.
Causes of Dry Throat - Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy T M
Dry throat is a symptom with which patients can present for a mistaken meaning other symptoms, they will not be able to tell us what exactly their feeling and hence the cell is a dry throat. When somebody says their throat is dry means they become thirsty, they want to drink water to get some relief. Patients say that they have dry throat but they can actually be having an infection in the throat like pharyngitis, it'll be sore. Some patients will have reflux disease which will be causing some soreness in the throat. Our throats lubricated by secretions, these are produced either in the nose in the form of mucus which can Trickle down constantly from the nose and sinuses into the stomach, which happens in every normal human being to the extent of between 1 to 1.5 litres per day and similar amount of saliva which is produce in the oral cavity from the salivary gland, which we tend to swallow when we speak or eat. So that both these Fluids tend to lubricate mouth, tongue, the back portion of throat and the throat in the hole. Now whenever there is a discrepancy or some sort of arrangement in production of the Fluids or the drying up off the fluids then you can have a dry throat. Supposing you have a nasal obstructions, you have a cold or your nose get blocked very frequently, then without your knowledge you'll be actually breathing through the mouth. Now when dry air goes through the mouth it tends to dry of saliva more quickly than nasal secretions which causes dry throat. So dry throat means an indirect evidence of nasal obstruction, you might be having dry throat in the night mean that you are you might be a snower, you might be an obligatory mouth breather and will be snoring and hence you can have dry throat. You can also have dry throat especially in the elderly people who are on multiple medications, many of the medications have Side Effects, drugs which are like amitriptyline which is a tricyclic antidepressant or people who are hypertensive can have dry throat. Very rarely you pick up personally diabetic patient because the present with dry throat and say my throat gets very dry and I need to drink water very frequently and I also pass urine very frequently, this can be a very unusual presentation but they can be picked up.
Can a teenager take glutathione supplements & are they safe? - Dr. Rasya Dixit
In an age where more and more people are always craving to be fairer there is one wonder drug which is taking the media by whole. That is glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant. So it is a stress buster for your cells. Naturally it is produced inside your body. It was discovered that glutathione causes fairness in patients who were taking anti cancer medicines. Then it became a buzz word in the beauty industry. However there a lot of safety issues on glutathione especially when it is administered IV or in the injection method. So now lot of companies have bought out glutathione tablets. Glutathione is not well absorbed by taking it as a tablet. That means it is actually better to take foods which contain glutathione instead of spending a lot on taking supplements because they are very expensive. Foods which naturally contain glutathione includes tomatoes, avocados and walnuts. So increasing intake of these could actually improve skin tone. They also contain natural extracts like lycopenes and proanthocyanidins which also brighten the skin. So if it is a teenager first thing is don’t use any medicines without consultation of the doctor and instead try natural alternative.
5 Foods that worsen Piles - Dr. Nidhi Navani
Basically the piles problem starts with constipation. All the anorectal disease, 70 -80 % of them are born with constipation .First we have to see how to take care of constipation. The piles patient or any person with anorectal disease had to avoid non veg items. Non-veg means egg, fish, mutton, chicken should be avoided. Second is please avoid all fried items like kebabs, spicy items, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, or potato in a vegetable form because potato contains less of fibers and more of starch. So there are more chances of constipation. Third, all the anorectal disease patients should avoid fried items, all the junk food and fried items should be avoided. By consuming fried items, the constipation goes on a high rise. Fourth is avoid all the refined flour items, that is maida items, that is bread, bun, biscuits, maida parathas, pizzas, burgers. So definitely you have to keep a check on that. Have homemade items, not these items as they have very less of fibres, again it gives a chance for constipation, with constipation all these problems can follow. Fifth is avoid spicy foods with lot of masalas and oils. So avoid 5 things, that is white flour, potato, non-veg items, spicy items and fried items.
When Fibroadenoma grows the most & its complications? - Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh
Fibroadenoma in the breast arise from what are called as high risk cells in the breast lobules and ducts and these high risk cells arise because of multiple environmental factors and genetic factors, which is due to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is more common when there is a nutritional deficiency or external ingestion of the hormones or any infections in the body itself. So these high risk cells when they are formed can lead to cyst formation, adenomas and fibroadenomas and many other fibrocystic disease components. So once they start growing in the breast, unless the hormonal imbalance is corrected, the fibroadenomas keep growing. The speed at which they grow does not depend on the external factors alone. It just depends on the type of cell that is formed in the breast. So some fibroadenomas grown very fast, some fibroadenomas do not. But once we correct the fibroadenoma, the influencing factor, by correcting the hormonal imbalance especially by giving Vitamin E, we notice the growth of the fibroadenoma is going to reduce. So once these fibroadenomas keep growing beyond 3 cms in size, we have to normally remove them. Otherwise they can keep increasing in size and large fibroadenomas they are called as giant fibroadenomas. But they actually do not get converted into malignancy at all.
What can cause balance problems while walking with neck pain and headache? -  Dr. Satish Babu K
Imbalance with neck pain, throat pain and feeling pressure in the head or neck usually indicates a problem arising from the neck. The nerves in spinal cord, they pass through themselves surrounding the spine. So if there is any problem with these buffers, that is wear and tear of the bone or problem with the buffers between the bones, undue stiffness between the bones, these nerve fibers can get compromised, get compressed and they tend to produce these kind of symptoms. Compromise in the structure can compress the blood vessel that is running through the back towards the spine towards the back end of the brain. So if there is a compression to the blood vessel that is running to the back end of the brain will also get reduced, leads to a giddiness or a spinning sensation as well as the pains and aches in the neck and the shoulders which can sometimes spread to the tip of the fingers sometimes and numbness as well. If it is a consistent problem, then it has to be looked into by a spine specialist and the basic reason for the stiffness of the muscles has to be dealt with properly.
How is low amniotic fluid treated? - Dr. Suhasini Inamdar
Low amniotic fluid is a condition in which the volume of amniotic fluid in the womb goes down. It is denoted by AFI (amniotic fluid index) which is below 8cms. It is seen in 2nd and 3rd trimester scan, and when it is diagnosed, we look into the reasons and try and treat those reasons so that it can remain whatever level it is or at least increase a bit. There is no sure method of increasing the amniotic fluid, but there are some time tested methods which are known to bring it to some considerably good levels. So that when it is lower than 8cms, we try and ask the mother to 1. Take proper rest, 2. Good nutrition which is rich in proteins, which are known to increase amniotic fluids. 3. Some amino acid preparations, which the lady can take by mouth or by IV infusions. 4. She can be prescribed some blood thinners also, which are again known to increase the amniotic fluids. 5. Drinking plenty of water and liquids which are permissible as suggested by the doctor Another reason which could cause low amniotic fluid levels, it can be of fetal origin. 1. It is seen in scan if the fetal kidneys are functioning properly, sometimes kidneys might be there, but they might not be functioning properly, sometimes fetus might have one missing kidney. 2. Lack of functioning of fetal urinary bladder, there may be some block, under these circumstances you're guided to go to a pediatric surgeon (who is a pediatric urologist), or go to an expert in fetal medicine, who can treat these conditions in utero. Another method to treat this is, putting saline in the amniotic sack through the IV line (like how we give for IV infusion). There might be chances of complications like infections, or precipitating the labour. We can deliver the baby when it is mature enough to survive outside the womb.
How to take an emergency contraceptive pill? - Dr. Apoorva P Reddy
Pill is an emergency contraceptive pill which is available as over the counter medicine in India. It is the most commonly used emergency contraceptive pill available for us. The effectiveness of the medicines lies in the fact that it has to be taken in the right time and in the right method, and hence the effectiveness is on the maximum. The pill should be taken within 72 hours to having unprotected intercourse. The sooner you take it, the more effective it will be. So don’t wait for the cut off period of 72 hours to have them. The pill can be taken at any part or any period of the cycle of the day. The pill should be taken with small amounts of water and preferably after food to avoid the side effects like nausea, vomiting, mild gastritis. If you vomit, in 2 hours of taking the pill, then it is more likely that the pill is emited out, and you will have to take another pill as soon as possible. At this point of time, t is advised to take the pill with the medication to prevent any further episodes of vomiting. The side effects of pill are very rare and very mild. You may experience, mild abdominal cramps, dizziness, headache, but all of them goes off at 24 to 48 hours of duration of taking the pill. Although he pill doesn’t have any long term side effect you getting pregnant in the future. It is not advisable to use the emergency contraceptive pill on a routine basis for your routine basis. So use the pill wisely and have the maximum results out of it.
5 Tips for preventing skin aging - Dr. Amee Daxini
For more, download the app - http://drcl.in/videoapp 5 Tips for preventing Skin aging are.. 1) Stop smoking because if the nicotine that present in the smoke is extremely harmful to your skin not only lungs. 2) Use a sun screen at least 30 minutes before you step out in the sun and repeat it every 2-3 hours if possible. Because it protects from toxic effects, UV damage, skin cancer. 3) Sleep well because sleep is an important factor to prevent aging. 4) Wash skin well, i.e., at least twice a day and use scrub at least once in a week. 5) Drink a lot of water which help to reduce dehydration of skin. For Appointments, https://doctorscircle.in/bangalore/doctor/dermatologist/dr-amee-daxini For more, download the app - http://drcl.in/videoapp

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